There was a precise economic function of information.
The majority began processing on the upper Net, and also the majority of crime developed in the upper Net.
And even in the existing stage of the Upper Net, personality, individuality, and human information can be uploaded or downloaded.
If there's going to be a possible way to change those things, there must be courage.
The possibility is high that criminals will finish what they were going to do.
At that time, if it can be stopped, the controlling side might oppose them.
And with criminals controlling both sides, all types of investigation, protection, and violent activity were done in the Upper Net.
Because of this, the criminals and criminal investigators were provided with safety, but who knows if there will be more to that.
Only under certain circumstances could general people use the Net Sphere and Base reality ((word I don't know.))
It's called Living In The Net and time is probably well recieved.
At that time, it is inevitable that the concept of the Net Terminal Gene comes to existence.

[On the subject of Individuality #1]
By the way, human beings have reached to all the boundaries of information.
The easiest hypothesis is that because of genes. The Upper Net's information became sectioned and genes became the key to reach the furthest extent of rational thought.
If fragments of human cells were endowed with special genes, then that "toreesu" ((I don't know what this word is, but it's possibly 'trace')) will be completed.
The arrangement of genes is different in every individual.
Because of that, the Upper Net's individuality extends only to those with a particular gene set.
After the decision is made on a set, it works with that human's information.
This can be done in the Net with interconnected PCs supposing that they have unlimited capabilities.
All information can be accurately preserved forever.
But, that accuracy is restricted as information will swap and its maintanence has restrictions.
Also, in the end, even vital information won't be completely whole.
Also, this will absolutely occur in order for the accumulating of noise. In barely more than a second, the complex information of Nature is upset.
In short, there is an outward appearance and also instantaneous change.
The Upper Net's form shifts and individuality transfer is possible, but somewhere, human information is preserved.
Afterwards, thinking is like transferring.

The actual world is similar to above described world, only with the Net society magnified.
The Net has not come into existence yet, but the Upper Net will be in place before long.
Once that happens, the flawless OS will take over the world and the Netsphere will come to be.
If there is a Netsphere, it might still have the original A.I.
But the chaotic situation of society gives it individuality. Also, it will certainly go wild.
Only the administration becomes flawless. AI removal functions.
The Net Terminal Gene is accepted as the Utility pass to the Netsphere.
Safeguards control the self-reliant Netsphere's management.

[Safeguard 2] First of all, how the artificial intelligence was born. This process is not well understood anyway. In the far future, "HAL" comes in to being.
It might not have been very extensive in the beginning, but the first one's name was Hal, wasn't it?
At that existing stage, by using the OS, Hal's failure was in trying to understand what was impossible.
Then the strongarm atom ((I don't know what a strongarm atom is, but I think this is a metaphore for Safeguard)) comes into existence, but in my opinion it's not very meaningful.
It is most suitable on the interface, so that's where it is used.
But with all that, I think it's wasteful.
Safeguards are used most because of Criminal doings. The Safeguard's enemies are criminals using the Net for evil purposes.
These are evil persons nesting in the upper net and troublesome Net people.
After they finish discarding their bodies, they become Silicon Humans.
The untamed AI that opposes them is an operation of mobolized machines called "Extermination Safeguard".
These are mostly composed of simple AI loaded on to artificial bodies.
The exception are Safeguards who can deal with human irrational behavior. Their high end AI are loaded onto high ranking Safeguard bodies.
((This next sentence is really hard. Here's my best try: ))
According to ((something?)) the High Ranking Safeguards are there for emergencies to avoid ((bad stuff?)) which is their foundation. They don't ((or do)) do human continuation with a long, set period of time ((to do it in?)).
((Sorry for that.))
But in registration, there is no fighting program with the section of Infiltration Investigation Officials.

[Neutral Gender Type]
People, being living things, mostly pass down their genes through artificial ways.
They are called "Neutral Gender types".
Maybe in the beginning they started reproducing through transplants.

[Killy/Memory disorder?]
In Killy's situation, he has lived for a very long time and his brain's memory process must have withstood a lot.
Perhaps 30-50 years of life can be recalled with human memory.
Killy's case has become an unreasonable situation. Whatever small pre- Netsphere collapsing memories he has remaining are slowing being taken away.
The question is, I wonder if he can even use those.....

[World 6/Megastructure 2]
The BLAME! world's network's persisting basic structure is called the Megastructure.
The computer making up the Network has a performance capacity of nearly infinite processing speed and memory capacity, but the Application's processing period problem remains.
Capacity is infinite, and speed is infinite too, but in reality, it is not infinite because a limiting period process needs to exist.
The result is that a far-off distant piece of data can be loaded instantly.
In short, the problem of transferring is over.
However in that situation, in addition to the computer's management, can the translation say?, in the megastructure, the N Dimension can collapse. Maybe it doesn't exist in the computer's "Temporary Thought" hardware.
The substance has merely a molecular or atomic level size. Inside that section is the recording medium and in that space is memory room.
In there, with that software, the temporary memory of the computer gets faster.
The problem is that the physical chips pile up and by gravity's laws, they are cleared.

[Language Foundation]
Today's internet's OS runs on a UNIX foundation. The Netsphere also runs on a foundation, but it's a more far-off, advanced system.
That system serves as a medium, as living organisms such as Governors, High level Safeguards, Silicon Life, and AI have their own individual OS, perhaps to excersize control over living things.
Silicon Life and Safeguard's use the same computer language because both of their processes overlap.
Referring to their long bodies, it's noticeable that parts of the OS are equal.
Just as a thought, maybe in the beginning while the Safeguard's basic body was being produced, the Silicon Life rivals used the system (for stealing?) and evolved from it?
By the way, about the human language foundation, it naturally doesn't have an elimination device. Brain systems have come to be supported through only the OS.
For example, human's can't do things like backing up their entire system. (The device system can do it. Cibo also came to be able to do that too.)
Also, up until it starts, humans are put in order and apart from individual readings and some others being allowed, Brain support is the one means of communicating data. Page 83
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