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WWE 2007 Diva Search winner Eve Torres speaks to Phillyburbs


Eve Torres did what thousands upon thousands of the world’s most beautiful women could not. Eve Torres won the 2007 WWE Diva Search competition. This is not Eve’s first foray into the entertainment world. Eve is an actress, model, and a former dancer for the Los Angeles Clippers. Eve Torres has gone from another pretty girl in the crowd to the new “It Girl" of the WWE.

It won’t be easy for Eve Torres. Eve will have to work even harder than past Divas to accomplish her goals and be a success in the WWE. Right or wrong, Diva Search winners have to earn their stripes with their peers before they are accepted in the world of the WWE. Eve Torres may have to spend months wrestling in high school gyms for Ohio Valley Wrestling, training for hours a day before she comes near a WWE ring. Jackie Gayda’s infamous first match on Raw made sure that girls will never appear on live television before they are thoroughly prepared for the spotlight. She could either be the next Christy Hemme or the next Jaime Koeppe?

With all of the work come big rewards for Eve Torres. For starters she will now be seen by over 40 million viewers a week on WWE television. Eve Torres will now go from the hardwood to the canvas and could challenge for the WWE Women’s title at the grand daddy of all wrestling events, Wrestlemania. Eve Torres could wind up in movies, television shows, Playboy, or even reality contests like past Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro who recently competed on Survivor China. Financially if Eve plays her cards rights she could have a great life as a world-wide WWE superstar.

Eve won the contest now what? I was lucky enough to catch up with the beautiful new Diva just before she begins her life 24/7 as a WWE Diva. Eve has a great attitude, was very professional, and in my opinion will make a great Diva that the fans can appreciate. Eve Torres welcome to the crazy world of professional wrestling. I can guarantee you that her life will never be the same.

Eric Gargiulo: How has your winning the Diva competition changed your life thus far?

Eve Torres: Oh wow my life is like night and day from what it was before. I mean, obviously now this is my new career so as far as doing a lot of publicity right now, that is kind of like the focus, and traveling a lot. I have traveled to about ten different states in the last week. Definitely changed for the best though you know?

Eric: When do you start your wrestling training?

Eve: As of right now we are still developing what my role is going to be. As far as when I exactly start training I will probably start training on the road a little bit. Hopefully soon because I am definitely up for the challenge, we’ll see what kind of role that I am going to fulfill in the WWE now that I am in.

Eric: Going into the competition from the first day how confident were you that you would win?

Eve: You know day one well day one was a very long time ago. Day one was the very first day of casting where they just put me on film that was back in like May or something. Then they narrowed it down from thousands and thousands to fifteen girls. At that time I was confident but I really didn’t know where I stood. There were all of these beautiful women, all of these talented people that all wanted the same thing. Once I made top eight I think my confidence level went way up just because I knew I had something that they were looking for so that’s always a good sign. You can just kind of be yourself once you learn what it is that they want. I was confident from that point on.

Eric: Had you ever applied to any of the past WWE Diva Search competitions?

Eve: No this was actually the first Diva Search competition that I was an applicant.

Eric: Were you a wrestling fan before you got into the contest?

Eve: You know I always appreciated wrestling because I think it is so, absolutely entertaining. I always appreciated it a lot but as far as like a fan I never really watched too much of it but when it was on I would totally watch it.

Eric: How did you get into the contest? Did you enter yourself; did your agent enter you, etc?

Eve: Well I did know about the Diva Search going into it and I think I actually just found it online you know, like how to submit yourself. I just went ahead and it was just something that I kind of did on my own, and just thought it would be a wonderful opportunity, and an amazing, amazing company to work for, an amazing position so I just went after it.

Eric: Is this going to be a stop along your career or something you could see yourself doing for a long time?

Eve: I would love to do WWE for a long time and live out a career I think that would be great. It’s a wonderful organization with amazing, amazing people. But it’s hard to know where the road will take you. Past Divas and past superstars have made transitions into other stages of their life and I think it is always a positive thing when you are able to do that, and you are able to represent the brand well.

Eric: Past Divas have appeared in Playboy, is that something you would be open to doing at some point?

Eve: As of right now I don’t think it is something that I am focused on, but it’s hard to say never to something. Right now it is not really like my main focus, I don’t really see myself going that route yet.

Eric: Do you look at yourself as a role model to the young girls who watch WWE wrestling every week?

Eve: You know I would love to look at myself as a role model because I feel like when you are able to have that many people, there is 47 million viewers a week, you are able to have eyeballs on you so I feel that it is the perfect opportunity for me to be a role model for younger women because so many women look up to the Divas. They are all amazing, they’re all sexy, they’re all beautiful, strong women, and I think it is a great way to represent women in entertainment. I would love to serve as a role model for others and kind of encourage women to receive education, to do well for themselves, be strong, and powerful.

Eric: You are obviously in tremendous shape do you have any fitness secrets or tips?

Eve: Oh, well the way I stay in shape honestly a big part of it is dancing. It is what I love to do, and it’s the best workout, you’re dancing and the next thing you know you have been working out for hours and hours. Rehearsals or whatever it may be, it is really the best way. I also do hit the gym very regularly. I love running, I do aerobics, kickboxing, I do all of that stuff. I try to change it up because whenever you are doing the same thing for to long it just sucks.

Eric: Are you real strict with your diet?

Eve: I try to at least be healthy because food is energy for you and you need to eat well just to have energy, especially when you are going to be on the road, and being so active. I try to eat well but I definitely love food. I am not someone who can say no when it’s in front of me.

Eric: Did your past experiences dancing for the L.A. Clippers help prepare you for being in front of the live Monday Night Raw audience?

Eve: Even being in front of thousands of people at an arena and dancing, it was absolutely nothing compared to being on Raw. The fans are so passionate, WWE fans are so passionate, so excited, there is so much energy in that arena when you go out, and it just blew out anything that I have ever done in my life. I have performed in front of thousands of people but to go out there, put yourself out there and tell everyone why you should be the Diva didn’t even compare.

Eric: Lastly have you come up with a catchy nickname or a name for your finishing move?

Eve: You know I haven’t come up with a nickname yet, of course everyone is like “Eva the Diva” even though my name’s not Eva it would rhyme. We’re working on it, I’ve got some moves in my head we’ll see how it works out.

Check out Eve Torres' official website at http://evetorres.net/

Check out Eve Torres' MySpace at http://myspace.com/officialevemyspace

Read about Eve Torres at http://www.wwe.com/divasearch/contestants/evetorres/.

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November 7, 2007 1:31 PM

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    I support the Diva competition to a point. I don't like how they put these novices in the ring,and months.. to a year in OVW still doesn't make you a wrestler. People have bled, sweat and cried to get to that ring and her wrestling is like me becoming a doctor because I look good.. she's not even a real fan. She is beautiful though and I believe she would make a great manager, if WWE didn't do away with all the managers. But if there were to be one, she would be her!

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