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Boonta Eve Classic


On the outskirts of Mos Espa was an immense venue for watching the popular Boonta Eve Classic Podrace. Over one hundred thousands beings filled the Mos Espa Grand Arena to capacity during the annual event. They filed into the grandstand seats, crowded into broad viewing platforms or clustered into the upper tiers to catch a glimpse of the high-speed spectacle. For a modest fee, spectators could rent hand-held viewscreens which displayed images recorded by fast-flying Podrace holocams tracking the race. From a distance, the arena's seats looked to be a flowing tapestry of color, as race-fans from all throughout the Outer Rim Territories congregated. Alien food vendors roamed the crowds, offering exotic wares, bands both amateur and professional tootled race themes and popular melodies to cheer on their favored pilots, fans brandished flags bearing their racer's emblems.

The wealthier of Mos Espa's residents and guests could afford private viewing boxes separated from the rest of the rabble. The Toydarian junk-merchant Watto hosted viewing parties for his friends and gambling partners. The most opulent of viewing boxes was reserved for the ruling Hutts, particularly Jabba the Hutt, who hosted the Boonta Eve Classic.

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