Ao no Fuuin

The Blue Seal
Volume 1



Soko Kiryu is a sixteen-years-old girl,

who moves to Tokyo from Chiba,

with her family.

The first school day starts in a bad way for Soko,

who feels ill.

Soko makes friends with Satomi Ozawa,

but her beauty is noticed

by a bad guy, Hideaki Kashii,

who starts to molest Soko.

Meanwhile, the strange grief of Soko doesn’t finish.

One day, the girl feels ill in her class,

and Satomi brings her to the infirmary,

but Kashii and his friends see the two girls,

and while the others held Satomi and the nurse,

Kashii goes in to the room to… rape Soko!

The girl, terrorized, tries to free herself from Kashii’s grasp,

but the guy is too strong for her.

She touches Kashii’s chest, and

starts to feel him in a strange way…

“The beats of his heart…

The flux of his warm blood…

The life’s proof…”

Suddenly, blue flames surround Kashii,

who disappears mysteriously…

Now Soko feels strangely good,

but doesn’t understand what happened in the infirmary.

Kashii suddenly disappeared,

leaving only his clothes,

and her strange griefs are passed off.

Soko doesn’t want to come back to school,

and her mother agrees.

Satomi calls her, telling that Kashii

goes to school every day,

without any shame.

Hearing Kashii’s name,

Soko is shocked: so he’s alright?!

Soko, although her mother doesn’t agree,

decides to come back to school

and investigates what happened that day…

All her fellows-school are happy to see her again,

and they want to protect Soko from Kashii.

Soko asks to see Kashii,

but when her friends bring her to meet him,

Soko doesn’t recognize Kashii in that boy…


Hideaki Kashii who knows Soko is an ugly guy, with black hair, an horrible nose and a little fat ^^;

This “new” Kashii is *better* than the previous! ^__^

Hideaki Kashii (before)

Hideaki Kashii (after)

Real Name: Akira (Byakko)

But only Soko realizes that Kashii isn’t the same guy

who has molested her.

In fact, all her friends say that he’s Hideaki Kashii,

the same Kashii of always.

Soko isn’t convinced.

The new Kashii, in reality, is Akira,

Byakko (White Tiger),

who was born to kill Soryu

(Blue Dragon), that is… Soko!

Akira tries to kill Soko,

but strange flames appear to protect the girl.

Soko is shocked when Akira

says that she’s Soryu, the Queen of Oni

(Oni = demons), and she doesn’t

want to accept her nature…

One night, Akira enters

Soko’s home with his spirit,

and the girl, terrorized, runs away from her house.

Outside the house, many Akira's men are waiting for Soko,

who suddenly shows her real nature of Soryu…

Free from the seal,

Soko has an horn on her head,

and even fangs…

Soko eats a man, using her powers,

and all are hypnotized by Soko/Soryu…

including Akira.

She can’t accept her nature of Oni,

so, feeling desperate,

she decides to come back to Chiba,

where she was a common girl,

and to meet her friends,

Eriko and Nori.

Akira stops her, because he believes

that Soko is running away from him.

Akira starts to understand

that he's very attracted to Soko,

and this is a very bad situation for his mission…

He MUST kill Soryu…

What will happen?!

Would Akira be too attracted to Soko and wouldn’t kill her?

Is Soko destined to become Soryu, Oni’s Queen?

Soko and Akira leave together to Chiba in search for the truth…

Lia Cyntia

Aya Mikage