AMD Demos Quad-Core 45nm Processors

AMD announced initial 45nm “Shanghai” and “Deneb” Quad-Core processors are running server and client operating systems, respectively, in development systems at AMD.  The milestone was noted as momentum builds toward delivery of first AMD 45nm products to customers later this year.

AMD's 45nm process generation is engineered to enable greater performance -per-watt capabilities in AMD processors and platforms.  At the heart of the process are a combination of leading edge technologies, such as immersion lithography and AMD’s 4th generation of strained-silicon.

The first AMD 45nm Quad-Core processors were manufactured in Fab 36 on 300mm wafers in Dresden, Germany.
Media can direct inquiries to: Gary Silcott, AMD Corporate Communications, or (512) 602-1480.

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Single 45nm Quad Core Die
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Multiple 45nm Quad Core Die
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45nm Quad Core Wafer
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