Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Best of E3 award, Computer Game Review '93
Adventure Game of the Year `94, Computer Gaming World
Adventure Game of the year, Strategy Plus

"The game is addictive, highly playable, and downright creepy. Gabriel Knight is one of the few games that approaches the skill of the cinema in transporting you to another world." PC Zone (UK) Mar `94

"Jane Jensen understands horror. Shirley Jackson, Anne Rice and Stephen King are her inspirations. These novelists should be proud of their admirer`s creation. It is a study in contrasts, a fascinating, and at times, frightening tale. . . . Sins of the Fathers stands a chance to be the kind of story we`ll never forget." Computer Gaming World Preview Nov '93

"When was the last time a computer adventure challenged your mind, made you laugh, and gave you the creeps? Sierra`s Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers manages to do all three." Computer Shopper, Apr '94

"This is one of the few games that is a joy to play but will scare the socks off you." PC Currents, Jan-Feb '94

"It would be exaggerating to claim Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers redefines its particular genre. In terms of intelligent and original adult entertainment, however, Jensen and company display creativity and style that`s bound to make Hollywood sit up and take notice." Computer, Jun '94

"Gabriel Knight is that rarity in computer games, a work that is artistic enough to convey a message and present realistic characters so that the player really cares. It is more of a vicarious experience than it is an intellectual exercise. The puzzles are integrated into the story line so effectively that the gamer feels like he or she is discovering more of the story, rather than jumping through a series of mental hoops to get to the next exceptional blend of art, game and understanding." Computer Gaming World, Preview, Nov '93

"Gabriel Knight`s plot is excellent, largely because its author, Jane Jensen, is an avid fan of horror and mature themed comics and has carefully developed the game along those lines. Although not particularly gory, Gabriel Knight will frighten many a player with its nightmares, scary sights, and dark secrets." Fangoria #133

"Gabriel Knight racks up enough Goth points to make Byron and Shelley flush with envy. With it`s evocative setting in New Orleans` French Quarter and an intelligently written storyline, it`s not accident this little gem was listed as one of the all-time top ten Gothic computer games by the newsgroup alt.gothic." PC Review internet, Feb '96

"Sierra hits us with one of the best games it has ever produced...Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is almost the ideal of a serious adventure game. It has puzzles that are challenging and fun, of course, but it surrounds them with vivid personalities and plot. If you`re after a game with the sophistication and emotional grip of a good novel, there`s nothing on the market that approaches Gabriel Knight." PC Player UK, Mar '96

"Jane Jensen, author of Gabriel Knight, has delivered an adult drama that combines mystery, suspense, romance, fear and the quest for self identity. A fan of the genre, her work reflects her influences. Like Stephen King, she juxtaposes innocence and danger. Like Hitchcock, she realizes that here must be humor to cleanse the emotional palate of the reader. Like Christie, she knows that sometimes the hardest things to find have been right under our noses all along." Strategy Plus review

"The pacing of the story is excellent, gradually building up a sense of foreboding and uneasiness until, towards the end the tension becomes quite incredible." PC Gamer, UK

"Gabriel Knight is a tremendous game, filled with atmosphere, horrific elements, occasional wit and a lot of charm...Play it, enjoy it and finish it. Then take out a pen and paper and demand a sequel from Sierra. We need more games like this!" Computer Game Review, Apr '94

Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within

Game of the Year, `96 from Computer Gaming World
Adventure Game of the Year, Strategy Plus, '95
Adventure Game of the Year, PC Gamer '96
Best Story award, Gamespot '96
Editor`s Choice Award, PC Gamer, Mar '96
Golden Triad award, Computer Game Review, Mar '96

"From dark minds come dark tales. Well, sort of. Jane Jensen, author of The Beast Within, seems to be a pretty normal sort. Until you consider that she has a dastardly penchant for writing mature mysteries that make '12 Monkeys' seem like a cute animal flick.... If mysteries are you passion, The Beast Within will leave you drooling." Billboard, Feb. 3, 1996

"Like a well-researched American Werewolf in Germany...this interactive movie easily surpasses most of the click-and-watch live-action CD-ROMs out there." Entertainment Weekly, "A-" review

"A cinematic horror story that delivers the level of genuinely chilling experience we associate with first-rate monster movies. Much of the credit goes to writer-designer Jane Jensen, who has created a game with well-defined characters and intricate plotting set in an intriguing world that combines historical fact with eerie folklore." Rolling Stone, May 2, '96

"The Beast Within does that rare thing - it takes a standard horror file icon, the werewolf, and recontextualizes it. It strips away the corny Hollywood lore burned into our brains via numerous B-grade horror films and turns it into a sleek and sexy mystery, one which may make you a believer in werewolfry." Strategy Plus, Mar '96

"It`s redundant to say a werewolf story is hair-raising, but this six-disc sequel to 1994`s Gabriel Knight hits its eerie tone with perfect pitch. Stirring music and splendid on-location photos set the stage for Jane Jensen`s craftily layered story." Computer Shopper Sept/Oct `96 Top 100 Guide

"Mystery lovers have always had it pretty easy. In the end, the author solves the mystery for them. That`s changed now. Powerful multimedia computers offer a new form of mystery, one that places you squarely in the action - and keeps you there until you solve the puzzles. An outstanding example of what is probably a new art form is The Beast Within, written and designed by Jane Jensen for Sierra On-Line." Larry Blasko, Associated Press

"It`s not everyday that you find an adventure game with its own libretto. But Jane Jensen, one of the driving forces at Sierra On-Line, is no ordinary game designer. Jensen`s The Beast Within, an ambitious sequel to the award-winning Sins of the Fathers, combines actual location shots and full-motion video clips to create an engaging world of supernatural suspense." Time Out New York, Feb '96

"The Beast Within is not just an intriguing mystery/adventure with loads of strong game play and outstanding full-motion video. It may also be the most thrilling - and chilling - history lesson you`ll ever take." PC Entertainment, Mar '96

"Both Gabriel Knight games have been something special. They are more than games, they are art." Computer Gaming World, Jun `96 Game of the Year award

"Jensen, who wrote and designed both games, emerges as a master of cheeky dialogue, splendid characterizations, and sensible puzzle construction." Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan '96

"A few years back, Disney`s Beauty and the Beast raised the bar for animated films, earning a Best Picture Oscar nomination. In terms of quality, The Beast Within does the same for adventure games." Computer Shopper, New York, May '96

"The new medium needs visionaries. It may have found one in Jane Jensen...The first Gabriel Knight was the best game of 1994. The Beast Within is better....An important and ground-breaking work." William R. Macklin, Associated Press

"The very best interactive, live-action video adventure game to date. Everything about it is first rate. The script weaves werewolf mythology and Bavarian history with sexual intrigue and businessmen`s quests for their primal roots. The puzzles and problems are challenging and cleverly integrated into the plot, and there is an ever-present sense of danger and anxiety. This is well-executed, mentally exhausting, and exciting entertainment." Gamespot review, '96

"I cannot do justice to what she [Jane Jensen] has done with GK2 with mere description: this is no simple werewolf story. The plot has elements of horror, mystery, intrigue, love...the list goes on. What`s more, it incorporates real-life persons and facts in an astonishingly integral manner. Bavaria`s King Ludwig II and Richard Wagner are both enmeshed, and quite well, in what is otherwise a beautiful work of fiction, and the way in which Ms. Jensen has managed it while keeping the story alive and fascinating and in line with good adventure gaming borders on brilliance." GamesDomain review

"In most games, the story is simply a way to get you from point A to point B, but in The Beast Within, the story is truly the driving force of the game. And what a story it is: A series of mysterious murders in Germany, a lost Wagner opera, and a cabal of werewolves are the major components of this tour de force of horror and historical intrigue. Writer Jane Jensen proved that computer games can be a viable and unique form of story-telling, and with any luck, her efforts will inspire others to strive for the same level of greatness." Gamespot, best story award article, '96

"I devoured this game as I would a good horror novel - which, in a sense, it is. Breathtaking visual impact, across-the-board good acting, a complex and engrossing story that builds to a truly horrifying climax: The Beast Within sets a new standard for interactive entertainment." PC Gamer, Apr '96

"Many companies have promised us 'interactive movies.` Sierra is one of the few that has delivered them. And this particular delivery is astounding. Almost every part of the game is live action, carried out professionally by talented actors. The plot of the game, particularly the part about King Ludwig II and Wagner`s missing opera, is worthy of a first-rate horror novel. Actually, considering the dreck being churned out by some horror authors these days, The Beast Within leaves them all far, far behind." Gamesmania review

Gabriel Knight:Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned

Best Adventure Game of Show, CES from IGN PC
1999 Gamer's Gazette/Future Games Network - Adventure game of the year
1999 CNET Gamecenter Adventure Game of the Year
1999 Adventure Game of the Year, Computer Games Magazine
1999 Computer Games Online Adventure Game of the Year
1999 PC Accelator Awards - Jane Jensen, All-Star Lead Writer
1999 PC Accelator Awards - Charity James as Grace Nakimura, Best Actress
Gamespot's 1999 Reader's Choice Awards: Adventure Game of the Year

"The third installment in Jane Jensen's brilliant supernatural sleuth games Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is the deepest and most mature of the series to date. A beautifully arching story line, which is obviously the result of painstaking research, twists and turns through a backdrop of gentle French country life. The result is a game that is as haunting as it is difficult and will compel gamers through its refreshingly long story. " DailyRadar review

"Jane Jensen, the game's designer and writer, is an amazing--and gutsy--storyteller. " Gamecenter review

"I've just finished playing the best adventure game that's ever graced my hard drive, and I'm still reeling from the experience almost a day later. We adventurers may have been skeptical that Jane Jensen could deliver the goods again, given the switch to 3D technology. After all, some recent attempts by adventure games to utilize the new medium have managed to produce a bit of eye candy (where all the budget goes), and rather little else of any substance. Well, let me assure you, spending only the first hour with Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned (hereafter, GK3) is enough to turn even the most hardened skeptic, like me, into a believer!" Games Domain

"It unfolds with the eeriness of reality gone mad - sinister, dark and thoroughly engrossing." Gamezone

"The story is as intriguing as any movie - but you're not just sitting there eating popcorn, you're creating a disguise, ducking a razor-sharp pendulum, and solving an insanely elaborate poem/clue with the aid of your laptop - and waiting to see if Gabriel and Grace will stop bickering long enough to finally have sex. With all that, who needs a grenade launcher? " TIME Digital review

"The cinematic game features a meaty storyline and memorable characters. Gabriel Knight 3 is adventure gaming at its zenith. " Incite Magazine

"This game is a triumph of storytelling. . . In short, GK3 is probably one of the best titles released this year.", rating 92% "pure gold"

"Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned tackles one of the most fundamental and well-established belief systems in the world--the religion of Christianity... It's provocative and extremely controversial, but Jane Jensen, the famous storyteller behind the series, handles the subject matter with class. It's a testament of Jensen's writing ability, and it is that ability that helps our adolescent industry grow and become more mature. " AdrenalineVault

"When it comes to spinning stories, Jane Jensen has no peer in this industry. None, zero, zilch. This woman has incredible nerve when it comes to mining history and real locations to come up with mind-blowing stories... Despite the unparalleled quality of storytelling in the first two titles, the story in GKIII surpasses them in scope, ambition, and sheer nerve. " review

"Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned is the third installment in the venerable GK series, and although the prior two episodes are all time adventure gaming classics, this one outdoes itself by being better than the best. The story would have made a gripping movie, but as a game it works even better." PC Gaming World, UK

"What has truly set the Gabriel Knight games a cut above the rest (and this latest installment is no exception) is their adherence to high standards of storytelling and their inherent faith in the intelligence of the player. " Happy review 9/10 score

"Gabriel Knight 3 proves many things. It proves that there is just as much room to experiment with style, technology and gameplay in the adventure genre as there is in strategy and action. It proves that Jane Jensen is the best story-teller of the interactive medium. I can't think of anyone else who comes close. It proves that 3D can be an essential part of adventure gaming and not just something you have to do because everyone else is doing it. Most of all, it proves that it was well worth the wait from The Beast Within." Gamesmania, 9/10 review, Award of Excellence '99

"...this is one of the best games I have played in quiet a while. The ending is simply spectacular and is worth working hard to get to. When it comes to storylines, I have to take off my hat and congratulate Jane Jenson to be the Agatha Christy of Mystery Adventure games. I hope there would be a fourth Gabriel Knight in the near future." review

"The storyline, suffice to say, is simply the most intriguing, engrossing, and downright shocking story ever to be presented in digital entertainment . . . . Sierra Studios has released the best adventure game ever made. Its engrossing storyline, beautiful setting and graphics, awe-inspiring music and memorable characters make this game and undeniable masterpiece." review

"I have to say that as the story evolves, it gets more and more interesting as Jane Jensen has succeeded at making you guess about the motivation of every character that you meet in the game. This is by far THE most intriguing tale that I have encountered ever in an adventure game." Wewp review

"As with the previous games, GK3 won`t frighten you with gore and nightmarish creatures, but it will mess with your mind. In any game in which Jesus, conspiracy, magic, and vampires intermingle, you`d expect to be more than a little disconcerted." Computer Gaming World, Jun `99 preview

"They say that good things come in threes. We don`t have a clue as to the identity of this nebulous 'they,' but the smart money says it`s Sierra when discussing the Gabriel Knight series . . . this is the Quake of Adventure games." PC Accelorator preview Aug '99

"How often does one find a computer game that deals - in a probing and sophisticated manner - with matters spiritual, theological, and philosophical, while still provding a roller-coaster ride of great entertainment?" PC Gamer preview Feb '98

"Let me begin by stating that Gabriel Knight as portrayed by Tim Curry has more personality in his pinkie finger than any existing computer character present or past. Period." Just Adventurepreview

Millennium Rising (aka Judgment Day)

"Imaginative, snappy and incident-packed... an exciting debut." Kirkus Reviews

"Lovers of tales full of conspiracy theories, technology run amok, and ancient prophecies will relish Jensen's first novel, a vivid addition to the generally lackluster crop, so far, of millennial thrillers." Booklist

"We've read it, and have to say, it's darn good stuff. The story deals with the fulfillment of prophecies foretold in the Book of Revelations, but it's much more than just a simple case of a pissed-out diety. Rest assured, Millennium Rising is tightly plotted, filled with complex and beliveable characters, and will have you turning pages late into the night." PC Gamer, Oct '99

"The most important surprise is that Jane Jensen`s debut novel isn`t just some apocalyptic schlock meant to cash in on the Y2K panic...She has the imagination to spin technology and religious prophecy into a thrilling read." USA Today, Oct 7th, 1999

"The author of the Gabriel Knight interactive mystery series of computer games and novels turns her talents to storytelling on a grand scale, skillfully building suspense while exploring her protagonist's inner conflict of faith. Fans of millennial fiction and conspiracy theories should create a demand for this title. Recommended for most sf and general fiction collections." Library Journal

"Any novel about Armageddon and plague inevitably invites comparison with The Stand. Millennium Rising isn't as strong as Stephen King's novel, but it's a scary, ambitious, suspenseful thriller that will keep you guessing till the end. And after reading it, you may find King's apocalypse rather wimpy. Millennium Rising is the first novel by Jane Jensen, the computer game designer who created the Gabriel Knight interactive mystery series. Her non-interactive fiction debut is recommended to fans of thrillers, near-future SF, modern fantasy, horror, The X-Files, medical fiction, and terrifying nonfiction like The Coming Plague." review