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Report: US President May Visit Kosovo

03 March 2008 Pristina _ United States' President George Bush is likely to visit Kosovo in April, according to local media reports.

Croatia 'To Choose EU Or Fishing Zone'

26 February 2008 Zagreb _ Croatia's Prime Minister says his country may be forced to give up its bid for European Union membership, if no deal on its controversial protected fishing zone is found.
Kurtovic: Participating in a military operation together

06 March 2008 Two Defence witnesses have provided an alibi for Zijad Kurtovic.

Justice Report

Bosnia Serb PM Dismisses US Aid Cuts

Milorad Dodik
Milorad Dodik
05 March 2008 Banja Luka _ The decision by the United States Embassy in Bosnia to cut aid to the Republika Srpska’s ruling Alliance of Social Democrats is an act of pressure, the entity’s top official said Wednesday.

“I am sorry about such a move, but it either represents pressure or they were asking us for obedience,” said Milorad Dodik, Bosnian Serb Prime Minister and the leader of the Alliance of Social Democrats.

His remarks came after Bosnia's US Embassy said Dodik and his Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, the SNSD, were no longer entitled to aid from the programs, which include USAID.

“The SNSD does not fulfill the USAID’s criteria for helping political parties in consolidation and development of parliamentary democracies,” the Embassy said in a statement.

Dodik, the Prime Minister of Bosnia's smaller Bosnian Serb entity, Republika Srpska, RS, strongly opposes the independence of Kosovo and has signaled the Bosnian Serb entity could opt for more sovereignty within the Federation.

“They (the USAID) were not giving us money, they were paying some people to help us,” Dodik said.

He has recently criticised a statement by the Brussels-based Peace Implementation Council, PIC, that the country's entities have no right to secede.

The body is responsible for assessing Bosnia's compliance with the 1995 Dayton peace accord that ended a three-year bloody war and left Bosnia divided between Serb and Muslim-Croat entities.

Their statement came in light of violent protests by Bosnian Serbs against Kosovo's independence.
Dodik argued that since Kosovo's declaration of independence, “the Serbian entity is going through a difficult period which requires tranquility and security.”

The PIC warned that “the international community will keep necessary instruments to oppose the destructive tendencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it will not allow the undermining of the Dayton peace accord.

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Kosovo documentary Wedding and Diapers wins best regional film award and American film War / Dance wins best international film award at ZagrebDOX4 Festival.

TriGranit, Central and Eastern Europe’s largest property development company, aims to build a huge tourist resort from scratch on Albania’s northwestern coast.

Novi Pazar _ The real estate business in southwest Sandzak region has ground to a halt amid political instability following Kosovo’s declaration of independence.

Bosnian archaeologists have uncovered an impressive pyramid close to Sarajevo.

Novel by the celebrated author Peter Zilahy, that dwells upon life behind the Iron Curtain.

With a big budget, special effects and well-known names such as Luc Besson and Shigeru Umebayashi, Charleston and Vendetta presents Serbia with another opportunity for international cinematic recognition.

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