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7 March 2008
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  • Simon Ambrose
  • Ghazal Asif
  • Tre Azam
  • Gerri Blackwood
  • Paul Callaghan
  • Ifti Chaudhri
  • Kristina  Grimes
  • Katie Hopkins
  • Adam Hosker
  • Andy Jackson
  • Jadine Johnson
  • Dr Sophie Kain
  • Lohit Kalburgi
  • Rory Laing
  • Naomi Lay
  • Natalie  Wood

Episode: 10 Selling on TV

10 Selling on TV

The final six have to pick four products to sell on a popular live television shopping channel. Briefing them on the task, Sir Alan warns them to careful with the products they pick - too high and they risk selling nothing, and too low they will have to shift thousands to win the task.

The candidates head to the Ideal World Shopping channel. Each of them have to take it in turns presenting live in the studio and producing their team's shopping slot.

Snobby Katie gets off to an explosive start, remarking that 'selling on TV is hilarious. I'd never watch this in my life. I'd never hope to know anyone who's bought anything off television either'.

Recap: week 10Watch the TV shopping highlights

Simon likes to be thought of as a risk-taker. He takes the lead as project manager and straight away ignores Sir Alan's advice and goes for a punt pick - a portable wheelchair at £199, which worries team-mates Naomi and Tre.

On air the teams fumble and mumble their way through their presentations. In the safety of his office, Sir Alan tunes in and proceeds to cringe! Watching Kristina mess around with the mop he howls 'get her off... you're dying!'

Next up, Lohit looks slightly more at ease with the foot spa than trying to convince the ladies to buy the 'no visible panty line' slimming pants - 'for people who can't be arsed to diet', according to Katie.

Eclipse goes second and Naomi shaves Tre's hairy hand, before moving on to wheelchair. Simon freezes, leaving Tre and Naomi struggling to be enthusiastic about their sensitive product.

Finally, Simon plucks up his courage and takes to the floor. As a presenter, he's wooden and dull. Clueless about the decollage products, Simon moves on to the trampoline, screwing the legs on at crotch level - with embarrassing consequences. Climaxing with a lame star jump, 'this is bad', Naomi comments as the phones go dead.

Pillow fightKatie attacks Lohit with a pillow - for fun!

Swotty SimonSimon's done his homework on Sir Alan.

'I was embarrassed' growled Sir Alan back in the boardroom. Eclipse came in with £921.71 and Stealth with £1339.10. 'It was a bad win' Sir Alan said as he packed Kristina's team off to a Turkish baths to chill out. Simon, Tre and Naomi prepared themselves for a showdown with Sir Alan.

Simon faced Sir Alan for the first time in the final three. His gamble had, in fact, paid off. Selling two wheelchairs made up the lion's share of their total winnings, but Sir Alan questioned whether Simon was a 'shrewd enough nut' for him.

Fed up with Tre's back chat, with extreme difficulty the boss allowed him to stay in the competition. But, there's no excuse for choosing bad products and Naomi became the eleventh candidate to be booted out of the boardroom. The boys were not quite off the hook though, 'you've had your last chance', Sir Alan growled before packing them back off to the house.

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