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Ryan Firchau: Senior Character Artist



BA Hons Design & Animation

I come from a strong traditional art background with an emphasis on design. I am currently employed at Rare as a senior graphics engineer, and have been with the company through thick and thin over the last seven years.

My role within the company is that of a concept artist and character modeller for the Xbox 360. I have also worked on games for 360’s predecessor the Xbox, and Gameboy Advanced back in the day.

Skills & Experience


I have dabbled in all areas of game development including character design, building, texturing and rigging of characters, some environment work, magazine and promotional rendering, animation and in-game particle effects, sprite work, and probably lots of other things that I have forgotten over the years.

My tools include Adobe Photoshop, Maya and Z Brush for normal maps, and other more obscure software when the need arises such as Particle Illusion.

Published Titles


Banjo Pilot
Banjo ‘Grunty’s Revenge’
Donkey Kong Country
Conker ‘Live & Reloaded’

Unpublished Titles


Diddy Kong Pilot
Conker 2 ‘Getting Medieval’

I am currently working on three AAA titles but I am not at liberty to disclose for reasons of confidentiality.


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