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2007 Game of the Year Awards

The Best Damn Games of 2007

Break out the noisemakers and the root beer, kids! It’s time for our first annual Crispy Gamer Awards.

by the Crispy Gamer Staff - Feb. 1, 2008

Update: Already read Part One? Skip right to Page 9 for Part Two!

Bloated from our annual overdose of figgy pudding and already having broken eight of our 10 New Year’s resolutions -- update: make that nine out of 10 (stupid Cool Ranch Doritos; try as we might, we simply cannot resist your siren call) -- the Crispy Staff locked itself away in a tiny, overheated room with only the essentials:

  • A dozen pizzas.
  • Four cases of Red Bull.
  • One overexcited rhesus monkey.

Minutes turned into hours. Hours turned into days. Day two: The monkey began flinging its feces at us with alarming accuracy. Day three: Someone wrote REDRUM in Chapstick on the wall. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into…OK, it really only took a few hours, along with several rounds of voting, for us to sort out the Game of the Year.

So how did we come to our final decisions on which titles deserved the all the accolades? Twenty-five writers worked together to draw up a list of categories, then offered three nominations in each respective category. Using a weighted voting system -- the top nominations earned three points; a writer’s second choice earned two; the final selection, a mere one -- we arrived at what we believe to be a fair and balanced representation of the Crispy Staff’s picks for the best of the best in 2007.

What exactly do these chosen, gold-standard titles win? A trip to the Poconos? A soothing foot rub from Peter Molyneux? A gift certificate to Arby’s?

Well, they don’t really win anything.

Unless of course you count a slick Crispy Gamer award logo and our undying love and respect…which you should most definitely count.

What you are about to encounter are the solid-gold, can’t-stop-playing-them-until-I’ve-permanently-altered-my-eyeglasses-
prescription, triple-A titles that shipped in 2007.

We’re proud to present to you the 2007 -- and first annual -- Crispy Gamer Awards.


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