Galactic Gladiator

Galactic Gladiator is a challenging, top-down, tactical space shooter. While some of the mechanics follow in the footsteps of many timeless classics, the game aims to expand on the shooter genre by adding more strategy, skill and thought to the game play. The game is "freeware", so you can download and enjoy it for free!

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Recent News

August 27, 2005

It seems that there was an issue introduced with the last released version (259) with submission of scores. We have attempted to rectify it but some minor problems may arise.

[Edit 4:32pm est]
Due to some remaining issues we have chosen to simply release a "new" version (build 260) that should rectify the problems with the "double-release" of 259. Please update when you get the chance. There are no other relevant changes in this version, hence why it is still labeled as 1.1.2.

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