WWF Smackdown Results
Dustin E. 1/28/2000
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WWF SmackDown! Report
January 27, 2000

Hey all! Well if you're reading this then you've probably guessed by now that the Big Calbowski is no longer able to SmackDown recaps because his college cable doesn't carry UPN anymore. Well, say hi to his replacement, me, Dustin E. I've done this before but this is my first time recapping on the great LoP! Any feedback you wanna send, go right ahead. Well then, on with the show.

Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Fireworks and signs! We are coming from Baltimore, Maryland and let's get things started off with...

Al Snow vs. Bad Ass Billy Gunn
A little stipulation goes along with this match: if Snow can get the win over Gunn, then Al Snow and Steve Blackman get a shot at the Outlaws for the titles. Cool deal. Anyway, before the match Snow was trying to get Blackman to go along with one of his gimmicks, this time Snow tried to turn Blackman into the "Snow Bunny" but Blackman disagrees. Into the match where Gunn and Snow trade shots on and off for a while. Michael Cole mentions that the Road Dogg is out with the flu. Crossbody by Mr. Ass, looks like he hurt his chin or maybe his nose, pin for two. Snow gets thrown outside, but then delivers a low blow to Gunn. And now back inside the ring Snow hits a backbreaker and then heads up top but misses a leg drop. Two inverted Atomic Drops by Gunn and then a huge back body drop on Snow. Gunn taking over and now hits a Jackhammer. Here comes Steve Blackman with a kendo stick but that little plan backfires as Gunn delivers a boot to Blackman, takes the stick and uses it on Blackman himself. Mr. Ass then turns around and cracks Snow causing a DQ.

And now we're backstage where Triple H and Stephanie are discussing a match between the Rock and Rikishi for this evening's main event. The Big Show barges in with some photos from the Rumble of Rock's feet hitting the ground first. H and Steph say the pictures are a little fuzzy and Triple H says if Show wants a shot at the Rock then he'll need an eyewitness. HHH tells Show to get suited up for tonight.

Cactus Jack is out with a few words about the Royal Rumble and Triple H. Cactus says that he saw a side of Triple H he never thought exsisted and he gives his credit to Triple H. Cactus however, wants to finish what he started and calls out the Game but is met by Stephanie. Steph asks Cactus what the point of Triple H coming out is, considering he already beat him at the Royal Rumble. Jack gives a reply and says that he wonders how HHH and Stephanie are going to produce and heir, considering HHH has no testicles and Steph promptly hits him on the face. Cactus says what his instinct to do is, but wants to play a little game instead and that game is "Slap Me Again And See What Happens." Jack then begs Steph to hit him again, she gets right up in his face for a minute but by this time Jack is practically screaming at her and she scurries out of the ring. As Stephanie is leaving, Cactus says instead of looking around for Triple H, he's going to let cooler heads prevail and get his stuff and hit the road. But, before leaving he adds that if at anytime Triple H wants to finish what they've started, Cactus is ready.

Back from the commerical break we get a shot of Cactus Jack heading out the door and then we head over to Hardcore and Crash Holly discussing Crash's team with Viscera. Hardcore says that he just might take out Crash's partner tonight.

Earlier Today footage shows a quick interview with Edge and Christian sending out praise to Terri and the Hardy Boys. Edge says that their going to take care of the Dudley Boys for them.

Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boys
A pretty good match here. A Pier 4 brawl to begin, Edge is quickly tossed outside and Buh Buh Ray and D-Von lay out Christian with a double team. Christian and D-Von now. Christian hits a suplex and then a swinging neckbreaker on D-Von for a 2 count. Edge runs in, distracting the ref and giving D-Von enough time to hit a headbutt to Christian's groin. D-Von covers for 2 and then tags in Buh Buh Ray. Buh Buh goes nuts on Christian. Buh Buh Ray hits another drop down headbutt to Christian's groin. Followed up by a big back body drop, then a Samoan drop, Christian finally battles back with a low blow on Buh Buh Ray. Nice top rope Frakensteiner on Buh Buh Ray. Edge tagged in, as well as D-Von, a spear! The pin, 1, 2 and 3 and Edge and Christian are your winners. Post match, the Dudley's hit both Edge and Christian with 3D's and then Buh Buh Ray set up a table on the outside and laid Edge on it. Buh Buh up on the apron, D-Von hands him Christian and he gets powerbombed through Edge and the table. Buh Buh Ray in his little trance as they take a few more looks at the powerbomb. Edge is bleeding from the mouth. Refs and officials come out to drag Edge and Christian from the busted table.

Backstage, Triple H tries to console a shaken up Stephanie when Kane walks in demanding a match with X-Pac. H says that X-Pac isn't here, but he can have him on Monday. Stephanie then adds that Kane can get X-Pac on Raw, only if he can take out the Big Show tonight.

Viscera vs. Hardcore Holly
Pretty quick match right here. Viscera hits a rolling heel kick to Hardcore Holly. (C'mon, how can you call that a spinning heel kick?) Hardcore's effort falls short as Viscera hits him with a Samoan drop and then follows up with the pin. Crash, who came out a little earlier leaps on Viscera's back in an effort to try and stop the big man from splashing his cousin. Hardcore, meanwhile, is back up and takes on Viscera at the knees and then the Holly cousin's lay a beat down on the big man.

Back to Triple H and Stephanie and there's the Big Show once again, he's come back to grab his "evidence." Show then says that he's doing H a favor and he best not abuse the priviledge.

Kane (w/Tori) vs. The Big Show
Textbook brawl to begin, a standing side kick from TBS sends Kane to the mat, and then Show follows up by choking Kane on the ropes. Kane back up, and hits an enziguri on Show. Eventually the match falls to the outside where the Big Show whips Kane into the steps. And now back in the ring Show with a scoop and a slam on the Big Red Machine but misses the elbow coming off the ropes. X-Pac is here as he makes his way to ringside. Kane with a DDT on TBS just before X-Pac grabs Tori. Kane heads outside to chokeslam X-Pac but that gets broken up by the Big Show. And now here's Gunn and Triple H layin' the boots to Kane. Triple H and X-Pac tie Kane to the ringpost as Gunn and Show hold him down. Once Kane is tied up, 'Pac has a little Christmas story for Kane. X-Pac explains what went on over the holiday's and says that Tori seduced him in a hotel. Okay, and now I don't know what he's saying because he's been muted out and the camera's cut to a bunch of crowd shots. Oh, there it is, and now it's gone again. He must be saying some pretty nasty stuff I suppose. Finally, X-Pac tells Tori she can do whatever the hell she wants. Tori begins to leave but steps back in and then gets face to face with X-Pac and lays a kiss on him. Kane struggles to get out of the ropes. By the way, I believe it was a no contest.

Back after the commerical break we see Kane heading out in the parking lot all alone.

The Godfather and D'Lo Brown vs. Too Cool
Not much here. Scotty and Grandmaster Sexay worked D'Lo ove pretty good before he tagged in the Godfather who came in and missed a Ho Train. Too Cool starts dancing and the Godfather grabs a mic. He says if it's a party they want, then that's what they'll get and the Godfather invites the ho's (about 8 or 10 of 'em) into the ring. Too Cool, D'Lo, the Godfather and even the ref dance it up with the ho's for a minute, but the Mark Henry and Mae Young make their way out. Henry looks happy and tells everyone he has an announcement and then Mae tells us she's pregnant, good god, gross. Well, that killed the party. Mae and Mark dance us off into a commericial.

After the break the Mean Street Posse, alongside Tazz check out the events that just transpired between Mae and Mark. Tazz walks away but the Posse starts raggin' on him about his height. The Posse challenges him to a match and asks Tazz to choose any one of 'em. Tazz doesn't just want one of 'em he says he'll take on all three.

Gangrel (w/Luna) vs. Test for the Hardcore Championship
The match never touched the ring as Ganrel and Test immeadiately began fighting in the backstage area. I couldn't see for a minute becuase they were fighting in a really dark area, but it looked like an attempted pin by Gangrel. Finally they got back in some light and eventually led themselves outside where Luna broke a 2x4 over Test's back. Test didn't seem to feel it and tossed Luna in the back of a pickup truck that was filled with snow. Test and Gangrel fought back inside the building where Test slammed Gangrel in a piano a few times. Luna returned and was powerbombed on the same piano. Test then dropped the elbow on Gangrel from a few feet up into a huge pile of garbage for the win.

Mean Street Posse vs Tazz
Tazz dominates the whole match and ends up locking the Tazmission on Pete Gas for the win. After the match Kurt Angle ran in and locked Tazz into a chokehold of his own.

Crash Holly vs. Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship
Before Y2J came out, Chyna entered with some sort of pyro-bazooka thing...cool. Anyway, Jericho came out and got on the stick and said he felt sorry for Hardcore because his cousin was Elroy Jetson. Jericho then stepped in the ring and beat the crap out of Crash for a minute before whipping him into the corner. Vertical suplex by Y2J, "C'mon Baby!" cover for 2 only. To the outside where a brawl ensues. Back inside Jericho is crotched on the top rope and then Crash hits a nice Frakensteiner. Jericho battles back with a dropkick and then a bulldog for another 2 count. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Hardcore cracks him with the IC belt. Chyna runs over to Hardcore but gets a boot in the face. Crash with the cover and kickout by Jericho after 2. Crash whipped in, Walls of Jericho! Chyna meanwhile DDT's Hardcore on the floor. Crash taps out and then Chyna heads into the ring to raise Jericho's hand.

The Rock vs. Rikishi Phatu
Good lord, the Rock posed and yakked for a while before this one got started. He said that he appreciated what Rikishi did for the Rock on RAW, but tonight was a different night. Rock then moved on to talk about the Big Show and told him to take his photos, his fingerprints and all that other investigative stuff and shove it up his ass. Finally Rikishi comes out and the Rock and Rikishi have a staredown for a minute and then the brawl is on. Spinebuster by the Rock for 2. Rock then chokes Rikishi on the ropes. The Rock tries a suplex but Phatu reverses it and gives the Rock his own suplex. The Rock back up, a Samoan drop on Rikishi (!) and the People's Champ folows up with a 2 count. And now a DDT by the Rock but Rikishi pops right back up and delivers a superkick right in the Rock's face. The ref takes a bump somewhere in here and Rikishi tries the sit out piledriver, but Rock reverses and hits a Rock Bottom, sort of. Looks like he botched it or something, Rikishi landed on his feet, didn't look to good. Cole and the King tried to sell it as Rikishi weighing to much for the Rock to lift, but that myth was put to rest as the Rock came right back and hit a good Rock Bottom this time. Both men down, Rikishi up first, hits a belly to belly on the Rock and then takes him over to the corner for the big second rope splash. No count, the ref is out and in runs the Big Show who takes out Rikishi and then sets his sights on the Rock. A chokeslam for the Rock as Triple H runs in and nails a Pedigree on Rikishi. Too Cool runs in to try to save their "homie" as Cole says. Pedigree for Scotty Too Hotty and then a double chokeslam (nice) on both Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty. The show ends here.

Pretty good show I'll say. Whattya think of my first report? Let me know!

Adios, see ya next Thursday!

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