More Tang Dynasty objects discovered in Quang Binh
16:45' 13/07/2007 (GMT+7)

The Tang Dynasty coins
VietNamNet Bridge – Refuse collectors have recently found more ancient objects 5m from the cache of coins in Tran Xa village, Ham Ninh commune, Quang Ninh district, that a local farmer had earlier discovered.

On July 3, an earthen pot of ancient coins weighing 20 kg was found buried at 500 cm underground in a paddy field and later sold for US$12.5 per kilo.

According to local archeologists, these coins, some of which are engraved with Chinese characters, date back to the 8th century when trade between Vietnam and the Tang Dynasty in China was booming.

On July 11, 3 local refuse collectors again found other objects buried at the depth of 60 cm. These include a bronze pot 40 cm across and 30 cm high containing 3 smaller ones inside, a china pot and ancient coins.

These coins weigh more than 30 kg and are of different types. Some of them look similar to the coins found earlier. The discoverers, however, broke the china and two bronze pots while collecting the coins.

Some objects have been stolen by local residents, and the rest is being kept by the original collectors.

In a separate development, the Ministry of Culture and Information has recently instructed provincial and municipal culture departments and other related units to strengthen activities to protect antiques, relics and other ancient objects as well as prevent illegal transportation of these items out of the country.

According to Vu Xuan Thanh, Head of the Ministry of Culture and Information’s Inspectorate, in recent months, the theft of ancient objects from historical and archeological sites and museums has become increasingly serious.

(Source: VNN, TTXVN)

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