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basic Tip #307: annoying "Hit any key to close this window..."

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created:   August 11, 2002 5:57      complexity:   basic
author:   Chia-po Wei      as of Vim:   6.0

i use gvim and bash heavily under win98.
i have

let $HOME = substitute($HOME, '\', '/', 'g')
set shell=bash\ --rcfile\ \"$HOME\"_bashrc\ -i

in my _vimrc, and something like

function br()
if [ $1 ]; then
        explorer.exe ${1//\//\\}
        explorer.exe ${PWD//\//\\}

in my _bashrc. when i finish editing one html file,
i simply type :!br %

everything works fine now. but when :!br % executes,
one console window will bump out and wait me to press some
key to contiue. i consider this quiet annoying. i want the console window
to disappear automatically if no fault has happened.
does anyone know how to achieve this?

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Additional Notes

ephemera@pchome.com.tw, August 11, 2002 8:57
i find
set shell=bash\ -i
can replace
set shell=bash\ --rcfile\ \"$HOME\"_bashrc\ -i
as long as $HOME is properly set
Chia-po Wei
none, August 12, 2002 5:54
I think a tip is supposed to ANSWER a question, not pose one.
Anonymous, August 12, 2002 9:39
Obviously, none don't know.
SpiceMan, August 14, 2002 10:32
instead of using
:!br %

:silent !br %

that'll do it, just asign it to a key ;)
ephemera, August 18, 2002 6:03
thanks to SpiceMan :p

i feel sorry to pose my problem here.
but i think the description of my problem may be helpful to someone
using both bash and vim.
jdsumsion, September 9, 2002 9:07
Try recompiling the source for vimrun -- it is the program that runs and displays the "Hit any key to close this window..." message.
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