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I-Team: Small Smiles Update
ABC 7 News - I-Team: Small Smiles Update (More viewers are responding to ABC 7 I-Team's breaking story on the Small Smiles clinics across the nation.  The I-Team uncovered more heartbreaking stories.)
More viewers are responding to ABC 7 I-Team's breaking story on the Small Smiles clinics across the nation. The I-Team uncovered more heartbreaking stories.
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A 24-year veteran of Federal Law Enforcement and Internal Affairs is now facing time in a federal prison. But does the punishment fit the crime?
You know them by the brand name 'TASER', electroshock weapons that were developed to assist police in apprehending criminal suspects. So what are they doing in the hands of civilians?
A frightening I-Team report on caring for the mentally disabled in the District. Time after time, group home operators have failed to provide safe, livable conditions.
I-Team's Robert Baskin uncovered group home operators in D.C. have failed to provide safe, livable conditions.
With holiday parties, Redskin games, and December weddings, this is a hectic time of year for limousine companies. But when you order a limo for that special day...are you being taken for more than a ride?
Montgomery County handed out checks totaling more than a million dollars to consumers. It's all part of a settlement with the Warner Companies, a high profile heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company in our area.
The I-Team has launched an investigation into a hallucinogenic drug that has begun to sweep the Nation and the Federal Government is doing nothing to stop it.
There are several congressional investigations into hiring practices at the U.S. justice department, which only recently expanded to the department's civil rights division. Last month ABC 7 News I-Team reporter Roberta Baskin first raised the issue of diversity. Now she has an update.
We have an I-Team update tonight. A watchdog group is warning consumers not to believe everything they read on egg cartons, especially on some of the most expensive brands.
A new predator has been creeping up the coastline attacking fishermen, recreational boaters, swimmers...and we're not talking about sharks. Our Roberta Baskin explains.
Health advocates are criticizing the marketing claims of the nationwide egg industry - claims that promote eggs as the path toward a healthy diet. Roberta Baskin and the I-Team have been investigating those claims.
One of the top priorities of the Justice Department is to prosecute violations of our civil rights. However, the team of prosecutors the Justice Department has put together looks nothing like the America it's supposed to protect.
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