Hi Hi!!!  It's me, ARIA!!!  What?  You don't know me?  Awe, come on!  Think hard . . . think Gradriel, Edward . . ..   Okay, okay... I'm the very Aria who accompanies Princess Gradriel throughout her adventures in Princess Crown.   Anoop thought it would be appropriate for me to be your fairy companion throughout this translation as well . . . probably cuz I'm sooooo cute.

Let's see . . . where to begin, where to begin . . ..  Oh, okay . . .this is a translation of Princess Crown, a game co-developed for the Japanese Saturn by Atlus and SEGA.  The game was released in the latter part of 1997.   Unfortunately, the Saturn market was kinda fading away at the time, so one could easily say the game didn't quite get the attention it deserved (even more unfortunate is that there was no American Saturn market what-so-ever at the time, so the game never saw an international release - very unfortunate, given the game's subject-matter).

Anoop was recently looking for a game to translate.  He was afraid of translating Grandia (that game actually features Pooie, a friend of mine), cuz he just couldn't understand what the "bloody" characters were saying.  So, he translated Princess Crown instead.  He says that he's glad he translated this game, as it turned out to be, as he says, "super awesome."  Of course, we all know the REAL reason he translated the game.  It's all because of little attractive me

Ahem . . ..  One thing to note is that Noopy doesn't speak Japanese fluently.  Come to think of it, I don't speak Japanese fluently either . . . how in Valendia did I manage to communicate with everyone during the game?  Anyhow, when he began the tranlsation, Anoop's Japanese really sucked.  He had to look up just about every Kanji he encountered during the game; he wrote down most of what he encountered, totalling almost 3000 (mostly repeated).   There are some parts that he had to figure out by context, so he apologizes if he got anything wrong (and he's more than willing to change something, if you'd be kind enough to e-mail any errors to him).

Also, Anoop wanted to make it clear that he purposely strayed from making a direct literal translation of the dialogue.  His reason for this was that he wanted to have fun translating the game, and this was the only way.  Also, the story and characters are very familiar to Western audiences, so it seemed appropriate to take some liberties.  So live with it.

Okey-dokey?  Just choose from the links below!  And don't forget that the story, characters, and images (except for the cute little clip art stuff) are copyright properties of Atlus. . . although I don't understand too much about legal issues and such . . ..  SEE YA' AROUND!!!


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