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Updating some Snapshots and Articles
2005 and so far into 2006 ...the time has been busy and rewarding. James has attended many exhibits, painted numerous artworks, accomplished much volunteer work, and appeared in multiple newspapers and magazine articles.
James gives a helping hand to Margarita Santiago 12, of Fort Pierce during the Childern's Home Society's Kids Love the Arts program at the Florida Atlantic University campus in Port St. Lucie. (June 14, 2006 St. Lucie County, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, photographer Eric Hasert)
Click here to see more KIDS LOVE the ARTS
Highwaymen Mary Anne Carroll, James Gibson and Roy McLendon on the cover of the Luminaries insert November 28, 2005. These three artists continue to work with the Children’s Home Society of Florida teaching children about painting. At this event the children's artworks are put into a silent auction.
James truly enjoys working with young people and says he learns more about painting everytime he works with them.

artists ... Helping People Succeed (HPS) ... 2006 Art for Living Calendar ... front row, from left ... Julian Paul, Margaret Gray, Mimi McCallum, Sandra Odell, second row... Klaus Schuler, Jackie Barnes, Norma DeSantis, plus HPS Vice President, Community Relations, Ellen Peitz, Steven Babecki, Patrice Scott, and on the end after James is Judy Mercer. (staff photographer, Luminaries insert Dec. 2005)
James thanks all the supporters who purchased calendars.

American Legacy is a New York City based magazine. It is impossible to put down. The magazine throughout is about African-America history and culture. In the fall of 2005, Legacy did a 9-page article about the Highwaymen. The article starts with a reflection by James. There are 10 images (some very large) of Highwaymen’s artwork. The photo above is James working at the back of his studio. That is Taylor Creek in the background. The first painting in the Legacy article is by "Castro" Livingston Roberts. The above photo of James was used the next day in a Los Angeles Times article.(photographer L.A. Times staff)
Click here to complete Legacy article

The photo above is the second picture placed in the L.A. Times article taken by a staff photographer. The article was in the April 27, 2005 issue. From the beginning mistakes have been written in books and articles about James and other Highwaymen artists. It comes with the interest in their paintings. It has been impossible to correct these writings.
click to read L. A. Times article

James on the cover of Insight with Sydney Liebman, General Chair of St. Lucie County Luncheon and Advisory County Member, Alzheimer's Community Care. To the right is James' painted door donation. The doors were auctioned February 2006 at the Ballantrae Golf & Yacht Club in Port St. Lucie. The event celebrated the opening of the area's first dementia-specific adult day care facility. The theme for the special event was "Opening Our Doors To Your Loved Ones". Many artists participated: painters, sculptors, wood carvers, and a fresco-mosaic artist.
January 2, 2006. On the cover of Luminaries, an advertising supplement (Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers). Checking on the progress of the artists/doors.

Upscale issue July 2006. Yes, that is L.L. Cool J. on the cover. The complete Highwaymen article is continued, text and images.
Click here to continued Upscale article

The grade school workbook "Daily Reading Support for Social Studies" placed James in the "Reading Biographies" section. James was so stunned ... so complimented ... appreciative ... he was speechless. Proud yes. Zora Neale Hurston is in the "Reading Biographies" section too. When James was in high school, Zora Hurston was one of his teachers.
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Governor Jeb Bush teasingly asks to see James' Artist Ambassador medal.
(event photographer)
In 2005, James was given the honor of being Ambassador of Art for the state of Florida. Sidney Liebman wrote an article about the artist, a captivating synopsis and maybe portents of things to come. The article mentions some of the famous people who sought his artworks. James’ life reflects the encouragement and prayers of a supportive mother.
(August 22, 2005, Luminaries, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, staff photographer)
click to Liebman article

The first part of James' grade school years were spent in Catholic school. Above St. Anastasia Catholic School program shows the 4th Annual "A Night for the Children" Auction & Dinner Dance was a retro dance at the Pelican Yacht Club, April, 2006. James was honored to be Featured Artist of this year's auction. To the left are the winners of James' poinciana, Brenda and James Sowinski. The painting auctioned for $7,200.
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Lynn and Jerry Babbicka purchase one of James' sunset paintings at the Grifford Youth Activity Center. (June 19, 2006. Luminaries insert, Indian River County, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspaper. staff photographer.)
We find James' paintings in the background. (April 20, 2006 Scipps Treasure Coast Newpapers, staff photographer)
Students from Tallahassee Community College, Florida A&M University and Florida State University, participate in a sit-in at Florida Governor Jeb Bush's outer office. Students were protesting the way the state was handling the official investigation of 14-year old Martin Anderson's death at a Bay County Boot Camp. It was reported that the students were courteous and welcomed to stay the day waiting for Governor Bush who was out of town.

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