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Marcus Klier


2/Jan at 22:16



Flag of Austria

ATV says no

Austria: ORF likely to broadcast Eurovision Song Contest 2008

As reported earlier, Austria will not take part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, nevertheless it is likely that ORF will broadcast the final of the contest on 24th May according to head of program Wolfgang Lorenz.

Wolfgang Lorenz stated that broadcasting the final is an option and that at the moment, he assumes that the show will be aired on ORF. If ORF opts against screening the show after all, Puls4 might take over the contest. Puls4 is a new private channel which will go on air in February, nevertheless executive director Martin Blank did not want to comment on the rumours yet. The other Austrian private channel ATV will definitely not take over the contest.

After disappointing results in 2004 and 2005, Austria withdrew from the competition in 2006 but returned in 2007 when Eric Papilaya finished 27th (second last) with only four points in the semi final which led to another withdrawal. Overall, despite a victory in 1966, Austria is one of the less succesful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest: only 17 of the 43 Austrian entries finished in the first half of the scoreboard.

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Lucky 8b [43653]
Wed 9 Jan 2008 20:42:53

@ Mohammad Al-Quasarahanian
Did you read any of this Coments? Why do you want to destroy ESC, if you have joined this Forum? All Countries want to win. It´s only the Fact, that a few Countries have given up, because of the Diaspora Votes. In almost every Country, there is a Preselecction, and People vote for their Favourite. Nobody, that has a Preselection, send´s Crap, because, People must have votet for it. It´s only a Question of Taste. It´s great, that Countries, like Portugal, Andorra, Iceland..., that never had a great Success, don´t give up, and have, even a little, Hope. And, what are you thinking? Would you know only 1 Icelandic, or Andorian Song, if they wouldn´t take Part at ESC? I don´t think so. Your Idea of a "perfect" Contest, would be a Contest with only Ex-Joguslavia and Ex-UDSSR, and that´s sad. Even for Armenia & Turkey (in your World) would withdraw, becaue even they wouldn´t have a Chance without their Diaspora-Votes from France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium... against the Ex-Communities any more.

@ MEHMET ...
I know, that this hasn´t anything to do with ESC, but Shakira is not from USA or UK. She is born in South America. i don´t know wich Country, maybe Columbia...

MEHMET ... [22160]
Wed 9 Jan 2008 13:58:35

lucky... ye its ok i understand what your saying im not getting you wrong.
owen... No point of talking about the past, its over, but it was worse before than now. televote is more fair, than juries only from west countries.

MEHMET ... [22160]
Wed 9 Jan 2008 13:52:32

rob dell... Does it at all in any of my comment it says that uk , spain, france etc. deosn't have any events, they are not good in music industry, i don't think I've specified anything like that. You don't try to understand what im saying, im not trying to argue or make offensive comments, im not taking any sides, for me there is no seperation, no country is better than other, all country has a beauty, all can do good stuff. i want people to see the world as a whole and they should stop this west-east thing that i hate. By the way i am also aware of most events all around the world, my knowledge is very broad of stuff, what i tryed to explain was its not only countries located in west can do events, there are stuff that going on in the countries located in east.
When it comes to music industry, music is universal, don't tell me about it, if this wasnt a contest, I know so many people will come up saying, wow that so and so countries song is so great. yes the industry has so much great success with Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Asian etc.. countries like Uk/american artists always use sounds/music from those Countries, like justin timberlake, beyonce, britney spears, shakira more and more. Then you come deny the fact about true quality about east music, thats what worries me.
esc is not an event that only happens in one country, so there is no country that has an event that so many countries participate, but people and singers come all around the world to join the events, so what i said was Turkey has the money to do that.
If Big 4 is paying more funds to esc then, its becuase they are responsible for the contest to carry on, as it started in those countries, not because they are richer. But still this doesnt give right to have them always in the final, all the countries still pay the amount required. if the contest belong to east it will still carry on.
The reaction about nature was just a fact about the world surely its nothing to do with esc but i just had to mention that because people were going on about being rich, money money money, so i just said you don't need money to live, you need food and water to live, so countries like Turkey has money, but also more nature and food products and ofcourse its True people in west are reliable on government, example what will Uk do without catering workers from Turkey, Greece, India, China, also Italy/spain.
I am only teasing you about saying meaningless comments cant you take jokes... :)) see you said it your self that comment was said in humorous way, so im right to laugh only. and again don't make meaningless comment please :))))))))

Mohammad Al-Quasarahanian [44372]
Wed 9 Jan 2008 06:43:20

The best way to improve the contest is to have fewer participating countries. In my opinion the countries that traditionally do very badly (like Austria, Poland, Netherlands, Iceland, Lithuania) should be the first to withdraw. Then more countries can follow. In the end we will be left with around 20 countries who are all interested in winning and who always send good songs. There is no need for every country to participate, it just makes everything so boring. Please, let the experts play alone and take away the very sad efforts of the countries who don't care about eurovision enough to send a good song. If your country cannot do well, please have the decency and respect to withdraw. Thank you.

Rob Dell [39765]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 21:09:44

@ Mehmet

My comments about countries like UK leaving ESC was a serious one but it was done in a humourous way - something which you obviously can not understand. It was deliberately tongue in cheek.
In relation to the funding of the ESC/EBU - yes, the Big 4 DO provide a great deal of the funding and it would have an impact if they left. Sorry if you don't like it but it is true. Also, Owen is right about the status of the music industry of countries like the UK internationally. That means worldwide success - not just megastars in certain parts of Europe.
As far as improving the contest - again you are missing or deliberately avoiding the issue e.g. that voting problems have ruined Eurovision. Yes - neighbourly voting IS causing problems - any statistical analysis of the results over the last few years makes this patently obvious. We ALL know where the Baltic votes will go, just like the countries around the Black Sea etc
- Others are guilty too.

It is all too predictable, too boring and makes any reference to a 'contest' redundant. You don't have to wait for the votes to be announced because you know that X will give Y 12 points. Indeed, you know where the 8, 10 points will go too.

Your reference to 'good songs' just tries to hide the problem. It does not matter what song a country like the UK sends - how good it is or who the singer/artist is - it simply won't get many votes. See the post from your cohort, Mohammad, who at least had the honesty to say 'No neighbours. No Votes'.

The voting issues mean that every year it makes it more and more unlikely for the UK to attract a high calibre act - nobody wants to get involved with the farce anymore. And thats why people start voting for Scooch to be the UK entry - because it is stupid. A silly thowaway, yes crap, song for an equally stupid 'contest'.

Of course I don't think that ESC is the only contest or musical festival but it is certainly the most high profile. Ok, Turkey has other events but how many other countries are involved, watch or take note?? Besides, it isn't just Turkey - do you think that the UK or Spain doesn't have similar events. Ever heard of WOMAD? Glastonbury? Or Benicassim or Sonar in Spain? There are countless others too. Do not try to insinuate that I lack knowledge of music events elsewhere when you know nothing about me. You may be suprised at my background.

Finally, I notice that you have singularly failed to respond to the other comments of yours that I replied to e.g. Food products and reliance on governments. Interesting that.

Your posts have merely resorted to using comments like meaningless or that you want to laugh. That only tells me that you have a weak arguement or that you lack conviction in what you are trying to claim or, more likely, you are deliberately just trying to be antagonistic.

Lucky 8b [43653]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 20:06:36

Yes, I think it´s a Problem, too, that, if Germany, France, United Kingdom & Spain wouldn´t be present in the Final, ESC would loose a lot of Viewers. But if we are the only Countries, that don´t have to go through the Semi-Final, we will sure have no Success.

Owen Williams [36362]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 16:57:21

LOL Mehmet
The west voted for the west before because it was only us and Turkey, Greece, Cyrpus, Yugoslavia, and Poland with a few less frequent countries in it!
Scandinavia always voted for each other and the UK always gave Ireland high points but so did everyone else! and Greece and Cyprus always gave points to each other as they still do (and which is just as wrong as anyone else giving points just because they like the country and not the song)
We didn't have anyone else to vote for really! and the best song TENDED to win! now its just predictable!

The UK, Germany, France and Spain are in the big four not only because they give money to the EBU but because they have the biggest most successful and internationally recognised music industries of all the European countries! Ask a Chinese, American, Brazilian, Australian or Kenyan to name any artist in Europe that doesn't come from any one of those countries and they would probably be VERY hard pushed. Also we have been the dominant force in the contest for a very long time (Ireland would also be included here and maybe Sweden). ESC without the big four countries would be like the olympics without China Russia Australia and the USA.

Lucky 8b [43653]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 14:31:48

Oh sorry, I forgot it:
That Jury-Voting from long ago, was really not fair. I hate Juries. To Jury-Times, there was really a lot of Friendship-Voting, and Countries, that didn´t like each other, never gave Points to each other. A only Person can everytime say "I don´t give points to a Country, I don´t like" and in many Years, the best Songs finished at the Bottom, while boring Songs, that were only made for Juries taste won. Sorry, if I have the same Example like everytime, but I think it´s one of the best Examples: The Slovenian Preeselecction 2006:
It was a great Show. The Voting was like in ESC, but splittet in 3 Parts: Televoting, SMS-Voting & Jury-Voting.
Televoting: Saša Lendero 12 Points, Atomik Harmonik 10 Points...
SMS-Voting: Saša Lendero 12 Points, Atomik Harmonik 10 Points...
The Jury was only here, to decide between Saša Lendero and Atomik Harmonik, but we all know, that they both were not in Athens, also what happened?
Jury-Voting: Saša Lendero 0 Points, Atomik Harmonik 0 Points
Who goes to Athens? Anžej Dežan! What a Surprise! The Favourite of the Jury!
Anžej Dežan finished 30th in Athens
Saša Lendero won the 2nd Chance Contest
Atomik Harmonik had Success in f.E. Germany, Austria & Swizerland
It mustn´t be so, that a Few People have more or the Same Inflkuence than an entired People. The Mayotity should be the Voice of a Country. By the Way, what´s an Expert? If there are Experts existing, then are we, the Fans the Experts, and not any Conductor or Musicexplorer.

Lucky 8b [43653]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 14:09:35

@ MEHMET ...
You understand me wrong. I hate the Rule with the Big4. But the EBU has no other Reason to give them a lot of Privileges, so why should the EBU give them Privileges, if they wouldn´t pay more then the other? I think, too, it would be better, if the Big4 would be in the Semifinal, too, because all other Songs, that are in the Final, needed to go through a Semi Final. The last Years, almost no Songs, that were Prequalified had Success (only from Diaspora-Countries like Greece, Russia, Armenia...). Its almost sure, that the Big4 will take the Places 22-25 in the Final. I think it will be like this:
22. - Germany (a few Points from Swizerland, Spain, Potugal, Danmark & Nederlands)
23. - Spain (Points from Andorra, Portugal & France)
24. - United Kingdom (Points from Ireland & Malta)
25. - France (maybe a few Points from Andorra)
Of course, we can dream about a fair Competition, but we have small Chances, that it will be one. A great Result would be:
1. Island
2. San Marino
3. Estonia
Nobody would be angry about Diaspora any more, and Austria, Monaco and Luxemburg would come back, because they would know, they have a Chance. But if the Result is like this (the Probability is great):
1. Russia
2. Armenia
3. Serbia,
ESC would lose many Fans.

MEHMET ... [22160]
Tue 8 Jan 2008 12:18:18

owen williams... i didnt say you are making racist comments etc, i was talking generally that there are some people making racist comments, where its no need, they can make negative points more appropriate.

lucky... ye why is big 4 existing, say they do pay most for the esc (which i don't trust), so what? what is it got to do with the songs, why are they always in the final, so this is fair? when rest have to do semi final etc..., before all the juries from west given points to west only was fair? if that is fair then whats happening now is fair too. why can't they just take out this east - west and just make friendly contest.

rob dell... just because i said your second last comment was meaningless, u don't have to come up and say the same, that comment just do sound funny and all i can react for that is laugh. it's meaningless because why would you want certain countries to leave esc all from the west, if you think theres is need a provement, it can be done this way if they put some effort, east is showing that, I accept that east is coming up with better stuff, takes it so much more seriuous.
The topic was already taken somewhere different by others, so should blame them, the article is about Austria but no one talks about it, so Mohammed seems to be right he says it heavily but hes right there isnt much to talk about Austria.
Your saying your not claming west being richer, but your saying it will struggle if west leaves. what makes you think that then, don't be funny you are absulately trying to say that but you are so wrong, all the countries pay the amount they need to, why should they pay more for nothing.
Do you think there is only esc contest, other then esc Turkey has so much big organisations through out every year, an example such as rock'n coke that last for days, maybe you should check out for rest before making meaningless comments :))))

Lucky 8b [43653]
Mon 7 Jan 2008 19:38:45

Yes, there is no Country, that only sends Crap. It´s only the Fact, that we have already Favourites for the Top10 and for the "Down10" although wo know almost no Songs.
I think the best Soulution against Diaspora-Votes would be the Rule, that every Phone-Number can only vote for 1 Time.

Owen Williams [36362]
Mon 7 Jan 2008 17:01:18

If anything Mohammed is the more racist one, I've not said anything about an entire country being crap where as he has!

Owen Williams [36362]
Mon 7 Jan 2008 17:00:26

Mehmet where exactly have I been racist? and/or unfair?

Lucky 8b [43653]
Sun 6 Jan 2008 13:53:21

@ Max Raspail
Thank you, but you are right. Some People know about the Problems in Voting, but they won´t see them, because this would be mean, that Countries like Germany or Belgium could send good Songs, too. Really, the Voting should be like last Year, then nobody could ignorate the Fact, that not the best Song is winning. Only the Country with the most Emmigrants. I think, we know all, that a Kenan DoÄŸulu from Austria would have finished at the Bottom, while a Eric Papilaya from Turkey would have reached the Final.

Max Raspail [36649]
Sun 6 Jan 2008 12:41:46

@ Rob Dell and Lucky 8b
My compliments for continuing with your argumentatiion...
I have to admit that I've lost nearly my willingness to go on because I feel like fighting against windmills...

I think it's time that the next Contest comes with exactly the same predictable results like in 2007 so that the people who are responsible for the course of the Contest figure finally that there are senseful changes absolutely necessary...

Rob Dell [39765]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 20:19:00

@ Mehmet

What are you wittering on about? Of all the posts your last one was possibly the most meaningless I've ever read.

"remind you all the foods products come from east like Turkey"...
1) What does this have to do with ESC?
2) All the food products?? Do you think that countries like UK don't have their own food products? Of course they do! Most food products here are produced internally - but we also import and export to countries throughout the world too

“its full of nature in east, and people from there are hard working and has rich heart”
I am sure that there are many, many good people in the East.
However, this part of your post was particularly offensive. Stop trying to claim that there are only good natured people in Eastern countries. That's rubbish. There are good people all over the world - East or West or North or South.

“western people are all relied on government”
You will find that people in Western countries actually rely on the Governments far less - we believe in free enterprise, laissez-faire, entrepeneurs, free speech, free press etc.... Many millions are self employed, work for private companies etc… We do not rely on governments more at all. I am not saying it is the best system - it definitely has faults - but you simply can't claim that the Eastern people are less reliant on Governments.

About the money:
I am not claiming anything about the West being richer than the East etc… You are taking things far out of topic. All we are saying is that certain countries pay more money into ESC/EBU – that is a fact. So, if they withdrew ESC would struggle.

“Im sorry ye but east allready showed how great they can host a show”
Yes. We agree. We never said otherwise. The East have indeed shown that they can stage great shows.

@ Mohammad

”Get a grip. The voting is totally fair and democratic.”

Oh Mohammad – please stop contradicting yourself. One of you previous posts stated “No friends, no neighbors, no votes”

Come on – which is it? Fair and democratic or friends and neighbours votes??

Sadly, I think your earlier post was both more accurate and honest. It is all about friends and neighbours voting for each other now.

Lucky 8b [43653]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 19:46:14

@ Mohammad Al-Quasarahanian
A predictable Voting can not be fair. If you are a really ESC-Fan, you could last Year predict the 12-8 Points from almost every Country. In Countries like Germany, the Germans give maybe the 1-3 Points. The Rest is Diaspora, and a Voiting mustn´t be like this.

@ MEHMET ...
What do you think, why the Big4 are existing? They pay for the Show. A TV-Broadcaster from many eastern Countries couldn´t survive, if he would spend so much Money to EBU like the Big4.
And Finland is geografically not in the West, and has a similar Cultur like Russia or Estonia. It´s not a western Country like Portugal, only, because it wasn´t fashistic. And the Finnish Song last Year was so advertiused in many Countries from different Scenes, that many People only watched ESC to vote for it. While People, that liked maybe the Norwegian or the Danish Song, didn´t know about it, and so couldn´t vote. And there are Places after the 1st Place. If you look at the next 8 Places: Russia, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece, they all profite more or less from Diaspora.

@ Owen Williams
I absolutely agree with you.

MEHMET ... [22160]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 08:30:49

rob dell.. your comment just sounds so funny :)))) I can't beleive u say that hahaha... so meaningless.

Mohammed... watch out what your saying, it's not owen that goes on about the money, its rob. But it's right the show is fair, everyone has the equal opportunity to vote so no one should blame. Like u said if west thinks they are richer, thats how they think, this contest work then vote, but you know what its all lies about uk, france blah blah pay money and all that, each country first of all pays for their entry, what about the expensive ticket sells etc... they get more then, they would pay. Im sorry ye but east allready showed how great they can host a show, so please come up with stuff that are sensible. and I remind you all the foods products come from east like Turkey, so if u trust money I tell you don't need money to live, you need food and water to live and its full of nature in east, and people from there are hard working and has rich heart, they can make things from nothing, but western people are all relied on goverment, what will they do without- this is a fact. Money is always possible to earn, best to have humanity first.

owen... that's what I mean no country comes up with crap, they all put effort, its all lovely, u just choose the one you enjoy. But most countries do catchy song, spend more hard work on it, so its easier to like, and rest could be likeable later. It's not only one person voting, it's millions out there, so you can't really expect what you want to win.
For example If west is not been voted how could finland win, if u ask me im not that happy with that victory, for me there was other countries that deserve to win in that year, but I respect and congratulate, they must have deserved for their difference. I don't go and make rude, silly, racist, comments, it's ok to make negative/positive points whether they like it or not, but this should only be based on the entry not anything else.
Roger cicero... I really liked it, should have deserved more.
but javine i liked it ye but the change was easily recognised it was east flavour and thats ok ye but she was so out of tune and her stage was not all that, it could have earned some points but not much really. But like I say I like all music around the world so it doesnt bother me much, im positive whats so ever, just love to see performers from all different countries, It's an individual thing anyway most enjoy and appreciate, get very excited, it's cool if you are one of them its an advantage.

Mohammad Al-Quasarahanian [44372]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 05:36:30

@ Owen
Get a grip. The voting is totally fair and democratic. If you want the songs you like to get more votes then you have to vote more. Of course somebody who sends 20 votes will have more power than somebody who sends one vote. Very simple logic. Don't you understand that? You are saying that you have so much money, without you the show cannot survive. OK, so spend your money on votes for the songs you like. Don't complain about the people who are really voting seriously if you don't want to vote yourself. Then you are hypocrite.

Owen Williams [36362]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 02:18:18

I know Turkey did well on SOME occasion before 2003, but its only since then that there has been a sustained and constant flow of votes to Turkey NO MATTER WHAT THE SONG! I think only in 2005 did you get a song that was below about 15th? (not 100% sure).
Now i'm all for the best song winning, thats what the contest is about after all! the best song SHOULD win! and yes a lot of good songs DO come out of the east but so does a lot of crap. the same goes for the West, there hasn't been a blanket ban on good songs in the west, we HAVE produced good songs, just not ALL the time (which even the East can't manage) and because there are LESS of us now there tends to be more tat! every country from the West has sent at least ONE good song in the last 5 years. with the possible exception of Austria and Monaco. Yet where are we in the scoreboard?
The west doesn't HATE the fact the East wins, we vote for you (and its not just diaspora votes), we just dont' like the fact that we dont get a FAIR showing in the contest!

To say a country should leave because it doesn't get good results (at least for the las 5 years) is just rediculous!
if you put that into practice there you would wittle it down to about 10 countries! if you say well so and so country can't join anymore because they haven't got over 15th in the last five years, and then you say the same thing about other countries the next yea then the next then the next, you end up WITHOUT COUNTRIES!

We don't protest against the east actually doing well, we protest against GOOD Western songs NOT doing well, and the predictable, neighbourly voting that if it were in a state election would been thrown out branded unfair, yet in this contest seems to be ok.

Now of course we understand that some of the contries haven't had democracy for more than about 15 years and therefore still think they have some sort of responsiblity to vote for their friends, jsut like in Iraq Kurds vote for Kurds, Sunnis vote for Sunnis and Shi'a vote for Shi'a, but this means there is a twisting of the result, as the best song doesn't always win! and we get songs like LT United and Verka, ect beating people like Roger Cicero, Javine, Kate Ryan and Glennis Grace! All of which have a FAR superiour MUSICAL TALENT AND ABILITY than novelty acts!

Rob Dell [39765]
Sat 5 Jan 2008 00:16:02

@ Mohammad

""Nobody votes for Austria, so Austria is rubbish country. Same thing about Czech Republic and Poland. No friends, no neighbors, no votes. Also true for United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands. Only rubbish from them every year. They should stay out of this contest and not pollute it with bad songs. ""

>>>> And in your rant about rubbish songs you actually show your true colours e.g. "No friends, no neighbours, no votes"
That says it all - that you are only interested in voting for each other - your friends - your neighbours. Well, my friend, that isn't what ESC is about!! In fact it completely goes against the whole idea of ESC.

I agree with you on one thing though - I would love the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands etc.... to withdraw from this pointless "contest" and see what is left!! Nothing. ESC wouldn't survive - the big money gone and just a meaningless parade of dreary dull songs

So - come on - UK, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden and all - unite with other old friends Austria and Italy and form a new contest!!! Let's start again. Let's see who then produces the best show, the best songs, the most succesful acts...
Come on - unite and rejoice - let's start over again and bring back a proper contest!!

ESC fan ARMÉNIEN [37065]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 22:05:56

@ nemke
It's OK,and ofcourse we never forget the most important words of any language :)

MEHMET ... [22160]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 20:43:44

Plus I like to see Austria back and if they are gona broadcast, then I think they should allow people to vote.

MEHMET ... [22160]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 20:40:21

Im sorry but most you have lack of history here, you don't know enough of what you are saying, and just because you can't take some victorys, you make unrespectful comments but what say is all false anyway, I like to explain you that some east and some west countries send really nice songs, so they deserve what they get, but appearently east sends stronger songs so they do more successfully.
I don't know why, what Turkey is got to do with this article but I am very proud with Turkey, always send great songs, I like rest of countries songs,

but...owen williams,

when I said lack of history its especially you, but my words are for others too, Turkey has been in top 10 before 2003, in 1997 3rd and other years other successes, check out before talking. But after 2003 when came 1st, it's been paid more attention, so more success.
However, im not like anyone else, I love this contest, it's more like festival, Love to see countries all around the world performing music, don't like making unpolite comments what so ever, I show respect and like to see that from others, this contest is to bring countries together and make peace, Anything could happen with the results in a contest, should always respect, that would make you feel more positive.

nemke s [24388]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 20:21:01

@Big Big Fan
Well i am sorry mate i have forgotten most of Armenian since i had to leave cyprus, now i remember only the very basic words and of corse the ones that everyone learns the first...hehehe

Jesus...Balkans should have one selection, and Eastern Europe should basically not participate?
There goes another big fan of Eurovision...that wants to kick out the easter countries and the newcommers and have the same and boring contest that we had in the 90's.
Well for the record i do think you are getting old (like you said it in your resumé ;), Bosnia was third not second in Athens...for someone that had the 2006 as a revelation year, and for someone that has been such a devoted and passionate follower for now nearly 28 years should know that...
The solution is not to kick us out but to kick your producers to send decent songs and not BS and you will be in the final again, but till then good luck in rotting in the bottom...

With love from Serbia

Jan Castricum [11576]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 19:31:47

I still think that Austria, Luxembourg and of course Italy belong to the contest. The Balkan countries should have one preselection and select one song too for the contest. They give too much points to themselves . (Except for Slovenia) The eastern countries should have sticked with their Intervision contest. They also give points to each other, but only Poland doesn't seem to have the benefit of that. Well, at least let's get rid of the televotingsystem.

ESC fan ARMÉNIEN [37065]
Fri 4 Jan 2008 18:10:20

@ nemke
lav em,shat shnorhakal,isk du? :)

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