Day claims Championship League Group 1 win

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RYAN Day has taken a step closer to playing in the prestigious 2008 Premier League Snooker competition.

Welshman Day won the opening round of the Championship League Snooker, which was screened exclusively live on a number of betting websites, and he now advances to May's Winners' Group.

Whoever finishes top of that will join the sport's elite in the Premier League, one of the most prestigious events in snooker and screened live on Sky Sports every week.

"To play in the Premier League would be absolutely fantastic," said a delighted Day.

"The way the ranking tournaments are situated, there is not a lot to play for so it would be a big chunk of my earnings if I was to get into that.

"This (the Championship League) is a bit cut-throat. It's a short format, the tables are new and the hall is nice but it's a bit strange with no atmosphere. But it's the same for all of us and you just have to get on with it."

The Championship League Snooker can only be watched online and the group phase features seven of the sport's best players with everyone competing firstly in a round-robin league basis in four-frame matches.

With two points for a win and one for a draw, the leading four advanced into the semi-finals and Day defeated Ali Carter in the final four before triumphing over Joe Perry 3-2 in the final.

However, Carter, Perry and two others - Ken Doherty and Mark Williams - have another chance as they now move into Group Two of the Championship League, where they will be joined by three new players - Joe Swail, Anthony Hamilton and Nigel Bond.

But the tournament is over for Matthew Stevens and Barry Hawkins as they finished in the bottom two of the league and are therefore eliminated.

Group Two begins on Wednesday, February 27 with the last matches the following day.

All the action can be watched online. The betting sites screening the competition are and and then follow the on-screen instructions

Championship League Snooker
Group 1 - Day 1
Ali Carter, Ryan Day, Ken Doherty, Barry Hawkins, Joe Perry, Matthew Stevens, Mark Williams

Ken Doherty 3-1 Mark Williams, Ali Carter 0-4 Ryan Day, Joe Perry 2-2 Barry Hawkins, Matthew Stevens 1-3 Ken Doherty, Mark Williams 3-1 Ali Carter, Ryan Day 1-3 Joe Perry, Barry Hawkins 1-3 Matthew Stevens, Ken Doherty 1-3 Ali Carter, Mark Williams 2-2 Ryan Day, Joe Perry 2-2 Matthew Stevens, Ali Carter 4-0 Matthew Stevens, Barry Hawkins 3-1 Ryan Day.

Day One Summary
After an incredible opening day, only one point separates all seven players as everyone can still qualify or be eliminated.

Ali Carter is the overnight leader after the first of two days play and it completes a remarkable turnaround after he lost his opening encounter against Ryan Day 4-0.

Joe Perry is the only player to have not been beaten yet after he recorded a 3-1 win over Day and drew 2-2 with Barry Hawkins and Matthew Stevens.

The Welshman is currently at the foot of the table and needs a good result in his first match on Tuesday against Day if he is keep his hopes of staying in the competition alive.

Day Two results
Ken Doherty 2-2 Barry Hawkins, Mark Williams 1-3 Joe Perry, Ryan Day 2-2 Matthew Stevens, Ali Carter 3-1 Barry Hawkins, Ken Doherty 2-2 Joe Perry, Mark Williams 2-2 Matthew Stevens, Mark Williams 3-1 Barry Hawkins, Ali Carter 2-2 Joe Perry, Ken Doherty 1-3 Ryan Day     

Play-offs (best of five frames - £300 per frame)
Table 1 - Joe Perry (first) 3-0 Ken Doherty (fourth)
Table 2 - Ali Carter (second) 1-3 Ryan Day (third)

Table 1 - Ryan Day 3-2 Joe Perry 

Playing status
Winner - Ryan Day (qualifies for Final Group in May)
Four moving into Group 2 (to be played Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday, February 28) - Joe Perry, Ali Carter, Ken Doherty, Mark Williams
Eliminated - Matthew Stevens and Barry Hawkins
New players coming into Group 2 - Nigel Bond, Anthony Hamilton and Joe Swail.

League Table
Top four advance into group semi-finals. First plays fourth and second plays third. Two winners meet in the final and the winner of that advances into the Winners Group (to be staged in May).

Losing finalist, losing semi-finalists and player fifth in the table move into Group Two, which starts on Wednesday. Players finishing sixth and seventh are eliminated from the tournament.

NOTE - Doherty finishes above Williams as he won the match between the two (3-1)

 1. JOE PERRY (ENG)      6  2  4  0  14  10  +4  8 / £1,400  
 2. ALI CARTER (ENG)   6  3  1  2  13  11  +2  7 / £1,300  
 3. RYAN DAY (WAL)  6  2  2  2  13  11  +2  6 / £1,300
 4. KEN DOHERTY (IRE)  6  2  2  2  12  12  -  6 / £1,200
  5. MARK WILLIAMS (WAL)       6  2  2  2  12  12  -  6 / £1,200
 6 . MATTHEW STEVENS (WAL)     6  1  3  2  10  14  -4  5 / £1,000  
 7. BARRY HAWKINS (ENG)   6  1  2  3  10  14  -4  4 / £1,000

Semi-finals (£300 per frame, £1,000 for losers)
Ken Doherty 0-3 Joe Perry
Ali Carter 1-3 Ryan Day

Final (£300 per frame, £2,000 for runner-up, £3,000 for winner)
Joe Perry 2-3 Ryan Day

Total prize money from Group 1
1. Ryan Day £6,100, 2. Joe Perry £4,900, 3. Ali Carter £2,600, 4. Ken Doherty £2,200, 5. Mark Williams £1,200, 6. Matthew Stevens £1,000, 7. Barry Hawkins £1,000

Group 2 line-up (to be played Wednesday, February 27 and Thursday, February 28)
Nigel Bond, Ali Carter, Ken Doherty, Anthony Hamilton, Joe Perry, Joe Swail and Mark Williams 

Date updated: February 26, 2008


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