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Elisha Abas has been described by many as "one of a kind" with the rare talent to recreate pieces in a manner that opens the hearts of the listeners.

"Maestro Abas is a musical genius and one of a kind! His interpretative insight for the music of Chopin, Schumann and Brahms is unmatched by any other contemporary pianist today and those that have performed in the last decades. That comes by sheer born raw talent."
Dr. Ronn Yedidia
Composer and Founder
The New York Piano Academy

"One of the musical shocks of my life was listening to Maestro Abas perform...he has a rare quality as a musician, that is the quality to sing his musical phrases in time, yet as free as can be...He is a poet using piano keys instead of words...he is the type of musician that only comes around once in a generation"
Micha Haran
Principal Cellist
The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

"...a sensitive Chopin Nocturne....Abas was definitely communicating something to somebody...a young man declared it amazing giving the adjective a heartfelt modifier not suitable for publication...the striking thing was the crowd...here was the audience the classical music presenters are continuously trying to reach; hip and mostly under 40...the presence of so much youth and enthusiasm - and the excitement in the room was palpable."
New York Times, November 2007
Review of Carnegie Hall performance

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