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Community Councils

What are they?

Community Council Map

There are 12 Community Councils for the Borough of Oldham, based on the following areas:

  1. Alexandra
  2. Chadderton
  3. Coldhurst Ward
  4. Failsworth
  5. Hollinwood Ward
  6. Medlock Vale Ward
  7. Royton
  8. Saddleworth and Lees
  9. Shaw and Crompton
  10. St James’ and Waterhead
  11. St Mary’s Ward
  12. Werneth Ward

Each Community Council consists of the Ward Councillors for the area, along with co-opted members selected from the local community. One of the Ward Councillors is selected as ‘Community Champion’ for the area.

Community Councils are held at least four times a year.

What are they for?

Community Councils are designed to allow local people to put forward their priorities for the area in which they live, suggest improvements and have their say on how services are run on a local basis. They provide another opportunity for people to speak to their local Councillors about their concerns.

How do they do this?

Community Council meetings are held in your local area. Local people are encouraged to come along with their issues, and have their say on the services that affect them.

At the meetings, representatives from the main services attend, to detail how their service is delivered in the area, and ask how this can be changed to better suit the needs of residents. Depending on the suggestions, these may be put in place immediately, or the service may come back to a future meeting with a series of options for discussion. Either way, people will be kept informed of what has been decided.

In addition, the Community Council can ask the local Area Action Team (a group consisting of agencies such as the Council, Police and Fire Service) to look into problems and to identify how to solve them. As this team meets monthly, smaller scale issues can be dealt with much more quickly.

Services that can be influenced through Community Councils include:

  • Tackling Anti-social behaviour
  • Street Cleaning
  • Improving Community Safety
  • Open space and parks maintenance
  • The use of local community centers
  • Local Youth Service provision
  • Road maintenance

Community Councils also arrange other ways of getting local people involved in local issues in between meetings. This might include local events, running Internet discussion forums, circulating local questionnaires, visiting your local group meetings to discuss specific issues.

Why should you attend?

If you have a problem in your area, and you don’t know who to speak to, or if you have an idea for how a service can be improved, then come along and let us know. Community Councils are there for you! You can even request items that you’d like to see on the agenda!

How can I get more involved?

The Community Councils can appoint co-opted members of the community, who live or work in the area, to help the Community Council to be more representative of the local area. Nominations for co-option are especially encouraged from representatives of local community groups, such as Residents Associations, Friends Groups and Home Watch groups. Co-opted members can have their say on anything on the Community Council agenda, but are also asked to take part in sub-groups, which may deal with specific issues or look at organising local events.

One of the co-opted members is also selected to chair the Community Council, and work with the Community Champion and Area Manager on putting together the agenda for each meeting.

For more details on the co-optee role and selection procedure, see appendices 3 and 6 of the Community Council briefing. For an application form please ring 0161 770 4621 or 0161 770 4720.

Do they have any money?

Each Community Council will have £3000 per ward for marketing and events within the area.

What are Community Champions?

Each Community Council has a Councillor who acts as ‘Community Champion’. The Champion assists the Community Chairperson, will take responsibility for making sure that issues raised are fed into the appropriate agency or department and feeds back to the Community Council on progress with issues.

How can I find out more?

Information about what each Community Council is doing is available on this website. In addition, regular newsletters are distributed to public places, with an electronic version also on this website. You can also send us your name and email address to subscribe to an email version of the newsletter, and be informed about local events and meetings. Alternatively, you can contact us at or on 0161 770 4720.

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