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The main qualifcation structure of the College consists of the following:

  1. Certificate of Educational Studies (COES)
    • Diploma of Educational Studies (DOES)
  2. Associateship (ACoT)
  3. Fellowship (FCoT)

The College's qualifications serve two groups: teachers or trainers and para-educationalists including teaching assistants, governors, and anyone else who is operating in a support capacity to teachers or trainers. Entry requirements to qualifications such as the Associateship or the Fellowship may vary according to which of these two groups the candidates belong to. None of the College's qualifications confer a qualification to teach in the UK, but rather carry a designation which arises from courses that are designed to further develop professional and personal practice in the education of others. They are all professional qualifications that are nationally and internationally well-known.

The Certificate of Educational Studies and the Diploma of Educational Studies are referred to as sub-degree qualifications, therefore indicating that they do not have an equivalent in the Higher Education sector (i.e. the universities). The Certificate of Educational Studies is an 'attendance plus' in that it requires the candidate to participate in identified training. The awarding of a COES is intended to show that the holder has attended a course of further professional development of an approved standard.

The Diploma of Educational Studies is a formal qualification made to holders of two COES upon submission of a written report of around 1000 to 1200 words relating the theory acquired from the COES courses to actual professional practice. It may also be used as a stepping-stone for the Associateship.

The Associateship is considered to be a post-graduate and a pre-foundation award depending at which point a candidate enters it. For example, candidates who attain the Associateship at the level of a post-graduate qualification are considered to have already achieved an academic degree, for example teachers. Those candidates who wish to attain the Associateship at the level of a pre-foundation qualification have normally not yet achieved an academic qualification, for example teaching assistants.

The Fellowship is examined in any one of the following four modes:

  • Fellowship by Dissertation
  • Fellowship by Published Works
  • Fellowship by Professional Papers
  • Fellowship by Professional Record

The Fellowhip by Professional Record is currently being awarded to teachers that have registered for the Chartered London Scheme and have successfully completed the scheme.

The College also offers qualifications in TESOL at the following levels:

  • Preliminary Level - Certificate of Educational Studies in TESOL
  • Level 1 - Associateship in TESOL (does not include a practicum)
  • Level 1 - Advanced Certificate in TESOL (includes a practicum)
  • Level 2 - Diploma in TESOL (does not include a practicum)
  • Level 2 - Advanced Diploma in TESOL (includes a practicum)

TESOL courses are offered through centres for which they have gained accreditation from the College.  Most of TESOL courses are offered by distance learning. Find out more about what accredited TESOL courses are offered by our centres here.

The Fellowship in TESOL is also available through centres.

If you are interested in learning more about the College's qualifications, please contact cyiangou@collegeofteachers.ac.uk