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Back in 1994, Nintendo were about to take Sega's lead and develop a CD add-on for the SNES, which would allow for FMV and larger games. To help them in this venture, they worked with CD experts Sony and Phillips. When Nintendo saw how poorly Sega's Mega CD was selling, they scrapped the idea. Sony went off and used their research to create the PlayStation, but as part of their break-up deal Phillips gained the licence to use Nintendo characters for games on their own CDi console. You can find out more about the three Zelda games here.
Link: The Faces of Evil

Faces of Evil was released day and date with Wand of Gamelon in 1993. Link has to find the long-lost pieces of the Triforce in order to save Zelda from Ganon's evil clutches.

Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

Wand of Gamelon was released the same day as Faces of Evil. It followed the adventure of Zelda as she goes on a mission to rescue the King of Hyrule and Link.

Zelda's Adventure

Zelda's Adventure was released in 1994 and was the final CDi Zelda game. Again, the game follows Zelda as she saves Link from Ganon.


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