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100 Day Breakfast
Give each child one link sausage and two mini-bagels to spell out 100.
Vicki Wells
Stuart, FL

Collections of 100
Students collect 100 of something-mm's, soda tabs, stickers, toothpicks,etc. Each students posts these items on a poster board or bring them in a baggie.  We count them together as a class.  Then, we display them.
Chris Gulotta
Tallahassee, FL

100 Piece Snack
Have a snack with ten pieces of ten items, such as goldfish, popcorn, peanuts, m&m's, fruit loops, chocolate chips, raisins, cheerios, pretzels...Have the children count out their own, sort them...
Chris Gulotta
Tallahassee, FL

100 Years Old
Place names of the school's staff in a box. Have students draw a name. Then have students draw what that person might look like if they were 100 years old.
Angela S. Jacobs
Knott/Pippa Passes, KY

My first graders love this activity.  I give them part of a brown paper bag.  They draw how their face will look when they are 100 years old.  Then they crumple and smooth out that paper face.  It makes them appear wrinkled.. Next they glue the face to tagboard and draw the rest of their "100 year old body" to the face.. I also give them gray and white yarn to use for hair, unless they choose to be bald.  Last, they write a description of how they'll lokk when they are 100.
 Roxanne Freise

What if I had $100?
Have students write about what they would do if they were given $100.
Jamie Stonick
Holland, Michigan

100 Happy Faces and More
Have your students look through magazines and cut out 100 happy faces. Make a collage with the pictures.

Make a list of 100 kind words.

This is the 100th anniversary of the first flight of the Wright brothers. Celebrate by making 100 paper airplanes and seeing who can fly one the farthest.

See how many times you can write your name in 100 seconds.
Connie Bourgeau ~ Naples, Florida

100 Links
Materials: paper cut into strips, glue, masking tape
Have students guess how far a paper chain with 100 links will reach. They mark their guess with masking tape and their name. Make the paper chain as a team and see how far it goes. The winner keeps the chain! This works best in small groups.
Jamie Stonick
Holland, Michigan

100 Link Chain
Materials: Construction paper cut into 1" by 9" strips, tape, measuring tape
Pre-cut 10 strips of 10 different colors of construction paper. Have students link them together, keeping each set of colors together. Link each set of 10 together then they can count by ones and tens to get to 100. Also, take the chain in the hall, take guesses about the length and measure the chain.
Karen McCuiston
Chattanooga, TN

100th day Macaroni Pictures
Materials: 100 macaroni pieces of different colors
Allow children to choose 100 pieces of uncooked macaroni noodles that you have pre-colored using food coloring. The will create a picture the pieces then write a short paragraph to describe their creations.
Michelle Sledge
Marietta ,Georgia

100 Steps
Have each child take 100 steps in the hallway and mark the last step with masking tape. Give a prize to the child who walks the farthest.
Marney Tope
Davenport, IA

Have children estimate how many times they can do something (jumping jacks, jumping rope, etc.) in 100 seconds. Time them and have them check the reasonableness (too high, too low) of their estimate.
Stephanie Wilkins ~ Houston, Texas

Walk Thru 100
Materials: a very big piece of bulletin paper, scissors, and markers, paint, crayons
Measure your hallway. Write 100 big and cut out the inside of the zeros and decorate after that hand it in the hallway so the students can walk through it. They always get a kick out of that.
 Maple Hts.,Ohio

Some 100 Day ideas...
How long does it take 100 ice cubes to melt?  How much liquid would that be?
Make a necklace of 100 Cheerios, Fruit Loops, macaroni, or other objects.
How many cups of popcorn if you popped 100 kernels?
Draw a picture of what you will look like at 100 years old.
Where could you find 100 people together?
On what date will you be 100 years old?
Give recognition to the person served the hundredth meal in the cafeteria.
How old would you be if you were 100 months old?
Change a recipe so that it serves 100 people.
Have 100 minutes of math on the 100th day.
Flip a coin 100 times.  Graph the number of heads and tails.
Write a 100 word story.
Draw a picture of how you would have dressed 100 years ago.
Have student close their eyes and guess when 100 seconds have passed.  they open their eyes when they think the time has passed.
What day is 100 days after your birthday?
Make a list of the hundred most important people and tell why they are important.
Compare weights and lengths of 100 different sets of objects.
Write a story about 100 years from now.
Use the numbers 1-9 in order and any operational symbols to make a number sentence equal to 100.
Make a class chart of foods having 100 calories or less per serving.
How many times can you find 100 in the newspaper?
Collect 100 cans or  $100 for charity.
Make a chain with 100 pieces of almost anything,( i.e. paper chain, popcorn chain, etc..)

Dice Roll
Roll the dice 100 times and graph which numbers came up the most. least...
Chris Gulotta
Tallahassee, FL

Give students 100 stick pretzels and some frosting. Have them build something with the pretzels. Linda Brossman ~ Vandalia , Michigan

Noticing that some students have trouble bouncing a ball in one place, I told them we would be bouncing a ball 100 times. You need red playground balls, basketballs, any ball that bounces easily and  pieces of paper(8 1/2 x 11). The students had 2 days to practice. We would be doing it as a class. They were to remember feet apart, firm hand, wait for the ball to hit their hand and push to the piece of paper. The ball had to hit the paper.
Carol Matheney
Lock Haven/PA

100 Balloons
Fill 100 balloons with helium and let them hang from all over the classroom ceiling.  Much more "environmentally correct" than releasing them into the air.
Carolyn Angelo
Nashville, TN

Food and Nutrition Ideas
100 Foods

Have students list 20 foods in each of the five food guide pyramid groups. They might want to form teams and see who completes their list first.

100 Foods Garland

Draw or use graphics to make coloring pages of foods in the five groups, five per page. Copy and distribute to students to color and cut out; 20 students will color a total of 100 pictures. Tape to a string or yarn and decorate the school cafeteria or classroom.

100 Fruits and Vegetables

Have students compete to see who eats 100 fruits and vegetables first (striving for five to nine servings a day).

100 Milk Cartons

Have students compete to see who drinks 100 cartons of milk first. Can also be broken down into different milk flavors: 100 chocolate, 100 skim, etc. A tracking chart could be made that rewards students with little "bones" or "teeth" to remind them of why milk is important for nutrition.

100th Breakfast

See who eats 100 school breakfasts first, emphasizing the importance of breakfast every day for good health and better school work.

100 Trail Mix

Have students wash their hands well, pass out disposable gloves if possible, reminding them about keeping food safe to eat. Students then can count out 100 pieces of various trail mix ingredients following a recipe. For example: 25 Raisins, 15 Dried Banana Chips, 20 Peanuts (check for allergies first!) (could substitute pretzel sticks instead), 10 Candy Coated Chocolate Bits(not too many!), 30 Cheerios or Mini Shredded Wheat cereal bites.

Camilla M. Loehrer
Nutrition Education Coordinator
Food Services Department Tucson Unified School District

100 Cheerios
Have each student count out 10 piles of 10 Cheerios. Then they put them on a piece of string for a necklace.

100 Gym Activities
In the gym, set up 10 stations with activities to do 10 times each, such as 10 shots with the floor hockey puck, 10 throws with the scoops to a partner, 10 jumping jacks, 10 ball bounces, 10 skips with a rope, 10 throws with beanbags into a container, 10 shots with a basketball, 10 circles with a hoola hoop, 10 bounces on the small trampoline, and 10 juggles with scarves.
Susan Burko ~ Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

More Ideas...
Challenge your class or grade group to bring 100 cans of non-perishable goods to donate to local Food Bank.
Put together a 100 piece puzzle.
Have each student bring a collection of 100 items and use a balance scale to compare weights and record using <, > or =.
Create a height chart using large graph paper and have children create a graph by coloring squares (I had to divide the large squares into 2 to make it manageable). Very visual!!
Create a 100 Day placemat using stamps and stickers in 10 large circles on 18 x 24 manila tag paper.
Linda Huizenga ~ Stirling, Ont., Canada

Make 100 eye glasses with numbers 1 and 00 would be were the eyes go with construction paper.
Have them get 100 signatures.
Have them bring 100 pieces of cereal to school in a baggie and have breakfast.
Kina Marlatt

Read 100 books on the 100th day of school. Have students work together towards this goal and estimate how many books each child will have to read for them to reach 100. Students record the title, author and a sentence about their favorite part on a paper circle. I then tape the circles along the wall with a bookworm head at the start saying "We read 100 books on the 100th day of school!". This works well with grade 1 or 2 students since they are often reading shorter books.
Lisa Black ~ Toronto, Ontario

100 Day Cake
Make 2 round layer cakes and cut a square out of the center of each to make the zeros.  Then put the 2 squares together to make the "1".  Have students help frost and decorate the cake with 100 goodies such as m&m's gummy bears , Skittles...Admire and enjoy!
Jacqueline Waite ~ Wantagh, NY

Let each student place their name on a graph titled, "How Many Licks to Eat a Popsicle?".  They predict will it take more or less than 100 licks.  Then give each student a popsicle and have them place a tally mark on a blank sheet of paper for each lick.  When they are finished they circle groups of ten to make counting easier.  This is a fun way to answer the graph question!
Connie Reynolds ~ Huntsville, Alabama
The students collect a 100 juice or 1/2 gallon milk cartons to build Humpty Dumpty's wall.  Put a Humpty Dumpty on top of the wall.  And show off a wall that just will not fall!
Helen - Ambridge, PA

I am a special education teacher in New York City.  My population is mildly retarded, learning disabled, students with ADHD.  My idea is an outshoot of the "I can write 100 words!"  The first step is to cut long strips of colored construction paper,.  Next, have the students write a word on each strip.  Last, when they reach 100 words, staple the strips together to make a personal word chain for each child.  I have used it and it works.  ENJOY!
Kathy Boyer, New York City

100 Day Hats
Have the children bring in a hat from home that is covered in 100 of the same item. For example, they could bring in a baseball hat which had 100 buttons sewn onto it.

Use unifix  cubes to make a 100 cube long pattern. The students can decide on the type pattern they would like. Have the students explain their pattern to the class.
 A-B pattern  AA-BB pattern  ABCD pattern

Janice Scott~
Longview, Texas

Zero the Hero
We count how many days of school each morning. Whenever the number has a zero, ( 10, 20, 30....) the Zero Hero leaves a note with a treat, stickers or awards for the whole class. On the 100th day of school, I have a friend coming to school dressed up as a Zero Hero. We made a silver cape with zeros, 100 eyeglasses and she paints her face with glitter. Her hair is done with  twirled pipe cleaners. The kids had a great time asking her questions!!!
Claudia Maldonado ~ Monterrey, Mexico

100 Pieces of Candy

Hide 100 pieces of candy in the room. After a hunt for them, have each person call out how many pieces she/he found while everyone adds the total on calculators.
 Collect 100 autographs.
 Kia Brabson ~ Wilmington, Delaware

Scavenger Hunt

Have a "100 Day" Scavenger Hunt. Students will follow directions throughout the school and pick up ziplock bags with 100 items in each (toothpicks, paperclips, etc.) They work in teams and there are enough bags at each site with the team number on each bag. You can incorporate cardinal directions in your directions. You need to ask teachers and staff if you can place a bag in their area because the kids become quite excited when looking. You need to give yourself enough time to hide each ziplock bag before students begin their hunt. Remember the first direction leads them to the first bag and then the next direction will be in that spot and so on and so on. The final area should have directions leading them back to your classroom.
Rita Garrett ~ Farmington, NM


Using a 10-inch strip, have the children measure 100 inches. 
Children stick 100 stars on a strip of adding machine tape. 
Children sing, to the of 100 Bottles of Pop on the Wall,
                 100 days of school
                 100 days of school
                 Take one away
                 What do you say?
                  99 days of school.
And so on.
 Have children decorate a t-shirt or sweatshirt with 100 of something.  (i.e.: safety pins, buttons, bows, handprints, etc.)  
Shawn Clark ~ Eleanor, WV
Have your students explore how many different ways they can make 100 cents.  This activity works best in a small group with a bag of coins.  You will be amazed when your students decide that 10 dimes, 20 nickels, one dollar, and many more combinations equals 100 cents!  Have fun!
Angie Hummell, Macon, GA
On the 100th Day of school we have the students dress like what they think they will look like when they turn 100 years old; old clothes, make fake mustache, put powder in hair for grey hair it funny and lots of fun.
 Gay Duhon -Louisiana

100 Minutes of Reading
I got this idea from another teacher in my school, Debbie Barlup.  She tells her students they are going to read for 100 minutes.  Using a chart, you can graph the amount of time read (kind of like a thermometer).  She has them bring in a towel, blanket, pillow, etc. and has them spread out around the classroom to read on their own.  Time is totaled of the students reading as well as being read to and it is charted on the "thermometer" every 10 minutes until they reach 100 minutes.  She says the kids love this!
Tanya Spengler ~Alburtis, PA

Crowns and Balloons
We make these crowns the day before the 100th day so we can wear them
on the actual day. I have 10-14 items that the students can choose from. (small colored squares of paper, toothpicks, types of beans, stickers, corn kernels etc.) They than can choose 10 of 10 items to glue on crowns that I have precut from manilla paper with the number 100 preprinted on the crown. They love showing off their 100 crowns.
With the assistance of older students, I have 100 balloons blown up and
ready for us scattered throughout the gym. At the count of 3, the
students scramble and try to pop 100 balloons.
Monica Yankus ~ Plattsmouth, NE

I use 100 empty water bottles and insert a recipe  card inside with the number 1-100. The children set them up like dominos and then knock them down.
 Alma Buffone ~ Ontario, Canada

 One Hundred Pops for the 100th Day
 Place on the floor bubble wrap that has 100 bubbles. The class first needs to decide how many jumps each child would get to pop the 100 bubbles. The bubble wrap with larger bubbles works the best. Have children jump on the bubble wrap.
Mary Lou Damjanovich ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

My daughter is in K4. We were asked to bring 100 of something, so we went to the local Dollar Store and bought 100 piece puzzles for each class member. For the party we made cupcakes and arranged them as the number "100." My daughter was so excited. She thought it was a real Holiday.
Sachia Poole ~ Starkville, MS

100 Kisses
I placed dot stickers (found at Wal-Mart) on the bottom of Hershey Kisses and numbered them 1-100. Then I hid them around the room and my students had a 100 hunt. After they found all the kisses we placed them on a piece of grid paper and counted them. When we were finished we had a great chocolate treat. They really enjoyed it.
Kim Ford ~ Hooks, Texas

100 Thankful Hearts
Divide up 100 heart templates between a group of students. Each student writes " I am thankful for...." and fills in the blank and illustrates if time. Display all of the thankful hearts in a hallway display in the shape of the number 100.
Rebecca Holly ~ Renfrew, Ontario

One Hundred Days in Music class….
Students could make a list of 100 musical instruments or 100 songs or 100 composers. Older students could explore what music will look like in 100 years or learn about what music was like 100 years ago…
Tami Gaudreau; Ashland, WI

Roll two dice of different colors 100 times. Record the amount of times the numbers 1-6 come up on each dice on a data table. After recording the data make a double bar graph based on the information recorded on the data table.
Katherine Biggens

100 Donations to Charity
When my daughter was in Kindergarten in 2005 right after the Tsunami, she gathered the names of 100 people who pledged donation to the Red Cross ear-marked for the Tsunami victims.  After which, she collected the pledges and mailed them to the Red Cross on behalf of her class. You could apply this to any charity.
Lisa Fannin ,Wooster, OH




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