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Prince Paul Talks Post-Handsome Boy Plans

Maintaining the hip-hop production equivalent of basketball's "hot hand" isn't easy. Producers are here today, gone tomorrow. Even the illest sometimes fall or fade away. It's been at least a month since Pharrell has had a song in the top 10, Kanye's probably just a flash in the pan, and does anyone even remember the name Lil' Jon?

It takes longevity to gauge a producer's worth, and I'm talking at least a decade. One who ranks up there in terms of longevity and quality, with the likes of DJ Premier, Erick Sermon, and the RZA, is Prince Paul. Besides practically inventing the hip-hop skit (for better or worse) on De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising Paul has made a huge mark on rap and pop music in general through his work with Stetsasonic, Gravediggaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, and his own concept albums (Psychoanalysis, A Prince Among Thieves, The Politics of Business). Most recently, Paul released the second Handsome Boy album, White People, and Hip-Hop Gold Dust, a collection of unreleased and largely unheard tracks from his long and storied career. Paul recently took the time to speak with Pitchfork about his current projects, the future of Handsome Boy, and his relationship with De La Soul, among other things.

Don't expect any more collaborations with Dan the Automator in the near future, as according to Paul, Handsome Boy Modeling School has run its course due to some business problems between the two. "We were having some internal conflicts," Paul said. "I guess it is major. It was major enough for me to retire, hang up my moustache and suit. It's done, that's it. It was business things. Things that needed to be addressed weren't addressed."

And the split hasn't exactly been amicable, as Paul claims to have not even discussed the matter with Automator. "When I announced my retirement, that was it. He didn't call me, his manager didn't call me, the Handsome Boy manager didn't call. Either they hate my guts, or it just didn't work out." Looks like it'll be a cold day in hell before Father Guido Sarducci appears on another hip-hop record.

Fortunately, Paul is working on other ventures, although a reunion with former cohorts De La Soul may not be in the stars. "I've been chasing those guys down for the last four or five years, saying, 'Let's make another album. One album together, just us, no other outside producers,'" said Paul. "And I've been getting 'yeahed' - 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.' I don't know if it's to shut me up, but I'm giving it two more years and then I'm gonna stop asking. You feel like an idiot after a while."

Nevertheless, the drive seems to be there, even if the reciprocation is not. "I wanna do another album and I think it's important for us to do another because that was us at our peak, in our prime, when we worked together."

But just because De La and Automator aren't showing him any love, don't count Paul down and out for the count. He's currently working on a project with former Parliament organ player Bernie Worrell, producing and arranging with the legendary musician. "He's an accomplished musician and I'm some B-boy cat," said Paul. But that formula doesn't necessarily equal your typical hip-hop plus jazz formula. "I don't want people to think it's like some hip-hop beats over him playing. We're trying to invent something." It's undecided as of yet whether or not there will be guest MCs on the album, but the most important element for Paul seems to be showcasing Worrell's immense talents.

Paul also tells us that he's currently working on scoring a pilot for a cartoon, the name of which he can't reveal due to a confidentiality agreement. While he talks of retirement sometime in the near future, he also still has his dream collaborations in mind: "Prince and Prince Paul. That's what I'd really like to do. I had a chance to meet him briefly, years and years ago. He probably wouldn't remember," Paul humbly admitted.

In what is perhaps a more likely prospect, Paul would also love to do some work with the extra prolific MF Doom. "Oh, man, I love Doom. I would have to take him in a direction that nobody had done before."

As for retirement, Paul had this to say: "I don't think the Prince Paul records are needed. If they made an impact, if someone said, 'You changed my life,' besides the crazy kid who... I take that back because that means a lot too. If I think it made an impact on a bigger scale on the music or the culture or people at large, I would do more records, but I don't wanna waste my time. People always look at me like I'm stupid half the time. I don't understand it. Then I wind up scratching my head, thinking I'm crazy."


Ted Leo Writes Showtunes, Plans Tour

First modern dance, and now musicals: indie rockers are gettin' their high art on big time these days, with veteran post-punk muckraker Ted Leo the latest to join the after-school drama club.

Yesterday evening, Leo told Pitchfork that he's working on the soundtrack for a musical, tentatively titled Red Bananas, that is set to premiere in Seattle in the late spring. "The whole thing is still being written, but it's going to be a multi-media kind of agitprop play about US involvement in Guatemala since the 1950's," Leo said. "There's an actual human drama to it involving two particular people, so it's not just a barrage of propaganda or anything."

Red Bananas's author, off-Broadway veteran Brad Rouse, approached Leo "out of the blue" for the project. "It's something that I've never done before and I'm actually pretty self-conscious about," Leo said. "I'm not even 100 percent confident that what I'm doing is going to be good." Hey, it's gotta be better than The Capeman, right?

But don't worry, Leo hasn't abandoned good ol' rock n roll. In fact, he plans to begin recording his next record with backing band Pharmacists as soon as they finish their upcoming tour. "I'm deep in writing mode right now," Leo said, describing the new songs' sound as "not a radical departure" from his previous records. "It is kind of running a broader swath of my own influences, I guess. If you're familiar with my stuff, it'll probably be more like one of my older albums and less like the most recent one. It'll be a little broader stylistically."

He's having a bit of trouble with the lyrics, though. "I feel like I'm talked out, you know? I kind of spent the last couple of years spending every single night saying everything I had to say with all the passion I could possibly say it, and it leaves me a little at a loss for things to say right now. So that's going to be the hurdle to get over."

Only two songs have titles at the moment, "La Costa Brava" and "The Sons of Cain". As for what label Leo will call home now that Lookout! Records is going through some tough times, well, he hasn't quite decided yet. "It'll be really, really soon," he said of the decision. "Like within the next couple of weeks."

Hopefully the announcement will come before Leo/Pharmacists head out on tour in March. Handling opening duties on the 20-day trek is the Spanish-by-way-of-Philly stylings of Les Aus. Their new EP, El Picasoques, will most likely be waiting at the merch table, fresh with the Ted Leo seal of approval, a trusted brand if there ever was one.

Dancing in the dark:

03-02 Brooklyn, NY - The Hook *
03-03 Providence, RI - The Living Room *
03-04 Boston, MA - Paradise *
03-05 New Haven, CT - Toad's Place *
03-06 Rochester, NY - Bug Jar *
03-07 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop *
03-08 Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig *
03-10 Chicago, IL - The Abbey Pub *
03-11 Newport, KY - Southgate House *
03-12 Nashville, TN - Exit / In *
03-13 Little Rock, AR - Vinos *
03-14 Dallas, TX - Gypsy Tea Room *
03-15 San Antonio, TX - Sanctuary *
03-19 Houston, TX - Walter's on Washington *
03-20 Baton Rouge, LA - Chelsea's Caf� *
03-22 Athens, GA - 40 Watt Club *
03-23 Charlotte, NC - Casbah at Tremont Music Hall *
03-24 Washington, DC - Black Cat *
03-26 New York, NY - Knitting Factory *

* with Les Aus

You'll notice an uncharacteristic four-day break between the San Antonio and Houston dates, the same four days as a certain music industry orgy in Austin, TX. Hmm...Is this break business or pleasure, Ted?


Bloc Party Prep New Single, Begin Recording Second LP

Not content to kick back and let all the year-end-list kowtowing go to their heads, the strapping lads in Bloc Party have begun recording the follow-up to their breakthrough debut Silent Alarm. In the meantime, they'll tide U.S. fans over with a wintertime single. They're doing it for you, truly.

Dim Mak will drop "Helicopter" on February 21, following up the previous DM-stamped "Tulips" single and Bloc Party EP. This shiny piece of plastic features the title track and three remixes, including the Whitey Remix showcased on Silent Alarm Remixed, a shake-up by Dim Mak honcho Steve Aoki and Blake Miller from Moving Units under the name Weird Science, and a remix by Pitchfork party-monger Diplo. In summation:

01 Helicopter
02 Helicopter (Whitey Remix)
03 Helicopter (Weird Science Remix)
04 Helicopter (Diplo Remix)

The NME reports that Bloc Party will enter the studio later this month to record their sophomore statement, which will see release later this year. BP's Kele Okereke shared the following with that cheeky UK weekly: "With Silent Alarm I wanted to talk about how it felt being a 20-year-old in the western world. I think a lot of kids, me especially, just kind of felt in their 20s that they had all this passion, and it was very hard to find a focus. And that's what I want Silent Alarm to represent."

Okereke continued, "I don't want things to be as brash as they were. Slightly more considered: that's where the next record's going. But that's not to say we're going to turn all MOR!" Honestly Kele, for the kids' sake: keep it on the curb.

Potential song titles on the Silent Alarm follow-up include "Into the Blue", "Kids", and "The Present". For some Bloc Party internet lovin', scoot on over to Vice Records' brand new mp3 blog and treat your smelly ears to a free mp3 of the MSTRKRFT Remix (pronounced "Master Kraft", aka Jesse Keeler from Death From Above 1979) of Bloc Party's "Two More Years". Your iPod will love you for it.

Or, if you're a Rhapsody subscriber, you can stream the bejesus out of the exclusive live EP Hearing Voices Live, which contains the following songs:

01 Like Eating Glass
02 Positive Tension
03 The Price of Gasoline
04 This Modern Love
05 So Here We Are
06 Helicopter
07 Blue Light
08 Little Thoughts

* Bloc Party: <a


Exclusive: Futureheads' Barry Hyde Talks New Album

As previously reported, the Futureheads have just finished recording their sophomore LP, title to be announced. That record will land in late April if all goes according to plan; in an effort to delve into its innermost secrets, Pitchfork recently phoned up �heads singer/guitarist Barry Hyde for a pleasant chatting-to.

"A few people might be surprised by what they might hear," proclaimed Hyde about the follow-up to the Futureheads' widely-acclaimed 2004 self-titled debut. "I think it's many leaps beyond what we've been's quite a brave statement of an album."

Hyde also expounded on the quartet's unique, architecturally-conscious recording approach, in which the varied environs of a Scarborough-area farm doubled as a studio: "every room has its own sound and its own personality in any building." The farm has "some very bright-sounding rooms, some dull-sounding rooms for contrast. We used the greenhouse for some guitar parts...we put microphones around the courtyard, we recorded the drums in a cowshed and backing vocals in the stables, we recorded percussion parts in the cellar. [We] used as many spaces as we could."

Working with producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Depeche Mode, Doves) proved especially fruitful, claimed Hyde. Hillier "was very good at putting microphones within rooms...we got on well and worked quickly. He was not too intrusive with ideas in terms of arrangement; he left most of that up to us."

Hyde mused further: "[Hillier's] belief behind recording music is, in my opinion, the only way to approach it: the sounds should sound good immediately, as soon as they're recorded, and not have to be tampered with later on. Get the sounds right in the first place." Post-production studio witchery be damned, man.

Recording's all wrapped up and Hyde is hopeful mixing will see completion in three weeks time. He also happily disclosed several more of the new album's track titles. In addition to the previously reported "Worry", "Thursday", "Yes/No", "Cope", "Fallout", and "The Return of the Beserker", LP2 will feature "Faith", "Knife In The Water", "Back To The Sea", "Skip To The End", and "Munich" (a working title, and most assuredly not an Editors cover).

Fans can expect eleven or twelve original tunes on record number two, culled from a total of 14 recorded tracks--and no off-beat cover to follow-up "Hounds of Love". "We don't play any more covers apart from that one, so we're not going to really bother...although we'll probably do covers again someday," Mr. Hyde revealed.

Ardent perfectionists, the Futureheads are prepping their wares for some springtime touring in the UK, and yes, eventually America. "We like to be able to play [a] song really well the first time, rather than the sixth time [we] play it live...if we try a new song and we don't get it perfectly right the first time, we never play it again." Hyde surmised that at least three songs from The Futureheads have taken years to reach he and the boys' expectations and that as far as live fare goes, the band are, predictably, always looking toward the future. "A couple of the songs are older than this band to me; it's certainly time to say goodbye."

As for that brave statement? "Tempo is the most concrete difference, I suppose," between albums one and two. "There's fewer things on it, a lot more space ... you can dance to it a bit more, but it's not just poppy. It's got really nice, kinda slow-moving grooves, to use a horrible term," Hyde decided, swift to add: "I think when people talk about grooves it makes it sound like they're writing for a guitar magazine."


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Reveal Real Album Title, Release Date

That Squeak E. Clean, what a prankster! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs producer, whose real name is Sam Spiegel, recently bamboozled the folks at when he announced that the new YYYs record would be a concept record about Karen O's cat, entitled Coco Beware. Turns out the whole thing was an elaborate joke. And really, do we expect anything less from the brother of Spike Jonze (real name Adam Spiegel)?

Now, for news of more verity: according to an official press release, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Fever To Tell will in fact be titled Show Your Bones. It will arrive March 28 (March 27 in the UK) via Dress Up/Interscope, preceded by the single "Gold Lion" the week before.

Ever-quotable Karen O had this to say about the new LP: "Show Your Bones is what happens when you put your finger in a light socket...maybe there is some of that electric current flowing through the tracks of our album illuminating us from the inside out for you to laugh at and cry to or fry to. Or not."

Still lost? Maybe YYYs drummer Brian Chase can clear things up: "In the early stages the music was STRETCHED WIDE and then tightened up." Or maybe not. As mentioned, Squeak E. Clean produced the disc, which was mixed with Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, et al).

A February U.S. club tour is in the works, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs official website, in addition to inducing seizures, alludes to full-scale American and European tours in April and May. For now you may drool over their date at All Tomorrow's Parties "United Sounds of ATP" festival, where they've assembled quite the coterie of openers:

05-13 East Sussex, England - Camber Sands Holiday Centre (All Tomorrow's Parties) *

* with Liars, TV on the Radio, Oneida, Blood Brothers, Ex Models, Celebration, Imaginary Folk, Tall Boys

In other presumably accurate news, spazz-punk trio the Seconds, featuring Brian Chase, will release their sophomore full-length on March 21 via 5RC.


Pinback's Rob Crow and Hella's Zach Hill are the Ladies

I don't know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Pinback's Rob Crow and Hella's Zach Hill is SEXY! These two beautiful men have joined forces to get in touch with their feminine side and form a new group: The Ladies.

Aside from the aforementioned groups, Crow and Hill are each members of an assortment of bands. Crow also takes part in Goblin Cock, Physics, Thingy, and Heavy Vegetable, while Hill is a member of Team Sleep, Goon Moon, and Nervous Cop.

These dudes (or dudettes, as it were) will release their first album, They Mean Us, through Temporary Residence on February 21. The album should be more pop-friendly than Hella but more avant garde than Pinback. We think.

Dude looks like a...oh nevermind:

01 Black Caesar/Red Sonja
02 Recycler 1a
03 Vacation, Asphyxia, Vacation
04 Empathy on a Stick
05 Recycler 1b
06 Non-threatening
07 Black Metal in the Hour of Starbucks
08 Nice Chaps, Buddy
09 So Much for the Fourth Wall
10 Recycler 2
11 And Them
12 Mandatory Psycho-Freakout


Don Caballero Sign to Relapse Records

Don Caballero, those Pittsburgh-based gorilla-staples of math rock, have signed to metal powerhouse Relapse Records. The new, as-yet untitled full-length is set to drop May 2.

For this, their fifth full-length, Don Cab (sounds like wine, but is actually Reich on Ritalin and a rainy day) have logged time in Al Sutton's Rustbelt Studios. They're back to the tried-and-true two-guitar quartet, consisting of drum-god and main-man Damon Che, as well as (and we quote) "Lieutenant Corporal Gene Doyle (Secretary of Guitar, Stage Left), Colonel Jeffrey Ellsworth (Tactical and Special Opps, Guitar Stage Right), and Major Jason Jouver (Rhythm Section First Officer)". Not exactly the Don Cab of old, but hey, it'll do for now.

Che, who has been listening to everyone from the Darkness to Switchfoot to Meshuggah lately, is making some big promises. "You will probably be able to get a sense of us not just reintroducing this craft, but also trying to share it with a larger crowd that may have been previously unexposed. This could quite possibly be the widest variety of musical styling ever stretched out to make up a Don Caballero release." Hmm... sell-out or breakthrough? Only time will tell.

With track names like these ("World Class Listening Problem;" "Palm Trees in the F*cking Bahamas;" and "And And And, He Lowered the Twin Down," quite possibly a sequel to "Andandandandandand"), it sounds like they're making a Lightning Bolt or Hella record. Both of those bands, come to think of it, probably owe a lot to Don Cab.

Tour dates are pending.


Death Vessel to Tour With Low, the Books

Google'd "Mandan Dink" lately? You've probably been kicking it to Death Vessel, the offbeat folk/Americana project of one Joel Thibodeau and collaborator Erik Carlson. Death Vessel's Stay Close turned more than a couple heads way way back in 2005, and now the good ship DV is setting sail. It's what us landlubbers call a full-blown, no-holds-barred U.S. tour. Keen!

So sure, Thibodeau sings like a girl, but so does Kate Bush, and you like her, don't you? What's more, Death Vessel will join cool people on this tour voyage, cool people like Low, His Name Is Alive, Jos� Gonz�lez, and the Books (presuming those party-mongers have recovered from Pitchfork's 10.0 bonanza). Furthermore, affixing a "Death Vessel" iron-on patch to your tattered Misfits hoodie is way cool.

Anchors aweigh:
01-18 New York, NY - Joe's Pub *
01-26 Milwaukee, WI - Miramar Theatre #%
01-27 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium #%
01-28 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop #%
01-30 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick #%
01-31 Toronto, Ontario - Lees Palace #%
02-01 Montreal, Quebec - La Sala Rossa #%
02-02 Somerville, MA - Somerville Theater #%
02-03 Brooklyn, NY - South Paw #%
02-04 Washington DC - Black Cat #%
02-06 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom #%
02-07 Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church Sanctuary #%
02-08 Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre #%
03-01 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse ^
03-05 Pittsburgh , PA - Andy Warhol Museum ^
03-06 Columbus, OH - Wexner Center ^
03-07 Oberlin, OH - Dionysus Disco ^
03-08 Urbana, IL - Courtyard Cafe ^
03-09 Minneapolis, MN - The Whole Music Club ^
03-10 Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews ^
03-13 Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern ^
03-14 Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern ^
03-23 Boston, MA - Museum of Fine Arts ^&
03-24 New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom ^&
03-25 Philadelphia, PA - International House ^&

* with Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn
# with Low
% with His Name Is Alive
^ with The Books
& with Jose Gonzalez

* North East Indie


Sufjan to Perform at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall

New Yorkers will have several opportunities to pay lots of money and get dressed up to go see Sufjan Stevens play in the coming months. One's even for a good cause (other than getting to tell your friends you saw Sufjan work his magic in ritzy venues that usually house world-class orchestras, that is).

Speaking of orchestras: this Saturday, January 14, Sufjan and an expanded backing band, including "strings [and] horns...violas and violins" according to the Asthmatic Kitty website, will play two shows at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center, as part of the institution's "American Songbook" series. (Future participants include Fountains of Wayne and Duncan Sheik.)

New arrangements of Sufjan faves, as well as new tunes, are expected. "This is not rock-n-roll," Asthmatic Kitty warns. "Nor is it Broadway Theater." Nor is it the Come on Feel the Illinoise tour: "The pom poms have been put in retirement. Instead, Sufjan's band could be wearing shirts with collars and neckties. Or even--dare we say it--street clothes."

And if you just can't get enough upscale Suf-jeezy, the man is also scheduled to perform at the 16th annual Tibet House Benefit Concert, which will take place March 1. Sufjan will be joined by Laurie Anderson, Damien Rice, Allen Toussaint, and the event's artistic director, Philip Glass. More artists will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Tibet House is an NYC-based organization that works to preserve and promote Tibetan culture in the West. Just like Richard Gere. Last year's roster included the Black Keys, Antony, Nellie McKay, Patti Smith, Ray Davies, and Lou Reed. So keep in mind, this ain't no Tibetan Freedom concert with the Beastie Boys and Bodhisattva vows. It's more wistful and minimalist.

In addition to Tibet House, portions of the proceeds will go towards aiding New Orleans musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina, although the specific charity has yet to be named (maybe VH1 Save the Music with The Edge crying in the gutter?).

And if you were wondering, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will not cold rock a party on stage or at the after-concert reception, since he has to, you know, flee for his life and stuff. But you might be able to tear it up and meditate with Uma Thurman and her whole freakin' family, as they are all on the Tibet House board. Word.


Hold Steady Announce U.S. Tour (Ybor City Included)

Befitting a group with a Springsteen-like bar band sound, the Hold Steady are back at work and ready to give the people a glimpse of their latest hard rock novellas. On February 1, Craig Finn and co. will head out on the road for a little more than two weeks of U.S., touring, including, at last, a show in Ybor City, Florida. Then they'll head off to Australia with French Kiss labelmates Les Savy Fav and Thunderbirds Are Now!

The band has been working on material for their forthcoming third record, which they hope to release later this year. According to a post on the Hold Steady website, "the new songs are spilling out and we will be playing a lot of them on our upcoming tour."

If you ask the Hold Steady's PR (and we did), the songs, such as one titled "Stuck Between Stations", feature many of the same lovably ill-fated characters found on last year's breakout Separation Sunday and their debut, Almost Killed Me.

The majority of the American dates will feature Secretly Canadian's Swearing at Motorists and French Kiss' Plastic Constellations on opening duties. The fun will last until Los Angeles, where the Hold Steady will hook up with LSF and TAN!, and then high-tail it Down Under:

Killer parties:

02-01 Washington, DC - The Black Cat *%
02-02 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 *%
02-03 Athens, GA - Tasty World *%
02-04 Atlanta, GA - The Earl *%
02-06 St. Augustine, FL - Caf� Eleven *%
02-07 Gainesville, FL - The Covered Dish *%
02-08 Orlando, FL - The Social *%
02-09 Ybor City, FL - Masquerade *%
02-10 Tallahassee, FL - The Beta Bar *%
02-11 Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon *%
02-13 Houston, TX - Walters on Washington *%
02-14 Denton, TX - Hailey's *%
02-15 Austin, TX - Emo's *%
02-18 Phoenix, AZ - The Brick House %
02-19 San Diego, CA - The Casbah %
02-21 Los Angeles, CA - The Avalon #
02-25 Sydney, Australia - Gaelic Club #
02-26 Melbourne, Australia - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival #$
02-27 Melbourne, Australia - The Corner Hotel #
03-01 Perth, Australia - The Rosemount #
03-02 Adelaide, Australia - Jive #
03-03 Brisbane, Australia - The Zoo #
03-04 Sydney, Australia - TBA #
03-05 Sydney, Australia - St. Jerome's Laneway Festival #$

* with Swearing at Motorists
% with Plastic Constellations
# with Les Savy Fav, Thunderbirds Are Now!
$ with the Avalanches, Broken Social Scene, New Buffalo, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Youth Group


Josh Homme, Joanna Newsom to Play ArthurBall

Last summer's inaugural ArthurFest may have been one of the more slept-on festivals of the bunch, but the two-day event was a unanimous success: It drew 4,000 fans to Los Angeles' Barnsdall Art Park to hang out with Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, the Black Keys, and that Yoko lady.

On that tip, the folks at Arthur magazine have spawned a new winter edition of the festival, unfortunately dubbed ArthurBall. (Egads, that sounds like the aftermath of testicular cancer.) It will take place at various L.A. venues February 25 and 26.

Unlike your awkward high school Winter Ball, ArthurBall should be pretty awesome. So far, the biggest names on the bill are harp goddess Joanna Newsom (how's that new album coming, girl?) and Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Homme will perform with longtime collaborator Chris Goss (Masters of Reality) as the 515ers.

Also on board for the Ball are Born Heller (featuring Josephine Foster), Brightblack Morning Light, Biff Rose, Mi & L'au, Colleen, OM, Pearls & Brass, and the Unknown Instructors, featuring Mike Watt and George Hurley of the Minutemen. More acts are expected to be announced soon.


Maxïmo Park Ready Rarities Compilation

Christ, Neil Young still doesn't have a box set, and Max�mo Park are already releasing a rarities compilation?! They've only got one album! In this age of British dance punkery, however, I guess Neil isn't quite gettin' the kids on the floor like he used to...

Newcastle's current hottest export will offer up the 12-track Missing Songs on February 20 in the UK and February 21 in the U.S., courtesy of Warp Records. The disc compiles various b-sides with demos from their debut LP, 2005's A Certain Trigger.


01 A19
02 Isolation
03 My Life in Reverse
04 Fear of Falling
05 I Want You to Leave
06 A Year of Doubt
07 Trial and Error
08 Stray Talk
09 Hammer Horror
10 Apply Some Pressure (Original Demo Version)
11 Graffiti (Original Demo Version)
12 Once, a Glimpse (Original Demo Version)

Warp will also release A Certain Trigger's fourth single, "I Want You to Stay", on February 20. A video for the song was shot in December in New York City. One day earlier, on February 19, the band will appear at the Bangkok 100 Rock Festival in Thailand. What a busy week.

As previously reported, Max�mo Park have been drafted by NME to headline their "ShockWaves NME Awards Tour 2006" later this month, alongside Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, and Mystery Jets. Because most Americans wouldn't know NME from KFC, the tour is a UK-only affair.

Park life:

01-23 Dublin, Ireland - Ambassador Theatre *
01-24 Dublin, Ireland - Ambassador Theatre *
01-25 Belfast, Northern Ireland - Ulster Hall *
01-27 Glasgow, Scotland - Academy *
01-28 Edinburgh, Scotland - Corn Exchange *
01-29 Newcastle, England - Academy *
01-31 Nottingham, England - Rock City *
02-01 Leeds, England - Leeds University
02-02 Liverpool, England - Liverpool University *
02-04 Manchester, England - Academy *
02-05 Manchester, England - Academy *
02-07 Sheffield, England - Octagon *
02-08 Birmingham, England - Academy *
02-09 Norwich, England - UEA *
02-11 Cardiff, Wales - Great Hall *
02-12 Cambridge, England - Corn Exchange *
02-13 Bristol, England - Academy *
02-15 Portsmouth, England - Guildhall *
02-16 Brighton, England - Dome *
02-17 London, England - Brixton Academy *
02-19 Bangkok, Thailand - Lakeside Muangthong Thani (Bangkok 100 Rock Festival) #

* ShockWaves NME Awards Tour with Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists, Mystery Jets
# with Stereophonics, Placebo, Snow Patrol

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