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    Tuesday isn't THAT super

    Team Loesch went to the polls this morning and cast two votes for Mitt Romney. I think he's the best candidate of change and more qualified than McCain. Rush just has personal beef with McCain and Coulter, well, she's Coulter. I don't discuss politics on this website because, as I've written elsewhere: "I'm a bit nervous because I know a lot of my regular readers don't like to read me talking about politics much in the same way you don't like to think about your parents having sex." Plus an all-out flame-war erupts anytime I even stick a toe in political waters and I end up having to close comments and ban the trolls who write in caps and misspell expletives. But! It's a part of life, voting is a part of my life. I'm not stumping to change minds, but rather letting you know how we rolled this morning.

    You can always learn something from somebody. If political discourse isn't your thing, you may or may not like what I'm about to say and I don't really care because MY BLOG.

    Even though I don't like John McCain for several reasons, one of which includes McCain-Feingold, another is his hostility to small business and the free market - he's still a better choice to me than the two successfully underwhelming socialists the other side is offering with their tax-heavy universal healthcare which circumvents our liberties and makes us all wards of the state. I'm a big believer in personal responsibility and I'll be damned if I let the government order me around, jack-up my taxes for entitlement programs, and otherwise micro-manage my life. HUCK THAT.
    If we're going to grab on to "agents of change" they should be qualified and experienced. That shouldn't be the sole premise motivating someone's vote and if it is then why the hell hasn't Alan Keyes gotten any love? He's more qualified than any candidate standing. The man is brilliant.

    So, there it is. I hit the polls today, please do the same. And afterwards let's all continue to be friends!

    Some of you have asked about comments lately; it's been a tough couple of weeks and honestly my back is sore from having to grab my ankles so much. I've retreated into the real world a bit just to deal with some things and shuffle my cards. I'm trusting you to be cool and polite, internet, when discussing politics so comments are open. Please.

    (Also, I'm looking for reputable dry cleaners in the St. Louis city area. Holler if you know any!)

    P.S. Today's theme song:

    (One of Lisa's posts reminded me I had this album. Playing it all morning - special significance today for this track.)


    So, what kind of weird look did you get when you asked for the Republican ballot? In my City precinct, there were grimaces all around.

    (I responded to your dry cleaners question on stlbloggers ....)

    Props for putting it all out there. Romney is a cool guy, good call.

    The one thing I don't like about this election, is so many people are voting for people based on gender or skin color. Not cool, and they may end up dissapointed.

    There's a Miller's Cleaners in Soulard. Maybe on Sidney St.???

    Well, I voted McCain, but will still be a faithful reader of your blog!

    The main thing I like about your blog is your honesty, regardless of how you vote! We all have a difference of opinions and that is what makes the world go round....

    YES Alan Keyes! I remember arguing for him freshman year in high school, when he entered that election's primaries. Brilliant, yes, and a face I'd love the GOP to take.

    We use American Cleaners on Hampton, but we're usually just cleaning sweaters, pants and shirts. Nothing fancy. And they have coupons!

    Just came across your blog. Love it! I love controversy as long as you agree with me. Anyway, can't vote today because I live in one of those unimportant states. Do love Huckabee, but I guess after today he'll be out. Maybe he could be VP to McCain? That could maybe even them out. Not sure about Romney yet. What are your views on Huckabee? Everyone's saying he should just bow out. I hate that because he was my favorite. Definitely don't want Hillary or Obama, but who's the better candidate out of Romney and McCain and why? I have a feeling McCain will get the nomination because of his age (how old is he anyway?) and experience. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    I agree--it is nice to not have to pre-declare republican or democrat, but announcing either way at the polling place seems a bit invasive--especially when you look at the stack of ballots and realize you are a big underdog in your precinct. Wow that was a long sentence. :)

    So far, so good. But I'll still be in the basement until comments are inevitably closed (about the time the polling places are.)

    I'll vote in the big election. I didn't move to my new place in time to register for this one. Still ... when I think of a "mitt" I wanna go outside and play catch. That basically means the thought of "Mitt" brings images of hard objects being hurled at my head. I just gotta get past that.

    Respect for individual political opinions, but doesn't it bother you as a mother that on none of the republican website/policy platforms do they discuss family. Issues of maternity leave, child health care, tax exemptions for childs educations, etc? Very well addressed on the democratic side. the only mention of family on any republican websites is their stance on abortion. Just wondering. not a big deal. I always find it interesting what people hold dear when they go to the polls. yea! for voting

    I can't believe you're covering the election and dry cleaning in the same post, as those two seemingly different topics also collided for me this morning. Before heading to work, I voted and dropped off some dry cleaning. Who walked in the cleaners (People's Cleaners at Chippewa and Jamieson) right after me but Mayor Slay himself - carrying his own shirts, I might add. I wished him a happy election day, and he smiled with a friendly reminder to vote. So if that cleaners is good enough for the mayor to bring in his own darn shirts, it must be a good one! I have gone there before myself and been mostly happy with their work - just one issue with a stain, but it was mostly my fault for not bringing it in sooner. I've also heard some bad things about American Cleaners, and apparently their BBB rating isn't too hot.
    God bless America's peaceful transfer of power and the right to clean clothes.

    I am voting for Obama today. I think he is the best candidate for change and he will represent the US well to foreign nations. I am a middle class to upper middle class American feeling the pinch of the economy (and I live quite modestly). I know a few people out of jobs. I am voting for my children and their future -a good economy, a safe environment, good schools (fix no child left behind!!) and healthcare. I am personally against abortion. I cant find a candidate that I agree with 100% but found someone that I feel represents most of my ideals. I respect differences of opinion. Glad to see people are getting out to vote.

    Em - those issues are also addressed within the GOP.

    we use pleats dry cleaners in des peres. i live in u city, but take my boy kiddo to preschool out that-a way. the clothes smell nice and the ladies know how to iron well. it costs a bit more b/c it's a eco-friendly cleaner. and the folks are super-nice. they bring my clothes to the car and remember my name. i think they were planning to open satellite drop-off locations are the city. check 'em out if you wish.


    Wow...totally pegged you differently, Dana. I enjoy your blog and feel a rather kindred spirit with you as a mother but we don't reside anywhere near the same side of the political spectrum, much to my surprise. I guess I really don't understand where family issues fit in with your vote. Personal responsibility is indeed a must but if folks don't know how can they attempt to be better? As a society we are judged rather bluntly on how we treat our young and aged, in essence family issues and I am not convinced the republicans have raised the bar or even touched it. We differ GREATLY politically but in the end I believe we both want peace in the world and better choices for our children. Thanks for sharing and taking a dip in the political pool.

    wow, Dana, thanx for the nod!

    Getty Lee et al are among my musical faves .... of course, now you've got me wanting some, and my office mate doesn't like them. so I have to wait until tonight ...

    I go to Miller Cleaners on Sidney between 11th and 12th.

    I'll be heading to the Humboldt School to vote for McCain.

    Oh my gosh, that is an old video. They are just kids in that thing. They've been my favorite rock band for a long long long long time. Will be in St. Louis June 28th, too.

    BTW, I voted, too! No dry cleaning, though.

    Most of the main isssues are addressed by every candidate. It's just an issue of how a person likes how a candidate addresses them.

    I'll be voting tonight, and NOT for Hillary. I'm in IL so my dry cleaner suggestion won't help you. However, if it's something that doesn't need a lot of ironing, I find Dryel to be pretty effective.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one that voted for Romney today. It was very strange announcing to the crowd in the room that I wanted a Republican ballot after hearing all of the people in front of me ask for a Democrat ballot. Yes, I support our troops; yes, I support personal responsibility; yes, I support family values; yes, I support helping those that help themselves; but no, I do not support entitlement...I also was caught in a swarm of people pitching for the Democrats as I left the polling place. I felt like Britney Spears fighting off paparazzi. It was a very odd experience.

    I hope you don't see this as inflammatory - cuz I don't know how to word it any other way - Romney scares the poo outta me. Anyone who wants to change the US Constitution to include god registers on my scale as a little wacko.

    Given that there are so many different views in this country on who god is and what he wants, I can't really understand why including his god in the document which is the basis of our government is okay.

    But hey, I'm a Hillary lover, so I guess that prolly scares you....

    I still love your blog!

    I'm a big believer in personal responsibility and I'll be damned if I let the government order me around, jack-up my taxes for entitlement programs, and otherwise micro-manage my life.

    WOW -- didn't expect THAT. but hey, we all have one.

    and i voted for obama. and not because of his color, or his gender, but because i think he's way hotter than any of the other candidates (both dem and rep).

    alan keyes? really?

    Don't want to be micro-managed? Don't vote for a party that tells you who you can marry and what you can do with your body.

    Hey Rebecca, like a party that tells you if you don't buy health insurance for yours and everyone else's body they're going to garnish your wages or penalize you in some fashion? What a bunch of bullshit.
    And people can marry whomever they want. Be consistent why don't you.

    Oddly enough, my polling place is in a church, so there are always republicans demonstrating outside of it, no matter what the political climate. I wonder what it will be like inside this time?
    You have a right to your own opinions, Dana, especially on your blog. I respect and agree with some of your opinions about things, especially because they contradict at times. I like that you are not afraid to voice your opinions, even if they do not fit into every one of the ideals of one political party. I feel like my choice, though not the same as yours, is really voting for the lesser of the evils and it seems like you have made your choice in the same way, because there is no way one person can address every issue.
    Miller's is a good choice, by the way!


    Romney? Really? I'm not voting for anyone who believes his special Mormon underwear gives him protection against bullets.

    I'm tempted to ask for a Democratic primary ballot just to vote against Hillary :-)

    Ah, nothing like a good political debate. That said, I did email the post and complain that the columns aren't up in time (telling them that's the only reason I go to their site) and got a rather snippy response saying it was up now (under life and style columnists). They didn't address their tardiness. Too bad I can't ask for a competing ballot to not vote for them today, too!

    Thank you for voting. People can debate all the live-long day, but I think the key is whether they actually they show up and make their voice heard by participating in the process. Kudos to all who did - no matter what your politics.

    I have a lot of friends who get pretty fired up about the presidential elections, but don't vote in local or state elections. Odd, because those are the elected officials who really affect our day to day lives.

    I can sort of see your point about personal responsibility. What I don't understand is where it is in Obama's healthcare policy that he garnishes your wages or increases your taxes if you don't buy insurance. That is in Hillary's plan, but not Barack's. He does require insurance for children (no opposition here!)

    I have a hard time trusting Romney. He has changed his opinion on soo many things that I just don't trust him. I can't back any of the republicans this time as either they want to make drastic changes to the constitution(Romney, Huckabee) or they want to invade every country that gives us the evil eye(McCain). I live in one of the states where the candidates are already decided before we hold primaryies, so it's quite irrelevant whom I choose to vote for. I can give you the location of a good dry-cleaner, but it is in NC, so I don't think it will help.


    I literally was not sure who I was going to vote for as I walked into the polling place. In a last minute gut instinct, I voted for Obama just to vote against Hillary. But I am really hoping I will be able to vote for McCain in the general election. When I heard Romney mention several times during the last debate that he favors drilling for oil in ANWR, I knew there was no way in heck I would ever vote for him.

    Thanks for being willing to bring politics up, Dana. I am tired of the way we often have to tiptoe around with our convictions and opinions.

    I don't go to the dry cleaners..I only buy clothes that can be machine washed. I figure I don't want to keep paying for them after I buy them. I am strange, I know.

    I HATE the primarys..I am totally voting for a Republican in the Nov election but I don't like/dislike any of them strong enough to get my NO CLINTON vote in..So I went in and voted against Hilary. Yeah I know I'm weird..my hand didn't burn off when I held the Democratic ticket either. Hmm. My polling place was terrible. I wish we could have schools and work closed on election day in order to get qualified poll workers..I used to do it be don't have the time off anymore.
    GO VOTE!! either FOR someone or AGAINST :-)

    For dry cleaning, I highly recommend either Buhrach's or Diemokradt's on the South Side. They breathe new life into old clothes....

    As a union family I was surprised at my interst in Mitt Romney, then I started talking to people from NH and Mass and how much they DISLIKED him. When he ran for govenor of Mass he was 100% Pro-Choice, and with an extremely liberal platform. Now he is suddenly 100% Pro-life, with an extremely conservative platform. Many of my friends spoke of him to be a complete oppurtunist and the fact that the conservative paper in Mass picked McCain over Romney for their selection was an eye opener. Romney is as bad as Clinton - OPPURTUNIST!

    I voted for Obama, only because I don't want Clinton to get the nomination either, and I think McCain will win over Romney without my vote. If it becomes a McCain vs. Obama election - I'll probably be undecided until voting day.

    The best part about politics is that everyone CAN vote, and those who do (like you), vote responsibly, and in line with their personal ethics and choices. It always gets me when people make vague, absurd arguments to people like you -- to uninformed, dumbass voters, SURE, correct them, but I refuse to believe that's you. You're too smart and socially aware for that.

    I like Mitt Romney, but if I had to choose Republican, I would choose McCain, because I do believe he's a little more liberal. I didn't vote for either, because I'm a Democrat (Obama! Obama!), and what I vote on differs from what you vote on, and that is the wonder . I am also from Massachusetts, and he wasn't *that* disliked as a governor at all. He was a liberal then, though, without question. Anyone who runs in Mass as a Republican has to be, to a certain extent. Plus, he ran against a woman with one of the worst financial records in state history (we were in a financial mess, and she was -- wait for it -- THE TREASURER. Oh, it was laughable.)

    But I digress. What I really wanted to tell you was that I interviewed with Tag Romney a few years ago (I was going to manage Romney's press during his gubernatorial campaign. I didn't, for a variety of reasons). Is he not SO RIDICULOUSLY HOT? I was a little flustered meeting with him.

    Say what you will about the Romney family, but geez o' geez, they are a beautiful bunch.

    Watch this video about the Romney family.


    I actually wanted to comment on the post before this one and say I agree - I'm loving Vampire Weekend, too! Thanks for posting the video or I'd never know they exist.

    PS - Mitt Romney, really? That came as a surprise.

    I'm pouting over here on the west coast. It's really not super Tuesday here, and we vote via mail - it's a big letdown.

    I was surprised about the Romney vote too, although I'm not sure who I thought you'd support. I'm stymied, not thrilled either way.

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