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Talking Points Edition 45: August 1996

TALKING POINTS - A digest of topical items for general information throughout the Movement

New Chief Executive - Heading Headquarters

From 1 September 1996, the Chief Executive of The Scout Association will be Mr Derek Twine BA (Hons), FIPD.

Derek has been Executive Commissioner (Programme & Training) at Gilwell Park for the last ten years, and has been responsible for the development of the award winning training programme undertaken by thousands of Leaders each year, and also for the modernisation and updating of the programme followed by over half a million young people.

Derek first joined the Scout Movement in Surrey at the age of eight and became a member of Headquarters staff in 1976. He chairs the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services' Training Managers' Group, has chaired the Education and Training Committee of the National Youth Agency and is active in European and World Scouting.

The Energy Efficiency Award - Free Pack

The attention of Scout Groups is drawn to a free pack of programme activity ideas for all Sections on the theme of 'Energy Conservation'. The programme ideas link readily to the Award Scheme in all Sections. For your free pack (one per Scout Group), please phone (0181) 498 5330 (during office hours), (0181) 498 5338 (answerphone), or fax on (0181) 498 5329.

Gilwell Park Fun Days - A Cry for Help!

The Gilwell Park Campsite Beaver Scout and Cub Scout Fun Days take place over the weekend of 22 and 23 June 1997. To make these days a real 'out of this world' experience requires a tremendous amount of adult support, and the plan for the 1997 events calls for a support team of at least 700 people. Individuals, Venture Scout Units, Scout Fellowships and anyone else who would like to help for the weekend, carrying out a wide range of tasks is asked to contact Steve Beazley, the Warden at Gilwell Park for further details.

Motor Transport - Driver Licensing

It was announced in the July edition of 'Talking Points' and the June Edition of SCOUTING Magazine, that the new regulations for the driving of minibuses came into force on 1 July, 1996. However, the Department of Transport has just announced that due to the complexity of implementing the European Directive, the Government intends to implement the Directive in two stages. This means that those details of the new regulations for the driving of minibuses published in Headquarters Notices of SCOUTING Magazine in April 1995 will not come into force until January 1997.

International Friendship Award - Information Pack

Do you want to encourage links between Sections in your Group? Would the young people and the Leaders in your Group enjoy taking part in a project to benefit people living in another country? Would you like ideas for Sectional and inter-Sectional programmes? Would you like to see all the Members of your Group working together? The International Friendship Award could be just what you're looking for!

Take part in the International Friendship Award by choosing a new worthwhile project or, if one of your Sections has an existing international activity, build on it to involve the whole Group, and enjoy the benefits of working as a Scout family.

Further details of the Award are available from your Assistant County/Area Commissioner (International) and an information pack (ref. FS140300, price 90p) is available from the Resource Centre at Gilwell Park (0181) 498 5400.

Adult Recruitment - Enclosed Leaflet

The recruitment leaflet enclosed with this edition of 'Talking Points' advertises the national approach we are taking to help you locally with Adult Recruitment. There is a booklet you can buy, a workshop or swapshop you can attend, or a network of people we can put you in touch with, who have had success using the material. If Adult Recruitment is a problem for you, and you want some help in recruiting people, then call Gilwell Park and ask to speak to Debbie or Petula.

World Jamboree 1998 - A 'Chile' Experience

The 19th World Scout Jamboree will be held in Chile from 27 December 1998 to 6 January 1999. Young people over the age of 18 at the time of the Jamboree may take part by joining the International Service Team.

A list of posts and duties will be available later, based on the specific requirements for each programme. In line with the recommendations of the World Policy on Adult Resources, team members will be selected according to their suitability for the particular task in hand. Training material will be available.

The U.K. Contingent will also be recruiting a Jamboree Support Team to support the U.K. Contingent before and during the Jamboree.

Successful applicants for both teams will be chosen and selection weekends. The timetable for selection is as follows: From October 1996 - Application forms and information sent out; 31 January 1997 - Cut off date for return of application forms; Early February 1997 - Invitations to attend selection weekend sent out; 14-16 February 1997 - Selection weekend for Jamboree Support Team; 8-9 March 1997 - Selection weekend for International Service Team.

Interested people should write to the U.K. Contingent Organiser at Baden-Powell House, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope, to register their interest. Information and application forms for both teams will be sent out in October 1996.

Under 26 Discount Scheme - Reduced Subscription

UNDER 26, the official Youth Card for England and Wales is reducing the annual card subscription fee for Scouts - from the normal cost of £7 to only £5.

For that, card members will receive their UNDER 26 card, Directory and the latest issue of their quarterly magazine, EURO<26.

The Council of Europe backed scheme, which has over 3 million card members, was set up to get a better deal for young people throughout Europe. More than a quarter of a million places, from museums to camp sites, theatres to travel agents, sports shops to windsurfing centres offer discounts and concessions.

UNDER 26 card members also have free access to a 24 hour Travellers Helpline and Legal Advice Line. More details were shown in the July edition of SCOUTING Magazine. However, if you want any more information, please contact UNDER 26 on (0171) 823 5363.

National Lottery - Charities Board

The grants for Round 2 were announced in June. Under the theme of Youth Issues and Low Income, Scouting was awarded 158 grants totalling almost £4 million. If you were successful and have not already sent us a copy of your application form, please do so, as this will help us to advise other Groups in the future.

The current theme of Health, Disability and Care is now closed, but the next three rounds will concentrate on: New Opportunities and Choices, Improving Peoples Living Environment, and Community Involvement. As yet, the release dates of application packs for these themes have not been announced, but as soon as they are, we will publish them in 'Talking Points' along with detailed guidelines.

If you require further details or advice on applying to the Lottery, please contact The Scout Association Lottery Line at Baden-Powell House on (0171) 590 5123.

The Scout Foundation - Community Development Funding

On 16 July, 1996, the Trustees of The Scout Foundation decided to regularise the process of consideration of Community Development funding applications in excess of £5000. It was agreed that such funding applications should be submitted by 1 January, 1 May and 1 September of each year. This will fit in with the cycle of meetings of the Community Development sub-Committee and the Trustees of The Scout Foundation. If applications are submitted by the deadline, there will be time for further information to be obtained if necessary for the sub-Committee to consider it to make recommendations to the Trustees.

Founders Day/Thinking Day - 1997 Service

The annual Service will be held on Saturday, 22 February, 1997, at Westminster Abbey, St. Margaret's Church and Westminster Central Hall - admission will be by TICKET ONLY.

Tickets will be available through a County/Area allocation system and the Service is open to any Member of the Association over the age of eight and Administrators.

Requests for tickets should be made through County Commissioners (through the Chief Commissioner's office in the case of Scotland and Northern Ireland) by 3 January, 1997.

Thank You - Towards 2000 Questionnaires

The Headquarters' Beaver Scout Team would like to express thanks to everybody who responded to the recent questionnaires and telephone survey calls. Your contribution to these fact-finding activities has given much useful information to progress the development and support in this Section. Results and outcomes will be published in due course.

Staff Vacancies - Senior Positions

During September, there will be public advertising of two Senior Staff vacancies at Headquarters.

Following Derek Twine's appointment as Chief Executive, there is a vacancy for a Director of Programme & Training. In preparation for Nigel Stevenson's retirement in December 1996, recruitment is taking place for the post of Secretary of the Association. Enquiries may be made to The Personnel Manager at Baden-Powell House.

Club for Former Scouts - Is it Viable?

You may have seen adverts in the National Press in July calling for 'Ex-Scouts' to get in touch.

This is to see if a 'club' for former Members of The Scout Association is a viable proposition. Everyone who sent in their name and address will have received a questionnaire. This asks whether they would be interested in a club, what they would want from it and what it should be called. Their answers will determine the viability of setting up and running such a venture.

The purpose of such a club is to capture a set of people who are not currently members of the Association and are not actively involved but would like to regain some sort of contact. The club would be run nationally but Groups, Districts and Counties may wish to invite members to local events and build up useful relationships.

For further information, please contact Jenny Lamprell, Finance Department, Baden-Powell House.

International News - Bits & Pieces

World Scout Map. The resource you've all been waiting for! The World Scout Map will grace any Scout Hall and support the World Friendship Badge for Cub Scouts. Additional fact sheets give brief data on all member organisations of World Scouting. Locate all the World Scout Jamborees, see a selection of uniforms and activities, find out the phenomenal spread of Scouting throughout the world. Available from Scout Shops for £4.50. No Scout Group should be without it!

Network Russia. The next meeting of Network Russia will be held on 5 October 1996 in the Conference Room, Baden-Powell House, London from 1030 till 1700. Those wishing to attend should register with the International Department no later than 30 September. Lunch can be pre-ordered on payment of £5.15. The programme includes reports back on recent visits to and from Russia, preparations for the 2nd Russian Jamboree and feedback on various training programmes during the summer. Come along and help Russian Scouting develop through supporting the Network.

Go away! Each year, Scout Associations around the world invite UK Scouts and Venture Scouts to participate in their National Jamborees or local camps. This is an ideal way to visit another country as the programme is laid on for you, tents can often be provided and homestay may be an option. Some examples for 1997 are: Eurofolk - 21 July-02 August, Belgium (for Venture Scouts); Scouts de France National Jamboree - 25-30 July; 4th African Jamboree, Nairobi, Kenya, 5-15 August (also staff opportunities); 9th Canadian Jamboree - 12-20 July, Ontario (also staff opportunities); 2nd Russian International Jamboree, Lake Baikal, Siberia, 1-14 August (also staff opportunities).

Camp Staff. The Boy Scouts of America invites Venture Scouts and Leaders aged 18-35 to join the staff of their summer camps next year, in return for all accommodation, meals and a salary to cover the cost of travel. This is the only American summer camp scheme which features the Boy Scouts of America and the only recognised scheme for UK Scouts. Details for 1997 from Maggie Brady in the International Department at Baden-Powell House.

Where to stay in Europe. Thinking of camping or touring on the continent next year? Then the 'Where to stay in Europe' guide is a must. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your free copy or contact the International Department for bulk orders.

The JamboVid. If you haven't seen it yet, then you have missed a treat. This year's smash at the box office: The JamboVid. Using footage from BBC Newsround, Danish TV, Dutch TV and personal camcorders, The JamboVid is a professionally produced souvenir of the 18th World Scout Jamboree in the Netherlands in 1995. It is also being used by 14-18 year olds to promote Scouting to their friends! Copies are still available at £14.99 (incl. £1.50 p&p) from the International Department at Baden-Powell House.

Charity Trustees - Liability Can Hurt

Many Members of the Movement may be aware of national media coverage over 12 months ago about a Sea Scout Group in Cambridgeshire where some of its former Leaders and some Trustees broke away from The Scout Association and joined the Federation of European Scouts. The Trustees, including the former GSL, tried to take with them substantial assets, including a lease, despite the fact that the original Group continued to operate.

After lengthy legal proceedings in which the local Group was supported by Headquarters, a judgement has been made that the actions of the former Leaders and Trustees were not legal and that the assets remain those of The Scout Association Group. The Judge also ruled that the titles 'Sea Scout' and 'Sea Scouts' could only be used by properly constituted Groups of The Scout Association. The Judge awarded 'our' legal costs to be paid by the former GSL personally. Unconfirmed press reports have estimated these at up to £50,000.

Talking Points by email - Are you signed up?

'Talking Points' is being sent by electronic mail to Members who would like to register to receive it. Please send an E-mail message to ukbphscout@aol.com if you would like to be added to the list. It helps if you can add details of your role in Scouting. It also helps if your E-mail address is less than the current record holder whose E-mail address contained 63 characters including a whole string of what might have been 'l's or '1's (one's) and 'O's or '0's (zero's)!

Scout PR Forum - Sunday 17 November, 1996

Is Public Relations important? How do you find a PRO? Working with local media. Image. PR and the Internet. Newsletters, Displays and Emergency PR. A series of workshops and presentations to help existing and potential PRO's and encourage Districts and Counties/Areas to develop their public relations techniques. Contributions from County PRO's, SCOUTING Magazine staff and contributors, and other experts. It is all happening at the West Mercia Constabulary Training Centre, Hindlip Hall, Worcestershire (Junc. 6, M5 motorway) on Sunday 17 November, 1996 and costs £14.00, which includes lunch. For further information and a booking form, please contact the Public Relations Department at Baden-Powell House.

New Publication - Error Correction

In the recently published Third Edition of the booklet 'Single Pitch Climbing and Abseiling', there is an error in the diagram on page 17. The short length of rope coming from the tree and the rock should be tied to the karabiner with a figure-of-eight- knot and not just passed through the karabiner as shown.

Flags - Wash with Care!

A major detergent manufacturers advertisement is currently appearing on television, depicting a flag washing event. Groups are recommended to comply with the washing instructins supplied with their own flags, as textile blends will differ from the flag in the advert. If in doubt, contact Scout Shops Ltd. Or your supplier.

Record Cards - Change in Size

Section Record Cards will be available in A4 size from September, from Scout Shops Ltd. Content and layout is revised to be in line with present programmes for each Section. An A4 Adult Leader Record Card is also now in stock. All record crads retail at £1.50 per pack of 10. An A4 binder is also available to hold them, priced £3.50. The present range of A5 record cards will not be reprinted when current stocks run out.

COMMITTEE NEWS - A Summary of significant items and recommendations arising from the work of The Association's Committees and sub groups

Council in Conference:

This will take place at Baden-Powell House on Saturday 28 September, 1996 immediately after the Association's AGM. It will include a joint keynote presentation by the Chief Scout, Chairman of the Committee and the Chief Executive. The afternoon will be devoted to four workshops, each led by the Chairman of a sub-Committee.

2007 Project:

A report has been prepared by the 2007 Feasibility Study Group who have been looking at proposals to bid for the Centenary World Jamboree to be held in the UK. It is envisaged that the Jamboree should be planned to promote quality Scouting, for Scouts to assume new responsibility for promoting peace and goodwill, to celebrate the unity of the Scout Movement and to promote among the public world-wide, the image of a universal educational Movement. The Jamboree must also be supported by other events for the whole of the UK Movement. Consultants are to be appointed to help find the Jamboree Site. Detailed considerations are to be given to financial arrangements essential to protect the Association.


Following the commitment by the Committee of the Council to its long-term vision for Co-education, an eight point plan has been accepted to move forward from a permissive position to a proactive position on the part of Headquarters. Sensitivity is needed on balancing the two policy issues of seeking a Co-educational Movement and a commitment to local decision-making. The plan identifies key tasks such as reviewing existing guidelines, highlighting good practice, proposing support and resource increases, recognising specific blocks to Co-education and identifying the contribution to be made by Trainers.

HM The Queen's Birthday Honours:

The Committee were delighted that the following Members had been honoured for their services to Scouting and/or to the community:

KG: Sir Timothy Colman, County President, Norfolk.
CBE: Major General Michael Walsh, former Chief Scout.
OBE: Dr. Derek Pollard, National Commissioner.
MBE: Keith Cornford, CC Coventry;
K.A. Fakes, GSL 44th Brighton;
Sandra Lancashire, GSL 2/249th Manchester;
Brian Mawhinney, former Chief Commissioner Northern Ireland;
Horace Parkin, Chairman Brownsea Island Vol. Wardens Committee;
Peter Rowlands, SL 1st Brecon;
Mr Alec Spalding, former District Commissioner, NW Glasgow;
CMG: F.J. Savage, Governor Montserrat, local Chief Scout.


The Committee were greatly saddened to learn of the deaths of Mr Francis Dunford OBE, former Chief Commissioner of Wales and Mr Charles Williams OBE, former DC Willesden and Patron of B-P House Hostel.

Celebrating the Millennium:

As part of proposals to celebrate this event, it is planned to designate a specific weekend over which the whole of the Association will be invited to camp and to hold a Garden Party at Gilwell for Chief Scout's Award Holders and Queen's Scouts. Other ideas are to be developed.

Scout Shops Ltd:

The AGM of Scout Shops Ltd. took place on 16 July, 1996. Turnover increased by £1.1 million to £12.5 million and the Covenanted payment for the benefit of The Scout Association is £619,129, an increase of £75,200 achieved in the face of increased competition.

SORP Working Party:

A series of workshops to help Administrators with the new regulations for Charity Accounting will start in London on 5 October with three more regional events to follow.

National Lottery:

Finance sub-Committee considered a report on the performance of Scout applications. Whilst this was considered disappointing overall, there had been some bright spots, particularly Scotland. The Director of Finance wanted to assure all Groups that this was a mode of funding which we could ill afford to ignore and no matter how disappointed Groups might be in this particular instance, it was a case of if at first you don't succeed then apply, apply again. It was noted that the Association's own bid for a substantial contribution toward the Community Development programme had not been successful.

Loan to Groups:

The following loans have been approved subject to conditions: Solent Scout Training Centre, Hampshire, £25,000 towards a new building. Phasels Wood Campsite, Hertfordshire £20,000 for land purchase. 4th Worth Scout Group, West Sussex £30,000 towards cost of a new Headquarters.


County/Area Commissioners: Cornwall Mr John Vivian wef 27/1/97; Lincolnshire Mr Alan Scott wef 1/11/96; Greater London South East Mrs Frances Poulson wef 1/9/96; Dumfries Mr Eric Moffat wef 30/9/96. Mr Phillip Scott will take up the appointment of Chief Commissioner of Northern Ireland wef 1/9/96. Mr Mike Nadin has been appointed National Adviser for Water Activities.

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