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We're going to City twice!
Posted by Caveben on 26 Feb : 18:17

Posted by Olli on 24 Feb : 11:07

Financial ruin awaits in Kirkby
Posted by Blue Lou on 19 Feb : 16:22
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As predicted, Everton could face punishment over the pointless pitch invasions in Brann last month.

As Everton cruised to a 2-1 away victory in the first leg of last month's UEFA Cup tie, several blues got a tad premature and rushed onto the pitch and a hearing on March 20th will decide on punishment.

Let's hope any fine was worth it eh?

Belgian referee Paul Allerts will take charge of this Thursday's UEFA Cup tie with Fiorentina.

In 2003 Allerts took charge of England's 2-1 victory over Serbia & Montenegro. Everton captain Phil Neville played 88 minutes.

Tickets for the NSNO End of Season party went on sale over the weekend and are selling fast, so make sure you don't miss out and get yourself a seat with the best goalkeeper in Everton's history.

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An evening with Neville Southall
Published on : Saturday 10 March 2007 - 10:08:53 | Sign up to our Alerts
The Casa Bistro on Hope Street played host to a meeting of around 100 like-minded Evertonians with one idea on their mind - to keep Everton in the city in which it was born.

Brought about by a group of fans who had grown increasingly frustrated by the way fans are being bullied into a move out of the city by a football club who claims there is simply no alternative, the meeting was a chance to pool ideas and find ways of putting forward alternatives which would show the Chairman of Everton that there was another way.

Chaired by Ann Adlington, as staunch a Blue as they come, and also the woman responsible for representing some of the Hiilsbrough victims, the meeting was fast paced and the ideas and opinions flowed sometimes a little too fast for some in attendance, but with everyone getting their say, a number of facts were put forward and possible solutions raised.

The meeting started with a list of apologies from MP's and Councillors who could not attend but wanted to pledge support to keeping the club in the city, while Karen Atford, the representative for County Ward was the only one in attendance from the off.

However, better late than never, Council Leader and season ticket holder Warren Bradley arrived to face the questions from the crowd.

He spoke passionately about his desire to keep the club in the city, both from a personal point of view as an Evertonian, and a professional point of view that allowing a business the size of Everton to leave his city would be financial suicide for the council.

He pointed out that Everton Football Club know that the City council want to work with them and that they have identified two sites within the city for the club to use, as well as finding a number of commercial partners to help fund any development.

He added that Peel Holdings simply do not want to build a stadium on either of the sites that are named by fans as possible sites, and when pressed that if Liverpool can have Stanley Park why can't we have Walton Hall Park stated he had never been asked about it before - but would go back to his Council and enquire.

He pointed out that Everton were offered the land off Edge Lane but rejected it out of hand, as did Liverpool, although their concern was the distance from their current stadium.

The overwhelming spirit was that any new group should aim to work with Everton's board to keep the club within the city, and offer as many viable options as possible as alternatives to moving away from our roots, and with Warren Bradley firmly on board that goal should be one that can be achieved.

However, the group needs every Evertonian who wants the club to stay within the city to join them in their efforts to let the board of Everton Football Club know that there are alternatives out there, and that we, the fans, deserve those to be looked at in depth before we are forced out of our city.

Our City, Our Club, Our Future.

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