Rochdale Borough Commander Warren PickstoneRochdale Borough Commander Warren Pickstone

There are three fire stations in Rochdale:

  • Rochdale Fire Station – Station No: E30
  • Littleborough Fire station – Station No: E31
  • Heywood Fire Station – Station No: E32

Contact us

To contact the team at Rochdale please call 01706 900 126/27.

Rochdale community room

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service has developed community rooms on some of our stations throughout the 10 Metropolitan boroughs we serve. These rooms are available for community use free of charge for relevant community activities with a key focus on areas such as health, education, crime & disorder, housing and employment. All we ask is that your reason for using our room is relevant and appropriate, i.e. it contributes to securing safer communities by addressing one or more of the areas listed above. In Rochdale borough, we have a community room at Rochdale fire station. To find out more information or to book it please call 01706 900 102.

About Rochdale

  • The Rochdale Borough has a population of 206,500, expected to grow to 217,000 by 2021.
  • The Rochdale Borough includes the towns of Rochdale, Heywood and Littleborough, which are populated with a diverse and multi-cultural community.
  • The Rochdale Borough covers an area of 62 square miles, and is the second largest of the 10 metropolitan boroughs that make up Greater Manchester, although it has the lowest population density, with an approximate population of 206,500 accommodated in 83,452 households and 75% of the Borough is classed as ‘Green Belt’.
  • There are 6,582 non-domestic rateable properties as well as 108 schools.
  • The majority of the boroughs population (86%) class themselves as White with the next largest ethnic community coming from a Pakistani background with nearly 16,000 (7.7%). White Irish make up the second largest group at (1.3%), followed by Bangladeshis at (1.3%).
  • The Borough has the youngest population in Greater Manchester in the 0 – 15 year olds age group which is 23% compared with 20% across the county.
  • The Rochdale Borough is ranked 25th out of 354 local authority districts in England in terms of deprivation, with one being the most deprived and 354, the least.
  • Currently in the borough there are 22 areas identified for neighbourhood renewal, which is currently being reviewed. There are 13 areas in the Rochdale Borough which fall into the 3% most deprived areas in England. Deprivation is highest in parts of West Heywood, West Middleton, Kirkholt, Smallbridge, Firgrove and the centre of Rochdale.

 Map_Rochdale jpgPlaces of risk identified in Rochdale

  • The Rochdale Borough has a number of major premises including hospitals, a prison, a football league ground, one of the largest distribution centres in the North West and a chemical processing plant.
  • We have one of the busiest motorway networks in the UK. The M62 runs throughout it as well as the M66, M60 and M627, the borough also has a canal system and major rail network.  
  • A major business park is due for completion in late 2007 which is likely to provide around 8,000 jobs over the next 15 years, and the borough is due to receive an extension of the Metrolink Light Rail System by 2010. 
  • The Rochdale Borough has large expanses of moorland which are frequently the focus of spate conditions in the summer months. 
  • One building worthy of note in the Borough is Rochdale Town Hall which is recognised as one of the finest examples of its kind in England and has a considerable historic and financial value. Another attraction in the borough is the visitor centre at Hollingworth Lake.