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the hot spot

go to Hotspot Meet Anne- christine d'Adesky, award winning journalist, AIDS activist and producer/director of the film PILLS PROFITS PROTEST...

go to Hotspot Meet Phyllis Christopher, the amazing photographer who is featured in the film WOMEN IN LOVE...

Pills Profits Protest: Chronicle of the Global AIDS Movement

Anne-christine d'AdeskyThe hot spot:
Anne-christine d’Adesky

Journalist, Author, AIDS activist, Community Educator, and Filmmaker

Anne-christine d’Adesky is an US-based journalist, novelist, documentary filmmaker, AIDS and human rights activist. She has specialized in covering health issues, including HIV/AIDS, since the early 1980s. Ms. d’Adesky currently serves as Executive Director of AIDS, Medicines & Miracles, a national AIDS group based in San Francisco that promotes a holistic model of AIDS education and care. She is also the Founder and co-Executive Director of the Women’s Equity in Access to Care and Treatment (WE-ACTx), a global initiative that provides HIV treatment to Rwandan genocide survivors and advocates for women and girls to get accelerated access to HIV treatment in poor countries.


Ms. d’Adesky first reported on the AIDS epidemic in Haiti in the mid-1980s and began focusing on the epidemic in Africa in 1998. She recently published the first book-length account of the global AIDS effort, “Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS” (Verso, July 2004), which summarized global progress and medical challenges in delivering universal ARV to people in resource-poor settings.

“Moving Mountains” expands on a journalistic series she wrote for amfAR’s Treatment Insider medical newsletter from 2000-2003. Ms. d’Adesky has also written about HIV treatment issues for the medical journal AIDS, and for community publications such as POZ, the IAVI report (a newsletter of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative) and covers AIDS for other magazines, including SEED, the Nation, and the Village Voice. D’Adesky also writes for health agencies such as the World Health Organization.

In the mid-90s. Ms. D’Adesky was Senior Editor in charge of health issues and science at OUT magazine. She launched an HIV magazine, HIV Plus, and served as Editor in Chief for two years. Her articles have been widely published in mainstream and progressive outlets including The Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Examiner, Village Voice, Interview, MS. Magazine, San Francisco Examiner.

In July 2000, she was among the first recipients of amfAR’s inaurugural Award of Courage for “pioneering public information about HIV/AIDS.”


Ms. d’Adesky is an active community organizer working on the domestic and global AIDS epidemics. As Executive Director of AIDS, Medicine & Miracles, she is committed to promoting a long-term holistic approach to living positively with HIV. As Co-Executive Director of WE-ACTx, she continues to provide overall vision for the organization and is promoting treatment literacy ad advocacy for women and girls, especially in conflict zones of East Africa.


what they're saying about "Moving Montains"


MOVING MOUNTAINS is indispensable for anyone trying to stop the global AIDS epidemic—or who wants to learn its searing lessons. From Haiti to Russia, India to South Africa, d’Adesky brings her rich history of thoughtful journalism and fierce activism to bear on one of the most urgent questions of our age: how to give people in poor countries the same chance to live as people in rich ones.”
Mark Schoofs, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for his Village Voice series on AIDS in Africa

“Anne-christine d’Adesky links moral engagement to careful scholarship and reportage in order to offer us the first honest accounting of the great plague of our times. MOVING MOUNTAINS is sure to be read by AIDS treatment activists, public health specialists, and others engaged directly in the battles d’Adesky describes. But surely this book should be required reading for anyone who wants to know how history’s largest infectious killer of young adults could spread untrammeled across five continents. Beleaguered humanity is lucky that d’Adesky—surely one of the world’s most promising public intellectuals has taken on global AIDS.”
Dr. Paul Farmer, author of Pathologies of Power and Infections and Inequalities

“MOVING MOUNTAINS provides us with the first blueprint for systematically attacking the myriad complex problems associated with treatment scale-up. Once believed to be an impossible task, Anne-christine d’Adesky not only shows us programs that work, but also where they are not working. No person in the field of HIV/AIDS treatment or prevention, in developed countries or the developing world, should be without this book. If you want to understand where we are in the global race to treat HIV, start with MOVING MOUNTAINS.”
Kevin Frost, Vice President, Clinical Research and Prevention Programs, amfAR

“A crucial and political investigation of the global AIDS crisis and how it impacts the most vulnerable and invisible among us. It offers practical solutions and grassroots victories. It sounds a cry of the consequences that will befall us if we do not put human life ahead of greed.”
Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues.

“In July 1996, scientists announced the first truly good news in the otherwise hideous saga of HIV/AIDS: proof that a combination of drugs taken daily could hold the virus at bay. It took four years for news of the Lazarus-like reversals of death sentences seen across America and Europe to reach remote, HIV-plagued regions of the poor world, but once it did, all hell broke loose. Equity is—at last–on the table: anti-HIV drugs are about the right to life. Now Anne-christine d'Adesky throws down the gauntlet, meticulously detailing what it will take to turn millions of people around the world into modern day Lazaruses. Brava!”
Laurie Garrett, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Betrayal of Trust and The Coming Plague

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In 2001, Ms. d’Adesky co-organized a weeklong treatment-related forum in Uganda called ‘Focus on Women” that was an official satellite conference of the Global Strategies to Prevent Mother to Child Transmission in Kampala, Uganda. This meeting was organized with five NGOs, including SWAA-Uganda, Hope After Rape, National Guidance and Empowerment Network, TASO and leading treatment activists and drew over 200 women for intensive workshops, as well as government and health officials. The result was the launch of WTAG- The Women’s Treatment Action Group, a nascent NGO that has worked to do HIV outreach to rural women in several districts and refer them to VCT and MTCT services and the government health clinics.

In 2001, Ms. d’Adesky organized an Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) sponsored meeting on grassroots access to generic AIDS drugs for community AIDS drug recycling groups, held in conjunction with the UN Special Session on AIDS in New York.

In July 2000, she co-organized a weeklong official satellite forum called “Ububano Lo Mama/Women Working Together” with several South African women’s groups and leading activists attending the 13th International AIDS Conference in Durban. This event attracted over 300 South African women from local townships and led to greater networking among women’s groups to access HIV treatment.

In the 1990s, Ms. d’Adesky worked as a volunteer and staff member of the New York Department of Health’s HIV hotline in the early 90s. She also worked to develop and translate technical and treatment education materials aimed at women, Latino and Haitian communities. She provided treatment trainings for community health workers and facilitated treatment workshops for NGOs. In the early 80s, Ms. D’Adesky was a member of the activist network ACT UP, and reported on the activities of this grassroots activist movement in the US and abroad for community publications.

Ms. d’Adesky holds a Master Degree in Journalism from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, a Bachelor’s Degree from Barnard College. She is a bilingual French speaker, and fluent in Spanish. She also speaks Haitian Creole.

For Speaker Requests email Ms d’Adesky.

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