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Origin of the Species

This double-value, two-episode DVD takes a close look at the claims made in Darwin’s world-changing book. Shows that real science always confirms that God’s Word is true!

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Answers Magazine

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Australian Skeptics vs AiG–Australia

Australia’s largest metropolitan newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald, is hosting this debate on its website 

15 June 2005

AiG–Australia accepted an invitation for a written ‘mini-debate’ with the Australian Skeptics on the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) weblog of Margo Kingston (a well-known Australian journalist) which began in June. This was an exciting opportunity to get the message out to many thousands of secular folk. To see feedback to this website from this debate, visit our feedback page posted July 1.

Topic: Did the universe and life evolve, or was it specially created in 6 days?

The format includes three essays each up to 1500 words:

The debate generated unprecedented interest; normally a few dozen comments are posted on this popular secular media site in response to issues and articles, but hundreds and hundreds of people have posted reactions to this exchange. They include testimony from a former skeptic, and also from an uncommitted person searching for answers, who says that the science debate was won ‘hands down’ by the creationist team. The link to the site is webdiary.smh.com.au/index.html.

Praise God for this opportunity to assist in ‘demolish[ing] arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God’ (2 Cor. 10:5), and for answered prayers for wisdom for our team (Don Batten, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker, Carl Wieland).

See Australian Skeptics vs AiG–Australia (PDF)

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