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WTC Memorial Foundation to become National September 11 Memorial & Museum At The World Trade Center
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Path Service Restoration

PATH Service Restoration

PATH ServiceAfter September 11th, the PATH Terminal was destroyed, the tunnels connecting the terminal to New Jersey were flooded, and Exchange Place service had to be terminated because the station could not operate as a terminal. All tunnel components (fiber optic cables, conduits, pipes, lighting, as well as ductbanks, track, contact rail and ballast) needed to be replaced. New switches and tunnel connections also needed to be established.

In order to restore PATH service to Lower Manhattan, the Exchange Place Station in New Jersey was upgraded, the tunnels connecting Exchange Place with New York restored, and a temporary station constructed at the World Trade Center (WTC) site. This work included rock tunneling and the installation of crossover tracks and extended platforms at Exchange Place, replacement of all components throughout two 1 mile-long tunnels under the Hudson River, and the reconstruction of a WTC terminal in substantially the same configuration as existed pre September 11th.

In December 2001, the Port Authority's Board of Commissioner authorized a multi-million dollar program for this immediate restoration work.

Program Detail

Schedule: 24 months (fast track)
Start Design: November 2001
Mobilize Construction: February 2002
Start Construction at WTC: July 2002
System Start-up: June 2003 (Exchange Place); November 2003 (WTC)
Estimated Total Project Cost: $575 Million
  • New crossover tracks have enabled Exchange Place to function as a terminal
  • Early service was restored to Exchange Place, facilitating connections with ferry service to lower Manhattan

  • Updated signalization and communications systems
  • Direct fixation of track to concrete trackbed improving ride quality

  • A new station allowing PATH service to be restored to lower Manhattan
  • ADA accessible
  • Current Status: Service restored