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Mobile network monitoring

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Endace network monitoring infrastructure enables wireless network operators to monitor all traffic across layers in their Radio Access Network (RAN) and IP data core. Our Application Partners provide protocol reassembly for GPRS and UMTS RAN signaling protocols plus application-level TCP/IP session reassembly with detailed reporting of potential issues.

Together we enable network operators to build their networks cost-effectively, guarantee service performance, and grow their mobile data revenues for maximum profitability.

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Information security in Enterprise networks

Your Intellectual Property and information is highly sensitive and valuable – like any other such asset, it needs protecting. Endace enables 100% inspection of all network traffic entering your organization so that you can be sure of your information security, even under attack conditions. Only with this guaranteed level of performance can you be truly sure that nothing slips by.

Our application partners combine their leading intrusion detection, anomaly detection and threat reporting software with Endace network monitoring infrastructure in order to provide network-wide security monitoring.

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Lawful Intercept in Carrier networks

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Using Endace network monitoring infrastructure, telecommunications carriers can provide secure and separate access to targeted network traffic for Lawful Interception, while leveraging the same infrastructure investment for WAN security and management.

The monitoring infrastructure can also be used to ensure network service delivery and provide revenue-generating security monitoring services. Our customers are able to generate a meaningful ROI on an asset base that would otherwise only serve for regulatory compliance. Unlike router-based options, Endace monitoring probes ensure lossless capture of target traffic, invisible operation, and zero compromise of network performance.

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Carrier network flow analysis

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Managing a complex and distributed network with many elements, many users, and many application protocols requires you to have a real-time network-wide view of activity. This visibility is vital to ensure the availability and security of your network services.

Endace network monitoring infrastructure supports a wide range of legacy, SONET/SDH, and Ethernet network types so that your flow analysis and deep packet inspection software can access traffic from all areas of your network and provide you with the precise intelligence that you need.

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Anti-data leakage (ADL) / Information leak prevention (ILP)

Endace network appliances enable your existing information leak prevention software to operate losslessly at multi-Gigabit speed, wherever you need to deploy them in your network to ensure that your intellectual property is protected from insider threats.

By deploying Endace network monitoring infrastructure throughout your network, you can enforce policy using your preferred anti-data leakage application, while concurrently supporting other network management and intrusion-detection applications on the same platforms.

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Financial network transaction time monitoring

Your automated trading systems make buy/sell decisions in milliseconds so the performance of your corporate network and your service providers’ networks is crucial to your profitability. Leading financial trading houses rely on Endace to identify any potential threats to their network performance. They also use the very accurate records of transaction timing to comply with transparency regulations such as the EU’s MiFID (the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive).

Working with Endace, you can be assured of your trading system performance and profitability.

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