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In the year 1991 NSK has been re-defined from an Organisation to a State. A state in time, a state without territory and national borders, a sort of "spiritual, virtual state". It has issued an original NSK passport and everybody can become its holder and therefore a citizen of the NSK State. The Passport can be used creatively, also as a official travel document, naturally with a certain hazard to its owner. With use, such passports can become rare (artistic) documents, and with the years their value can grow.

NSK is opening its embassies and consular offices world-wide. They operate as creative institutions, but still possess no permanent character. Within such an embassy, lectures are held, discussions, meetings, project presentations and various campaigns take place. An embassy was open for a month in Moscow in 1992, another one in Ghent in 1993, and the same year a three-day "NSK State Territory" in Berlin Volksbuehne Theatre (8.10-10.10.1993) and a consulate in Florence was proclaimed. NSK will continue to work on the development of such embassies into permanent NSK centres in the coming decade.

The NSK state denies in its fundamental acts the categories of fixed territory, the principle of national borders, and advocates the law of transnationality. Besides NSK members the beneficiaries of the right to citizenship are thousands all over the world, people of different religions, races, nationalities, sexes and beliefs. The right to citizenship is aquired through ownership of the passport.

The passport is numbered and untransferable; its validity is limited and renewable. By signing the adjoining statement the holder pledges to participate on a best-effort basis to support the integrity of the NSK State, and not misuse the passport for criminal, ideological, religious or political purposes conflicting with the contents of NSK and/or jeopardising the reputation and good name of NSK. The holder's statistics are logged in the confidential (protected) register of NSK citizens. Citizenship ceases with the expiriation, return or confiscation of the passport.