Her image sells millions of products.

Her advice inspired generations.

Her name is known around
the world.

But Betty Crocker's very existence is questionable.

This is her story.

Finding Betty Crocker,
By Susan Marks


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Did you win a Betty Crocker Scholarship? Were you shocked to find out Betty Crocker isn't "real"? Do you remember listening to her radio program? Did you get married on Betty Crocker's Bride and Groom Television program? Does the whole concept of Betty Crocker make you mad?

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IN ANSWERING the question of why everyone was buying what Betty was selling,
Susan Marks offers an
entertaining, charming, and utterly unique look, through words and pictures, of an
American icon situated between profound symbolism and classic kitchen kitsch.

SUSAN MARKS’S interest in Betty Crocker began during her stint as a tour guide for the Minnesota Historical Society, then evolved into a master's thesis, documentary film project, and ultimately, this book. She has her own Minneapolis based video production company, Lazy Susan Productions.



Happy 85th Birthday Betty Crocker! 2006

© 2005 Susan Marks

Betty Crocker is a registered trademark of General Mills Inc.
Images courtesy of the General Mills Archives.