Llewellyn Hall, currently undergoing an extensive refurbishment following storm damage in February this year, will reopen in March 2008 and mark the beginning of a new era for the ANU School of Music.

The concert hall, which suffered extensive damage to its roof as a result of the February 28 ‘super-cell' hailstorm, will be completely refurbished. The new look interior will have a theme strongly evocative of the Australian landscape, with an ochre and midnight colour scheme, ironbark flooring and new seating.

With an eye firmly fixed on the future, the School has also appointed a Working Group to develop a strategy to ensure the School prospers and extends its reputation as an international centre for performance and music research.

Head of the School, Professor John Luxton, said the time was right for the School to identify and build on its strengths.

“Llewellyn Hall is very much regarded as the embodiment of the School, and it seems timely with the refurbishment to also look at where the School stands as a centre of musical excellence,” Professor Luxton said.

“The Working Group welcomes input from staff, students and other stakeholders. It will look at mechanisms to support an exciting and sustainable academic program, the development of a recruitment program that is aimed at steadying the fluctuations in undergraduate enrolments that are a current feature of the fields, improving our financial position, and further redeveloping our postgraduate coursework offerings.

ANU Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Chubb said the School played an integral role in the University community and the wider community.

“From elementary music education, through the school and college music programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate education, to the acclaimed performances of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra, The ANU School of Music – and Llewellyn Hall - will continue to be the musical heart of the ACT,” he said.





SCHOOL OF MUSIC : Working Group


The Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mandy Thomas, has established a small working group to advise her on a number of matters relating to the future of the School of Music .

Membership of the Group is drawn primarily from staff of the School and includes –

Geoffrey Brennan, Emeritus Professor, Research School of Social Sciences

Chris Chenoweth, School of Music Foundation

John Luxton, Head, School of Music

Anne-Maree O'Brien, Manager, School of Music and Art

Mike Price, Head, Jazz Area, School of Music

Virginia Taylor, Performance Convenor, School of Music

Alan Vivian, Board Member, Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Stephen Wild, Graduate Convenor, School of Music


The Group welcomes input from staff and students of the School, and staff of the College Administrative Group. The Group's deliberations are set within the context of fluctuating undergraduate enrolments in some areas and a projected escalation of costs. The Group has been specifically requested to provide Professor Thomas with advice on the following matters -

•  A recruitment program that is aimed at increasing undergraduate enrolments.

•  A sustainable academic program.

•  Staffing profiles.

•  Strategies to reduce costs.

•  Strategies to increase income, specifically the development of postgraduate coursework and other development opportunities, eg. fundraising.

The Group will take into account the recommendations of the review of the School undertaken in 2004 and the School's draft planning proposal of 2006. The Group will meet regularly throughout October and November. It is expected that the Group will be in a position to finalise recommendations and implementation strategies by 3 December 2007.

Suggestions regarding the School's future, addressing these terms of reference, should be submitted to Anne-Maree O'Brien, anne-maree.obrien@anu.edu.au , by Friday 26 October 2007 for consideration by the group.