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EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006

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AirVenture Today is published by the Experimental Aircraft Association for EAA AirVenture from July 23 - July 30. It is distributed free on the convention grounds as well as other locations in Oshkosh and surrounding communities. Stories and photos are copyrighted 2006 by EAA AirVenture Today and EAA. Reproduction by any means is prohibited without written consent.

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Relive the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration through EAA AirVenture Today Online.

EAA AirVenture Today stories by topic

SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2006

  • Annual whirlwind drawing to a close  Read more
  • WASP: How women helped win a war  Read more
  • Poberezny: EAA to shift resources, keep core programming  Read more
  • AeroShell Square Building to honor memory of Daryl Lenz  Read more
  • Flying for the cure  Read more
  • General aviation challenges on the horizon  Read more
  • One Six Right packs ’em in  Read more
  • Warbird favorites as diverse as AirVenture  Read more
  • A dream come true  Read more
  • Fly a mile in these shoes  Read more
  • Pegasus Interactive releases VFLITE GPSMAP 396 interactive guide  Read more
  • Sen. Inhofe stands up for GA during annual AirVenture visit  Read more
  • NASA’s homebuilder, astronaut, EAA member visits AirVenture  Read more
  • Aircraft Awards Read more
  • EAA Seaplane Base shows another side of aviation, AirVenture  Read more
  • Going home  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • Oshkosh restorer rehabbing man’s father’s plane  Read more
  • Next-generation engine monitors arrive at AirVenture Read more
  • GAMI: Propelling aircraft engines into the future Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more


  • A broader selection at the LSA Mall this year  Read more  
  • Gathering of Eagles event tops the $1 million mark  Read more  
  • Largest kit builder working on LSA  Read more  
  • Dueling DUATS  Read more  
  • Cessna’s Jack Pelton receives Key to the City award  Read more  
  • After 35 years of AirVentures, FAA staffer to retire  Read more  
  • Mustangs and Legends to gather for the last time  Read more
  • AeroShell Square Building to honor memory of Daryl Lenz  Read more
  • The longest route to Oshkosh  Read more

  • B-1 pilot flies Young Eagles in his Bonanza  Read more

  • ASTM standards support development and safety of LSA  Read more
  • For NASA staff, AirVenture is unique Read more
  • Autogiro: a "bottle rocket" with radial Read more
  • FAA proposes removing area proficiency requirements for Warbirds  Read more
  • SkyWatch chosen for WMU fleet  Read more
  • EAA Annual Meeting today at Theater in the Woods  Read more
  • Sennheiser introduces HMEC 460  Read more
  • A really big show  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • Ask Tom Read more

FRIDAY, JULY 28, 2006

  • Eclipse 500 first certified VLJ  Read more  
  • Type certificate keeps Navions up to date  Read more  
  • NASAO Celebrates 75th Anniversary  Read more  
  • Adam Aircraft prepares to join VLJ onslaught  Read more  
  • Persistence pays: Johnson family finds original Sikorsky S-38  Read more
  • Award winner surprised at presentation  Read more  
  • E85 Flex Fuel Vehicles available under Ford partner recognition plan Read more  
  • Two fastest production singles make AirVenture debut  Read more  
  • Socata stresses TBM-850 performance, demand  Read more
  • FAA: "Preserve and strengthen 51% Rule"  Read more  
  • Work groups report on aging aircraft Read more  
  • Aviation premiere audience likes Flyboys  Read more  
  • AirVenture 2005 planes move up to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum  Read more
  • Group hopes to retrieve Halifax, honor U.S. vets who served in RCAF  Read more
  • NASA brings education materials to AirVenture  Read more
  • Timeless summer  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • Win a new Ford truck while preparing aviation’s next generation Read more
  • Test your skills at Roush Dyno Display at Ford Hangar  Read more
  • Longtime volunteer marks 90th birthday  Read more
  • Pilot Briefings  Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more


  • FAA administrator brings news on medicals, user fees  Read more
  • Diamond D-Jet VLJ debuts at AirVenture  Read more
  • Hurricane Katrina rescue/relief missions close to home for U.S. Customs pilot  Read more
  • A more than 51% 51  Read more
  • Hamill’s air show tells story of hard work, perseverance  Read more
  • Transition: An airplane that you can drive  Read more
  • The whole world’s listening  Read more
  • Something from (almost) nothing: P-40K is the new reality in warbird restoration  Read more
  • ‘The best bombing of the war’  Read more
  • Cirrus confirms its working on a personal jet  Read more
  • Aerobatic, skywriting duo make it look easy  Read more
  • Metalworking  Read more
  • Something old, something new, on the way to Mars  Read more
  • Sonex offers discount for schools building planes  Read more
  • The distinct connection between weather, groundspeed, and mood  Read more
  • The airport owner from Pennsylvania... a family reunion... and, the gift that keeps on giving  Read more
  • Checklist for success  Read more
  • Pilot Briefings  Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more


  • Honda to enter the VLJ market and form alliance with Piper  Read more
  • Record crowd sees SpaceShipOne exhibit dedication  Read more
  • "Here comes the judge!"  Read more
  • Young Eagles volunteers recognized  Read more
  • No extension for ultralight pilots and trainers planning sport pilot upgrade  Read more
  • Lancaster bomber arrives today  Read more
  • Crossfield is Freedom of Flight award recipient  Read more
  • GA unified against airlines’ GA user fee proposal  Read more
  • AAA Ford Fusion race car simulator makes pit stop at EAA AirVenture  Read more
  • Simple Green creates Aircraft & Precision Cleaner  Read more
  • Bird wants to encourage building from scratch  Read more
  • Tucker hasn’t lost nerve despite crash  Read more
  • CFI’s Guide to Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft  Read more
  • ColorEyes for pilots needing prescription eyewear  Read more
  • Wright Master Pilot Award presented  Read more
  • Making it easier to buy a Cirrus  Read more
  • Model takes the heat for the space shuttle  Read more
  • Pilot Briefings  Read more
  • Diamond snags fleet order for Twin Star and D-Jet  Read more
  • Yes, you can build an airplane!  Read more
  • Gaggle of 16  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • "Good progress" toward implementing sport pilot/light-sport aircraft rule  Read more
  • Brain cancer awareness to take flight Read more
  • Superior, Flying join with Challenge Air to help disabled children  Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2006

  • Proofs positive  Read more
  • There’s always something happening at the Ford Hangar  Read more
  • SpaceShipOne exhibit dedicated 9 a.m. today  Read more
  • Canon offers free camera loans  Read more
  • Matt Kenseth to Appear at Ford Hangar Read more
  • Children have their own activity hangar at AirVenture  Read more
  • EAA & FAA partner to create amateur-built DARs  Read more
  • Congressman Graves lands at EAA AirVenture  Read more
  • Dan Johnson receives LAMA award   Read more
  • Women Soar helps girls’ career options take flight  Read more
  • TCM celebrates 100th anniversary at AirVenture  Read more
  • Brazil to AirVenture, three hours at a time  Read more
  • Blue Angels make first stop at Oshkosh  Read more
  • Look Who’s Listening…  Read more
  • At NASA exhibit, classic spacecraft shape is still out of this world  Read more
  • 2006 AirVenture Cup draws 60 racers  Read more
  • Forum to discuss GA user fees  Read more
  • New benefits to be announced at ‘Member Benefits Blowout’  Read more
  • Ripon arrival, with thunderstorms  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • Air Academy campers, grads thank James Ray for support  Read more
  • EAA Fly-In Theater enjoys a grand opening  Read more
  • Surprise dedication  Read more
  • Poberezny to present EAA President's Awards tonight  Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more

MONDAY, JULY 24, 2006

  • EAA president welcomes you to AirVenture  Read more
  • Cessna to unveil proof-of-concept light-sport aircraft  Read more
  • Aviation-world premiere of ‘Flyboys’ at AirVenture  Read more
  • Maloney receives prestigious air racing award  Read more
  • Safety first in Warbirds area on air show days  Read more
  • A turned-around design  Read more
  • FAA & DOT heads to visit AirVenture  Read more
  • Sport pilots can fly at AirVenture under ultralight procedures  Read more
  • Barnes Sargent’s stories hook readers on aviation thrills  Read more
  • The early birds  Read more
  • At NASA exhibit, what goes up must… well… go up  Read more
  • Fill ’er up with an All-Star  Read more
  • New exhibit makes AirVenture museum an air, space museum  Read more
  • It’s a much bigger Beaver  Read more
  • Cessna’s join mass arrival tradition  Read more
  • Why Oshkosh brings us all together  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • Warbirds of America and FAA work together to “keep ’em flying”  Read more
  • AirVenture with a splash  Read more
  • Chelton Flight Systems to receive Raspet Award  Read more
  • Danny Clisham to receive 2006 Bill Barber Award  Read more
  • Light jets everywhere  Read more
  • Ask Tom  Read more

SUNDAY, JULY 23, 2006

  • You’re at the Center of the Aviation Universe Read more  
  • U.S. Navy Blue Angels Flight Team to makes special EAA AirVenture fly-bys on July 28  Read more  
  • Meet Blue Angels Pilot, See Aircraft at AeroShell Square Read more  
  • Beach Boys ready to rock at AirVenture Monday evening Read more  
  • NASA to display shuttle engine, next generation vehicle mock-up at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Read more  
  • ‘Carnauba’ S-38 returns to AirVenture Read more  
  • Here’s to you, C-172!  Read more  
  • Cessna Base Camp in the North 40  Read more
  • What do you want to know?  Read more
  • Meet and greet your favorite aviation writers at Author’s Corner Read more
  • National GA Award recipients announced  Read more
  • Don’t miss this week’s spectacular Warbirds air shows Read more
  • From the road to the sky; Experience it at the Ford Hangar Read more
  • Celebrating the ‘Hallmarks of Homebuilding’ Read more
  • See aviation authorities, personalities at EAA AirVenture Museum Read more
  • Safety first in Warbirds area on air show days Read more
  • HondaJet to hold flight demonstration, technical briefing on Tuesday Read more
  • KidVenture 2006 offers riveting experience Read more
  • NAFI Provides Kids’ First Flight Instruction Read more
  • Get ‘One Six Right’ through EAA and help Young Eagles Read more
  • See outdoor movies at night on a 5-story-high screen Read more
  • Type clubs meet at AirVenture
  • Medical certification likely a hot topic at EAA AirVenture 2006 Read more
  • Look at What’s Happening at EAA Member Village Read more
  • Exciting pre-AirVenture program at Theater in the Woods Read more
  • B-1 to Arrive Monday Read more
  • Lockheed Super Constellation ‘Star of America’ returns to Oshkosh Read more
  • Warbirds in Review enters fourth year Read more
  • Warbirds Area to Feature New ‘WWII Training Command’ Display  Read more
  • Experience Air Crew Briefings at World War II Training Command Area  Read more
  • Kids restore Aeronca, plan trip to AirVenture Read more
  • Turtle on the runway  Read more
  • Around the Field  Read more
  • See rare Lockheed Electra Junior at AeroShell Square  Read more
  • See Canadian’s aviation pride on display Read more
  • USAF ‘Total Force Pavilion’ Returns to EAA AirVenture Read more
  • Canon offers free camera loans Read more
  • Ask Tom Read more
  • HAM (Amateur) Radio Read more

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