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I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing...

Posted May 02, 06:40 PM

Hey! What's the haps?!

San FrancisConan Week continues here in the beautiful city by the bay as we hit our "Hump Day" show! Can you believe that this week is already half over?! I cannot. It feels like I've been here forever. In a good way, yo. In a good way.

The madness is spreading after George Lucas' appearance on our show yesterday! For those of you sinners who didn't see the show, we did a bit where our resident Star Wars Expert (and Associate Producer) Jordan Schlansky came out during Lucas' segment and tried to stump him with an obscure Star Wars trivia question... George nails the answer, and then Jordan is nailed with the "Ass" stamp. Great, right? Well we had no idea how great this would actually turn out!

See, the question that Jordan asked involved a character from the first film (the guy who gets strangled by Vader) whose full name was never mentioned in the actual movie. In fact, he's only referred to in the credits, where he is listed as "Admiral Motti". Jordan asked Lucas Admiral Motti's full name, to which Lucas replied (as a joke), "Conan Antonio Motti". No big deal, right?


See, because Lucas is the supreme creator of the Star Wars universe, when he says something it becomes real. Oh yeah. I think you hear what I'm saying, party people: There is now officially a Star Wars character named after Conan!! HOW AWECELLET IS THAT?! The Star Wars wiki Wookieepedia has already incorporated the change into the Star Wars Mythology! Man! This week couldn't get any better!

All right, I gotta run because a bunch of us are going to the Giants game tonight, and then I hear there's a little poker game going on in the hotel lobby! Sweet! I LOVE TAKING MONEY FROM FOOLS. Wish me luck y'all!

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I thought he said Conan and I was like what? But hey way cool! Also about the gender gap, I was thinking that there are not as many female entertainers but there has to be some women famous enough out there to grace Conan with their presence. (And no it's not me.)

Aaron Responds: We have lotsa women on our show - Rosario Dawson, Zoe Bell, Cheryl Hines, Tina Fey, Molly Shannon, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Martha Stewart, and Tyra Banks were all on in April! I think that's pretty good, right?

Ah I love poker.
I got to watch the show last night, and I'm watching Leno right now waiting for consey to come on.
Good luck on the poker, hun, I love poker but I'm one of those who keeps uping the ante, even when I'm not winning.

And I'm not even a big Star Wars fan, but that bit where he went to Lucas Films was GREAT.

I can't wait till tonights episode!
If you do in fact play poker make sure to let me know how you do!

Aaron Responds: I didn't actually make it to poker last night, which means that I still have money in my pockets and a twinkle in my eye... There's always tonight, though!

ALSO, Conan is on right now, That Wine tasting bit was GREAT!
Any time Conan drinks, it seems to be a great time.
He's a man of the people , that Conan is.

Aaron Responds: You got that right!

I think my favorite part about the wine remote was the giant wine glass. Hilarious!

I LOVE GEORGE LUCAS AND I LOVE CONAN!! Thanks for signing my daughters school book and my t shirt!!

Aaron Responds: He loves you too! Thanks for watching!!!

Man, that's so sweet to have a Conan in Star Wars. Motti will rise to stardom, mark my words. I always thought it was Ken Kercheval (the evil guy on "Dallas") who played this role - which is why i was excluded from the Star Wars fan club ;)

If there's gonna be a new edition of SW, George should implement Motti cracking up a Conan joke before he gets gripped by Darth Vader. BE...gasp...COOL...gasp...MY...gasp...BABIES.

Aaron Responds: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Niiiice.

...Buddy... gasp...B-b-boy....

Where can I get me one of those sweet Conan hair things made of foam?

Aaron Responds: Great question! NBC 11 (the local news afiliate) was handing them out to people in line yesterday! I can only assume they'll be doing the same today... But you never know! Maybe it'll be something else! Come on down and find out!

This is not a Star Wars comment, but since Sam Wo (not Sam Wo's) is a major sponsor of the show in San Francisco, here is some historical background on the restaurant. For many years, the restaurant was the personal fiefdom of a waiter named Edsel Ford Fong, now immortalized by a food concession at A T & T Park. His personal motto was "specify every little thing" and he wore a button that stated this mandate. He would rearrange the dining room by telling customers to pick up their plates and move if he needed their table for a larger party. A trip to the restroom would result in the public embarrassment of Edsel hollering "did you wash hands?" across the dining room as you returned to your table. His most endearing trait was his fondness for red-heads, so Conan would have been a big hit with Edsel. Many customers, taken with his charming ways, would ask for him to pose for a picture with them, and he kept these photos in a manila envelope which he would share if asked politely, or if he saw the least glimmer of interest. If you were a young woman foolish enough to stand next to Edsel during a photo op, you could count on getting your butt pinched. Only newbies would dare to ask for a fork instead of chopsticks - his scorn and fierce glare would freeze the noodles on the plate. As a starving student in the 70's, Sam Wo was my first Chinatown restaurant experience, with chow mein for about $2. With limited, okay, non-existent, chopstick expertise, I may have managed to eat 10 noodles, but would rather have eaten with my fingers than risk Edsel's wrath.

Aaron Responds: That's awesome, Cara. Thanks for the wonderful historical analysis! I love little places like Sam Wo's - I've got a few in NYC that I frequent. They're the best places to eat at because it's a meal AND an experience!

I didn't get to see it. :( I was too tired. Dangit, it sounded like a really good show.

Aaron Responds: Oh, it was! I'm sure we'll probably rerun it at some point!

Sci-fi fans are the most hardcore ones out there - you should know Aaron! ;)

You should tell Conan to start using your "San FrancisConan week" catch phrase, if he hasn't already!

Aaron Responds: I'll do my best... Tonight he said "shocker" on the show, which is something I say all the time, so you never know!

Hey Aaron,
I loved the Napa valley remote. Giant wine glass, wine hat, smoking jacket, and pipe? Classic Late Night absurity at its best.

I have to ask because I'm one of those annoying fans, but when Conan broke the Star Wars prop, he dropped it. On the Tonight Show he told Leno he broke a prop while playing with the bull whip. Since you were there, which one was it? Or is he just insanely clumsy? Perhaps Conan needs to be hit with a "LIAR(?)" stamp? (LOL)

Final question, what exactly was used in the construction of Pierre's muscular SF calves? Foam? Tissue? The severed fists of former interns?

Hope you're having a blast. If you happen to see Chris Isaak again tell him he is awesome.

Aaron Responds: According to Tina Ryan in our Wardrobe Department, Pierre's calves were made out of latex by Louie at SNL especially for PIerre.

There WAS something else that was broken at ILM - a truck model used in one of the Mission Impossible movies was actually accidentally broken during a bit with a bullwhip in a hallway... But it was cut out of the remote! That's what Conan was referring to on Leno!

Are video clips from the show being made available (officially or unofficially) anywhere on the web? Even though I was at Tuesday's show, I can't receive NBC where I'm at (hey, Matthew, what's the definition of "irony"...?).

I'd love to see Robin Williams on the show.

Aaron Responds: I've seen some around on Youtube, but I'm not exactly sure whats out there and what's not. I'm sure we'll put up Williams interview at some point - I'll look into it and see what the plan is.

is conan a big star wars fan?

Aaron Responds: Isn't everyone?

I thought you might like to know that Admiral Conan Antonio Motti has a role in the upcoming Star Wars novel 'Death Star'. Sue Rostoni from LFL has released the Dramatis Personae on the official SW site forums here:


Look towards the bottom of the page.

Aaron Responds: Whoa! That's awesome! I think I'll wait for the actual book to come out before I make a bigger announcement, but thanks for the heads up, Steph!

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