The full Web on your phone

Opera Mini 4 puts the full Web on your phone

Fast, safe and secure — now synchronized with your computer

Opera Mini 4 enables you to take your full web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Whether you want to access your mail, RSS feeds or bank information, Opera Mini is a quick and secure way to get your data on the go. Opera Mini 4 also delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering.

Opera Mini 4.0: Free Download

To download Opera Mini directly to your phone, please visit using your existing phone's web browser.

To fully access the Internet with Opera Mini, a Data Plan from your mobile service provider might be required. Please contact your service provider for more information. The service is not available to Verizon Wireless subscribers (other than BlackBerry users) yet. Please subscribe for an email notification when we have a version available for Verizon customers. Thanks for your patience!

Mobile view

Full Web in your palm

When you visit a web page, Opera Mini will show you the overview of the page and then suggest where to begin your reading. Read more

Opera Link

Sync your online lifestyle

Now you can use Opera Link with Opera Mini 4 to synchronize the web links on your cell phone with the web links on your computer. Read more

Custom search

Define search patterns

Just like in Opera for your computer, now you can create your own web search bar from any search field on the Internet using Opera Mini 4. Read more

Opera fesktop browser

Opera on your computer

Tried Opera Mini? Ready to sync your online experience between your computer and phone? Head over to the free desktop version of our Opera web browser, and enjoy browsing the Web at blazing speeds, with an extensive feature set not found in other computer-based web browsers.

Learn more about Opera browser Read more

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