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ABC Notation - What is it?  -- ABC2Win Tune Shareware overview and sample
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Shareware -- An explanation of what shareware is and how it applies to ABC2Win.
Everything you need to know about version 2.1 is here, now. 
  • Read, edit and write ABC notation. 
  • View music pages on screen. 
  • Play tunes on your PC speaker. 
  • Manage files of ABC notation. 
  • Use the extensive music layout features. 
  • Get everything in one convenient program. 
  • All this is available free in ABC2Win. 
    A $20 registration fee unlocks the printing and publishing features.
     Welcome to the ABC2Win site. The ABC2Win program provide a convenient way to work with tunes collected from Irish and other traditional music sources. Publish your own tunes or compile a collection of the best from the Internet.
    ABC2Win -- This program allows users of Microsoft Windows to write tunes, view the tunes as publication-quality music and play the tunes over the built-in PC speaker. Note that the program supports melody lines in the treble clef. Other clefs are not supported.

    For a small registration fee, users can unlock the printing functions to publish pages of music at the highest quality available on their printer.

    For more information see the:
    ABC2Win Overview .

    PlayQABC -- The tune play program runs in DOS to play tunes in ABC notation. It can be run with or without ABC2Win. It plays tunes in the correct pitch, with user control of playback speed. 

    Other authors have written playback programs using midi. See details at the ABC Home Pages (Link below). 
    For a description of the Playback program follow this link: 

    Preview -- THe preview is still available for download, but the beta is a much better program.
    Some Useful Links
    ABC Home -- ABC Tune Files, links and information provided by Chris Walshaw. This site contains details about the notation system, links to many tune sources, and information about other software programs including Unix and Mac. Here you will also find information about the abc-users email discussion list.
    Henrik Norbeck's extensive tune collection.
    Milwaukee Slow Session Tunes -- Download a selection from the collection prepared by Phil Rubenzer of tunes commonly played in Milwaukee slow sessions. 

    Several users volunteered invaluable assistance in the development and testing of ABC2Win over the past three major releases.

    Related Links
    The Bagpipe Music Writer to ABC conversion program by Rob de Boer is available. Rob's web site includes sample tunes and promises information on notating bagpipe tunes.
    TUNEdb - a large collection of traditional music put together by Richard Moon. 
    The Massif Village Orchestra is a project designed to promote participation in the playing and performance of traditonal Dance Music. It currently focusses specifically on contemporary and traditional dance music from Central France as well as contemporary compositions. Multi-part arrangements in ABC notation are provided here for bagpipes, melodeons and hurdy-gurdies.
    Global Download - Freeware, Shareware and Demoware Archive. 

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