The F.A. Premier League


Breaking News!

Every player in the F.A. Premier League to continue with Lextra® Names, Numbers and Sleeve Badges.

Chris Kay (UK) Limited are delighted to announce that they have once again been awarded an EXCLUSIVE PLAYERS LICENSE by The Football Association Premier League Limited (“FAPL”) for LETTERS, NUMBERS AND SLEEVE BADGES.

Chris Kay (UK) Limited have been proudly serving the Professional Players requirements of The F.A. Premier League since 1993 and have been awarded the status of “Official Supplier of Letters and Numbers and Sleeve Badges for F.A. Premier League Match Kit” for the 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007 seasons.

Our totally authentic players product will continue to be manufactured in the luxurious Lextra® process which is a licensed world wide patent and the benchmark for the demanding sports industry. The anti-counterfeit proof qualities of this process protects this prestigious licence and guarantees that The F.A Premier League member clubs have a unique unsurpassed branding for their players kits.


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