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Posted March 06, 2008 @ 9:40 pm
Release Date: March 04, 2008
Is the cooperative play enough to overcome the lack of a compelling single-player option?
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Posted 3-10-2008 10:39am
its not the best but with another person its great!
Posted 3-10-2008 11:46am
The game's campaign is good, but play it with a friend and it's great. The campaign will take 8-10 hours on Contractor(Medium) difficulty and less time if you go through it again. The action can get quite heavy at times and the enemy AI isn't bad as they will try to flank and lay down suppressing fire. I loved the customization you can do to your guns, from upgrading the barrels, stocks and even magazine size it's a great addition that would be nice to see in other games as well.

The problems I had with it is if playing by yourself the AI partner can get frustrating at times. The multiplayer didn't really draw me in and lost interest in it after a half hour, no where near as exciting as the campaign. You hit Y to dive/roll or take cover and sometimes you'll find your character attaching himself to an object when all you want to do is roll away from gunfire. Overall the game was good, but I would strongly recommend a rent for this one. Myself I traded it in and reserved RSV 2. Just thought I'd offer my 2 cents. Happy Gaming!
Posted 3-10-2008 12:50pm
"Fucko? Who says that?"

That had me laughing. Looks like a good game. From what I've read, it should have atleast gotten an 8.0.
Posted 3-10-2008 1:02pm
I love CO-OP games so this is a good game just for the CO-OP but there is no reason play if you don't have a friend to play with
Posted 3-10-2008 1:26pm
WTF? "About as forgettable as the story in video games gets..." I hate GameTrailers, pompous sons of bitches. Go read War and Peace if you want a fuckin intelligent and boring story. Maybe you forgot this is the world of video games, if it's not something that appeals to you then maybe you should stop playing you fucking piece of shit!
Posted 3-10-2008 1:58pm
well i saw the rating 7.3 i guess oblivion wins so im going to have to get oblivion then
Posted 3-10-2008 2:31pm
i think 7.3 is way to low! i deffiniently gonna buy it. the weapon shop, story mode and online gonna kick ass! meat you at xboxlive: jeroenowned
Posted 3-10-2008 4:11pm
Posted 3-10-2008 4:23pm
sweet dude
Posted 3-10-2008 6:07pm
this game looks the nuts i must get it.......looks really crap on single player tho that might be a downfall to all those that dont have live or friends lol...but multiplayer looks great!
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