What is Best Fare, Free Metro Access and more?

Best Fare

myki gives you the best fare for the way that you travel.

Using myki money, your fare will be capped at a 2 hour, daily or weekly (Monday - Sunday) maximum, no matter how much you travel.

Alternatively, pre-purchase of myki pass ensures you receive the best discounted fares.


In Melbourne, myki money can calculate your best fare as you travel, and deduct it automatically as you scan off at the end of your trip.

For example:

  • If you scan on and scan off in Melbourne city one morning, myki money can calculate that the best fare for you is a two hour Zone One.
  • Then if you travel more than once during the same day, myki money will re-calculate the best fare for you as a daily fare.
  • The more you travel during the same week, myki money will automatically give you the best fare by capping your accrued travel to a weekly fare.
Free Metro Access
For people travelling to Melbourne from Country Victoria, myki will give you Free Metro Access in the zone of your arrival on the day of your visit. So when you arrive in Melbourne with myki and scan off, you can continue to use myki to catch trains, trams and buses with the one public transport card.
Auto Top Up
If your card is registered, you can arrange for myki to top up from your account automatically, ensuring that your balance regularly stays topped up. You can arrange auto top up online via your debit or credit card.