Q&A; with Pete, April 2003 caught up with Peter Doherty in Japan. After chasing him through several amusement arcades & assorted Hello Kitty shops he finally agreed to answer the following questions. So read on about advertisements for ice machines in the middle east, neckerchiefs (???) and Hugo the Hippo.

What was the first record you ever bought?
Jive bunny and the Master Mixers 'Thats what I like'.

Which song made you decide to start a band? Why?
'albion' by me, because people I wanted to be loved by loved it.

Whatís your favourite book?
Complete works of Oscar Wilde, 1984 (George Orwell), Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, Our Lady of the Flowers (Jean Genet), Flowers of evil Baudelaire

Whatís your favourite film?
Billy Liar, Poor Cow, O Lucky Man, Hugo the Hippo, Steptoe and Son the movie.

Whatís your favourite band/song?
David Bowie 'Life on mars', Sandie Shaw 'I've heard about him', Skatalites 'marcus garvey'.

Whatís your favourite Libertines song? Why?
'Black boy lane' - It scares the fuck out of me.

Have you met any of your favourite singers/bands? Was it disappointing?
Yes i met them, no it was grand.

Will we see more of Lefthand?

How did you meet them?
In a pub.

With which hand do you open things with?

Why do you think music is important?

Do you think that violence should meet violence?
Without tactic yes...

Whatís your star sign?

We adore you, when can we marry you?
Yesterday, sweetheart

Whatís your favourite music mag / fanzine? Did you ever start a fanzine yourself?
Favourite music magazine are old nme's from the late seventies they were erudite, funny and learned.

Is there any style of music that you canít stand at all? Why?

Are your second toes longer than your big toes? Why?
No, but Carlos' are and he's very paranoid about his feet.

What was the first guitar you bought?
Stole a lovely old Gibson.

Can you play any other instruments apart from the guitar? Which ones?

Can you read music?

Whatís the best / worst moment in your life so far closely associated with a particular song? Which song(s) would that be?
Plan A. Best and worst moment getting signed.

Would you write a song for a tv ad or would u agree if one of your songs was used for a tv ad??
What a Waster (ie water waster) has already been used to advertise ice machines in the middle east.

Marmite or marmalade?

When is your birthday?
12th March

If you had to put together a compilation tape for a friend what would be on it?
The shipping forecast, birdsong, some spoken word and poetry, old ska music.

Best / worst thing about being on tour? What do you do when you get homesick?
I have no home.

Which question do you dread most in questionaire things like this one?
Can I have one of your fingers?

Did you ever make a tape/CD for yourself that had just one song on it over and over again?
Yes.. 'I've heard about him' by Sandie Shaw.

When you buy new music do you first listen to the music or read the lyrics first? Or browse through the lyrics while the music is playing? Which lyric left you completely amazed?
'For Lovers' by Wolfman

I`m running away with you
that`s all i ever do
and that`s all we ever mean
I forgive you everything
so meet me at the railroad bar
about 7 oclock
we`ll talk while the sun goes down
watch the lovers
leaving town

this is for lovers
running away
this is for lovers
running away
just for today

I`m running away with you
away from yesterdays news
lets leave it all behind
help me back
into my mind
see I paid the penalty
saw the jailer rattling the keys
but the key was mine
I keep a spare one,

Was it ever important to you to be part of a specific scene, like punk, ska, rockabilly etc? Why, or why not? Are there pictures to proove this? Can we see them?
No oh no oh no

Have you ever gone to 'Stay Beautiful'@ The Islington Bar, and what did you think?

What is the best present you ever got from a fan?

Whatís the daftest thing you ever got?
A baby.

How did you spend New Years Eve?
At the Albion Rooms smoking crack.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions. Good luck with the Japanese gigs.