» What is the BMW Car Club of America?
» How is the club organized?
» What services are available to me?
» What services can I expect from my local chapter?
» What are some of the Club "buzzwords" I should know?
» What is Oktoberfest?
» What is Techfest?
» What is the history of the Marque?

What is the BMW Car Club of America?
BMW CCA was founded by Boston-area BMW enthusiasts in 1969 just as BMW of North America was increasing its sales with the 2002, a fast and fun 2-door sedan. The Club began as an owner-support network and has grown to include owners nationwide of classic and current models. BMW CCA offers a comprehensive range of services and maintains a strong, independent relationship with BMW of North America.
With more than 75,000 members in 75 chapters, BMW CCA is the world’s largest association of BMW owners. Mini owners are also welcome.

How is the club organized?
BMW CCA is a not-for-profit corporation, with it's headquarters at the national office in Greenville, S.C., a few miles from BMW’s Spartanburg factory. BMW CCA supports BMWs but is independent of BMW AG and BMW North America. The club is governed by an elected Board of Directors that meets quarterly. Five Regional Vice Presidents, who serve on the Board, represent the interests of our many Chapters. Each Chapter is an independent corporation chartered by BMW CCA and operates within minimum standards of service to the membership.
BMW CCA established the BMW CCA Foundation (www.bmwccafoundation.org) in Greer, S.C., to support BMW preservation and maintenance, maintain a library of information, and support driver safety.

What services are available to me?
Roundel is our national, monthly magazine.Filled with features, monthly columns, product reviews and technical information. As a member, you may place two free 30 word ads or one free 50 word ad per month in the magazine's classified-ad section.

BMWCCA.org (this site) lets BMW fans converse, pose technical questions, post photos of their BMWs, join BMW CCA, renew memberships, and submit classified ads that can run online, in Roundel, or both. You must join BMWCCA.org (the site) to post comments; that’s free. You must join BMW CCA (the club) for full access to the site; basic membership is $40 yearly.

Technical Service Advisors provide assistance to members confronted with technical questions. The TSA's are supported by service and technical bulletins from BMW NA, assuring up-to-date information.You can reach them online at BMWCCA.org or by phoneThe Club Ombudsmen serve as intermediaries for members unable to resolve problems with manufacturers, dealers, repair shops, parts suppliers and others. See the Contact Us page here or in Roundel for information on reaching them.

The Club Library, located within the national office, offers a range of BMW related information in a variety of media.

Many BMW dealerships and Independents offer discounts on parts and service to BMW Car Club members. BMW CCA Member Rewards currently include rebates of $500 to $1,000 on most new BMWs for members with a year’s uninterrupted membership.

Special Interest Groups, and Registers are independantly organized to provide information about specific or rare BMWs. Activities provided by the SIGs range from driving events to web-based digests to publications and news bulletins.

Friends of BMW, the Club's glovebox guide, lists volunteer members worldwide offering help to the traveling member who encounters difficulty on the road. BMW Dealers throughout the US are also listed. Friends of BMW can be a real lifesaver and is available from the national office for a modest fee to members only; it’s free to those who agree to be listed.

What services can I expect from my local chapter?
Local chapters publish newsletters at least quarterly to inform you about upcoming events. Most have websites. Most chapters host monthly meetings, as well as offering driving, technical and social events. Your chapter is also your liaison with local dealers and independent shops, and, as noted above, can assist you with obtaining discounts on parts and services.

What are club "buzzwords" I should know?

  • Autocross - A competitive non-speed driving event in which each car competes individually against the clock.
  • Bimmer - Slang for BMW. Beemer is for motorcycles.
  • Concours - A clean car competition in which cars are judged for condition, appearance and authenticity.
  • Corral - A BMW gathering at one of many major sports car races across the USA. It offers protected parking, refreshments and great company.
  • Driver Schools - A supervised opportunity to drive on some of the nation's most famous courses. Students are divided into novice, intermediate and advanced groups for braking, cornering and other skill improvement classes.
  • Gymkhana - A competitive non-speed driving event similar to an autocross, but generally a lot less serious. Usually a driver and passenger compete against the clock while attempting various driving/agility challenges.
  • Rally - A competitive non-speed driving event in which the driver and navigator attempt to get from point A to point B on the open road in a specified amount of time while following intricate directions.

What is Oktoberfest?
Oktoberfest, our annual national club gathering, includes non-speed competitive driving events, technical sessions, vendor displays,a BMW CCA Club Race, presentations, and socializing with fellow members. Oktoberfest 2008 is Sept. 23-27 in Watkins Glen, N.Y.

What is the history of the Marque?
BMW, the manufacturer, began in Munich the early 1900s, with motorcycle and aircraft engine production. In the 1920's BMW bought the Dixi Works, and began its line of cars. By the 1930's BMW was a world-renowned manufacturer. BMW suffered through the post-World War II years and the 1950's, despite producing some high-quality V-8's, including the legendary 507 sports convertible. Recovery in the early 1960's grew out of placing their reliable motorcycle engine in a small sedan, the 700, and the sports sedan concept beginning with the 1600/2002. Today, BMW is recognized as one of the world's finest producers of sports sedans. BMW brought Rover Group in 1997, then divested Rover except for the Mini brand, and gained rights to Rolls-Royce in 1993. BMW Group in 2006 sold 1,373,926 cars: 1,185,049 BMWs, 188,072 Minis, and 805 Rolls-Royce motorcars. In the U.S., BMW of North America, established in 1975, has about 340 BMW dealers in the U.S., 80 Mini dealers, and 25 Rolls-Royce dealers. 2006 sales in the U.S. were 313,603, including 274,432 BMWs and 39,171 Minis. BMW also sold 100,064 motorcycles worldwide.