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·All The Cowards Hide5:550n/a
·Believe In Nothing4:220n/a
·Beyond Within5:130n/a
·Chances Three5:330n/a
·Create The Infinite3:380n/a
·Dead Heart In A Dead World5:060n/a
·Dreaming Neon Black6:280n/a
·Enemies Of Reality5:100n/a
·Engines Of Hate4:420n/a
·Evolution 1695:510n/a
·I Am The Dog4:150n/a
·In Memory7:050n/a
·Inside Four Walls4:390n/a
·I, Voyager5:480n/a
·Never Purify4:030n/a
·Next In Line5:330n/a
·No More Will5:470n/a
·Optimist Or Pessimist3:370n/a
·Poison Godmachine4:350n/a
·Sea Of Possibilities4:180n/a
·Seed Awakening4:310n/a
·Silent Hedges - Double Dare4:410n/a
·The Death Of Passion4:120n/a
·The Heart Collectorn/a0n/a
·The Hurting Words6:170n/a
·The Learning16:010n/a
·The Lotus Eaters4:270n/a
·The Politics Of Ecstasy7:560n/a
·The River Dragon Has Come5:070n/a
·The Sanity Assassin4:080n/a
·The Seven Tongues Of God5:590n/a
·The Sorrowed Man5:240n/a
·The Sound Of Silence5:120n/a
·This Sacrament5:100n/a
·Tomorrow Turned Into Yesterday4:350n/a
·We Disintegrate5:140n/a
·What Tomorrow Knows5:110n/a
·Who Decides4:150n/a
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·Dark Tranquillityn/a84
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