European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA)

The EPLA is the first topic dealt with by the Study Center on Patent Litigation in Europe. The realisation of the EPLA and of the related judiciary is of great importance for European industry and practitioners. The EPLA would provide a centralised court for the parties to the agreement, hearing both infringement and invalidity issues concerning European patents. The court would be composed of regional chambers and a central chamber. The panels hearing the cases would have a technical judge. A central appeals court would also be provided. European Patent Attorneys would at least enjoy a right of audience.

The Study Center on Patent Litigation in Europe is collecting and disseminating a panorama of views relating to the EPLA which hopefully will stimulate the further discussion and awareness for this important topic. Apart from certain papers dealing with different aspects of the EPLA a number of links will also be provided for consultation.

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1. Documents de base

Ces documents sont disponibles en cliquant sur les liens ci-dessous :

  • Draft Agreement on the establishment of a European patent litigation system (WPL/3/04)


  • Draft Statute of the European Patent Court (WPL/4/04)


  • Declaration by the Working Party on Litigation (WPL/6/03 Rev.2)

    2. Articles et présentations relatifs à l'EPLA

    Doter l'Europe d'un système de règlement des litiges en matière de brevets (Stefan LUGINBUEHL et Eskil WAAGE) (31/08/2007)
    The European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) (Stefan LUGINBUEHL) (05/2007)
    Jurisdiction of the European Patent Court and effects of decisions (Stefan LUGINBUEHL and Eskil WAAGE) (14/05/2007)
    Mesures Provisiores et Injonctions Préliminaires dans le Projet EPLA (Axel CASALONGA) (04/05/2007)
    3. Documents relatifs à l'EPLA élaborés dans le cadre de la formation dispensée par le CEIPI sur le contentieux des brevets en Europe

    Advantages and disadvantages of the EPLA project (Olga CAPASSO European Patent Attorney IT) (06/2007)
    Main differences between the EPLA and the Community Patent Regulation (Luc SCHEER European Patent Attorney FR) (06/2006)
    Advantages of the EPLA over the Community Patent Regulation (CPR) (Christina REVERZANI European Patent Attorney IT) (06/2006)
    Provisional and Protective Measures under the EPLA and the German/Austrian systems (Claudio RAVIZZA European Patent Attorney IT) (06/2006)
    To which extent is a counterclaim of invalidity possible in infringement proceedings before German, Italian, French and the EPLA courts ? (Eric AUGARDE European Patent Attorney FR) (06/2006)
    Language regimes and consequences in infringement proceedings in relation to the ECJ and the EPLA Courts (G. Alessandro KARAGHIOSOFF European Patent Attorney IT) (06/2006)
    4. Points de vues politiques concernant le projet EPLA

    Council of the European Union : Enhancing the patent system in Europe (15/11/2007)
    Council of the European Union : Enhancing the patent system in Europe (09/11/2007)
    Council of the European Union : Towards an EU Patent Jurisdiction - Point for discussion (30/10/2007)
    Council of the European Union : Towards an EU Patent Jurisdiction - Point for discussion (10/10/2007)
    EPLA - Litigation Working Party Meeting (27/06/2007)
    Symposium : The Future of the Patent Jurisdiction in Europe (25 & 26/06/2007)
    Enhancing the patent system in Europe (Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council) (03/04/2007)
    Second Venice Resolution (04/11/2006)
    Future Patent Policy in Europe: Prelimimnary findings: issues for debate (European Commission) (12/07/2006)

    - Voir "Entretiens avec Marc Guillaume et Jean-Claude Magendie" - La Gazette du Palais, mercredi 20, jeudi 21 décembre 2006, p.6


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