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Before The Dawn [PG] - AU - Johnny's married and his wife is having a baby. The Bet [PG] - Johnny bets Chet he can go a week without whining--and lives to regret it. The Jewelry Store 211 [PG] - DRAMA - Johnny finds himself on the wrong end of a hostage situation. And continued in No Regrets
Recovery [PG] - Johnny and his Aunt remember his first love. The Coward [PG-13] - It takes a real coward to hit someone weaker. Say It When You Can [PG] - It's life or death and a bittersweet ending.
Misadventures In Babysitting [PG] - Roy and Joanne are going off for the weekend, and leaving Johnny in charge. How much trouble can three children be? Arson [PG-13] - Chet finds himself facing an old nemesis. Parts One and Two
A Sight To Dream Of, Not To Tell! [PG] - Job stress and nightmares take a toll on Roy. Johnny's Life Regression [PG] - A new age story about past lives. A Cry In The Night [PG] - Roy's hurt, and Johnny blames himself.
Crash [PG] - Johnny is in a car accident. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It [PG] - This story follows an administrative nightmare as the bureaucrats decide that they know best. Food For Thought [R] - Warning: Graphic Content Food poisoning becomes a personal problem for the paramedics.  Part I and Part II
You Can't Win Them All [R] - Warning: Graphic Content.- A story about the victims that just can't be helped. Just Friends [PG] - A car accident and a house fire keep Roy and Johnny busy as Johnny tries to explain to Chet that he and a girl are just friends Chet's Headache [PG] - Chet has a headache that won't go away. This might take more than an aspirin.
Our Girls [PG]  - Mike and Roy are in shock as they race to help the accident victims up the street - their own daughters. Nightmare [PG-13] - Roy and Jonny fall out after they go for an unsuccessful rescue. Parts One and Two Late Again, Johnny? [PG] - Being late to work is the least of Johnny's problems.
Little Boy Lost [PG] - A rescue of a little boy from a cave turns into personal diaster for the DeSoto family. Member of the Family [PG-13] - Johnny answers an accident call why Roy is on vacation. Can he handle it when the patients are his partner and his wife? In the Middle of the Night [PG] - Johnny is sleepwalking.
Mother of Invention [PG-13] - A tale of invention and improvisation. My Garden [PG-13] - Deb shows us what it's like to be a patient. Haunted [PG] - Roy is having nightmares about his work.
The Last Straw [PG]- AU - Brackett's depression has everyone worried ... especially Dixie. The Ice Maiden [PG] - Johnny's replacement partner almost makes him wish for Brice. Dangerous Hangout [PG] - Roy's children find out about the dangers of the dump-the hard way.
Just A Bad Day [PG] - Tangee's in an automobile accident in this CHIPS/Emergency Crossover A Glimpse of the Past [PG-13] - Chicken broth in its various forms is an element in this sequel to Big Red Meets Her Demise. Without a Chance [PG-13] – An injury drives one man over the edge and Station 51 is there to help.
Case of Mistaken Identity [PG] - Despite problems with the "Ice Queen," Johnny still sticks up for his partner. If Wishes Were Horses[PG] - The guys need help rescuing a victim, and it comes on four legs. Smoke and Ashes [PG] - Even out of the ruins, one can still find a little hope.
The New Man [PG13] – A new trainee usurps Johnny's place in Roy's life as Captain Stanley deals with his wife's illness Somewhere Else [PG] - Johnny gets contaminated by chemicals during a fire.  Stage Fright: Playing with Fire [PG] - A/U - The women behind the men at Station 51 plan a Christmas party...only their husbands aren't helping matters.  Part One and Part Two
Someone To Watch Over Me [PG-13] - First in a series of three. Disaster changes Johnny's life forever! Tender Loving Care [PG-13] - Second in a series of three. Johnny has a tough recovery, and it's tough on everyone else too. Welcome Back [PG-13] - Third in a series of three. Johnny's first day back at the Station.
Swept Away [PG] - Johnny's in deep trouble during a water rescue. Spirit In The Wind [PG] - Death is the theme that seems to be following Roy and Johnny. Then it hits close to home. Self Defense [PG-13] - Johnny's arrested and refuses to defend himself. The charge--murder.
The Shooting [PG-13] - Roy gets shot during a domestic dispute. The School Bus [PG] – John and Roy can't save them all. Saturday Nights [G] - What is it like to work a weekend shift at Station 51?
I'M ONLY SIX--By Amanda Taylor [G]- Amanda shows us what it's like to be a patient. The Future In The Past [PG] - Chris is following in his father's footsteps at Station 51. Of Aliens And Broccoli [G] - A plane crash strands Mike and Marco.

Rookie [PG] - See Station 51 through the eyes of a rookie firefighter.

What's Past Is Present [PG-13] - Roy's life is turned upside down when someone from his past returns with shocking news.

Friendly Acqaintances [PG] - A catastrophic accident leaves Johnny with more scars than the ones on his body.

Visions [PG-13] - Johnny looks forward to a desert vacation for something new, but his family hold his attention when he needs it most!

The Gathering [PG-13] - A new partner for Johnny, tears for the reader!

A Personal Emergency [PG] - Johnny and Roy meet danger with Starsky and Hutch in this Emergency and Starsky and Hutch Crossover story.

The Experiment[PG] - Johnny is kidnapped and needs his friends more than ever!

Gas Pump Blues[PG] - The energy crisis makes for some interesting times for the crew

Glimmer of a Reflection: Left of Sane[PG] - A violent inmate escapes, and Johnny encounters him! Borrowed Time [PG] - Johnny's new girlfriend brings along some trouble. It's Only a Game [PG] - Mike Morton's competitive nature spells disaster for Johnny.
More Alike than Unalike [PG] - Night and Day meet and discover they're more alike than they thought. The Big Three-0 [PG] - To celebrate or not? Roll Over and Play Dead [PG] - A rescue is far from typical for the crew at the station!
Too Early or Just in Time? [PG] - Johnny arrives at the station early for work, and it is far from being a good thing
Many Layers [PG] - There were times when his partner was as easy to read as a Dr. Seuss book, but then there were times when he realized that the book had more than one layer to it...
Oh Chute! [PG] - Trouble for Johnny during a vacation as memories of a terrible accident haunt him.  I Hate The Rain [PG] - A rainy day, a fever and hallucinations spell trouble for Johnny 2B or not 2B...That is the Question [PG] - Disorientation during a rescue can have disasterous results
The Lady in White [R] - Johnny has an interesting encounter The Party [PG] -Chet and Johnny are missing and it's up to the guys to help Not Everyone Likes Hershey's Kisses [PG] - Johnny is visited by a secret admirer?
Leading the Way [G] - What happens when a new interim captain joins the station? A Captain's Prayer [G] - Captain Stanley reaches for a higher powers help Downfall [PG] - The guys have to cope with Roy's injury, but could Johnny really be at fault?
The Night of the Child [PG] - A much needed blessing arrives and bonds the weary men of station 51 Night Into Day [PG] - A follow-up to The Night of the Child Bound By Friendship [PG] - Johnny and Roy share a special bond, and it helps when it's needed most
One Lump or Two? [PG-13] -Does Johnny's pain really indicate a pulled muscle? Disbelief [R] - Johnny's life may never be the same again A New Years to Forget [PG] - What should be a day to celebrate is far from it
Changes [PG] -When Johnny's apartment complex goes condo, not everyone is happy about it The Firefighters Wife [PG] - Joanne reflects upon her husband, her hero It's All in the Wrist [PG] - A video game brings out the best and the worst in the guys
The Scheme of Things [PG] - Sometimes, that's just the way it is Close Shave  [PG] - Johnny cuts it a bit too close for work this time Ghost Child  [PG] - A childhood friend miraculously shows up in Johnny's life, bringing with her a haunted past
Code I...Unknown Location [PG] - Johnny's hurt and a stranger has to help Choices [PG] - Johnny learns a lesson in loyalty from an unexpected source. Yosemite Adventure  [PG-13] - Johnny seeks time to think when the news arrives that he may be a father
Not Just a Pretty Face [PG] -   Johnny learns that there is more to life than good looks Right Place, Wrong Time [PG] - A trip to the laundromat is anything bur typical for Johnny Everyday Heros [PG] -  It's all part of the job, but not all the time.
Possessive [PG] - He hated to admit it, but there were moments, however rare, that Roy felt a hint of jealousy Another Dilemma [PG] - Johnny need a pet, according to Chet, does he have what he needs? Stuck in a Moment [PG] - A hidden talent offers up many rewards for Johnny and helps open doors for Roy
Leap of Faith [PG] - Johnny's heart is captured by a new paramedic who must overcome her own tragic past. Can he teach her to love again? continued in part II Demons and Angels [PG] - Johnny must come to terms with Jen's death with help from his friends and an unexpected source - a sequel to Leap of Faith .Out of Nowhere [PG] - Johnny is stunned by some unexpected bad news, which he tries to deal with on his own
A Christmas Miracle  [PG] - Some miracles are big and some are small. Miracles appear when you least expect them Possession [PG] -  A one-night stand turns deadly for Johnny The Fear of Guns [PG] - Vince's head injury and gun play with Johnny, leaves a lasting impression
Falling  [PG] - Every firefighters worst nightmare comes true for Johnny. To See a Fall  [PG] - Watching and feeling helpless folowing Falling After the Fall  [PG] - The aftermath of Falling and To See a Fall
Memoirs  [PG] - Life changes and then life goes on....for some

You Call This Fun? [PG] -The road to relaxation is not always a smooth one

Playing Paramedic [PG] - A call, a cat, and skills observed over time, play an important role for Johnny and Captain Stanley in this six part story. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Struck Down  [PG] - A new face turns Johnny's head....in a good way continued in Part II and Part III

What Goes Around  [PG] - Johnny's ex-lover has been keeping a secret from him.....  Rite of Passage  [PG] - Johnny has a difficult time with a major change in his life
All in the Family  [PG] - Johnnys new love interest reaches everyone in his life You'll Be The Death of Me Yet  [PG] - A figure of speech has greater meaning for Chet Family Matters [PG] - A woman from Johnny's past asks him to make a difficult decision
Once Jinxed  [PG] - The crew runs into a string of bad luck The Endless Shift  [PG] - Some shifts never feel like they end and for Johnny it's like that and more! The Better Part of Me [PG] - Johnny and Roy learn that their connection is stronger than friendship
Missing on the 405  [PG] - A major accident scene brings three teams together Waiting  [PG] - Roy's strongest suit is not waiting, but for once he just has to TV versus REALITY  [PG] - Rockford files meets Emergency in this wonderful crossover story.
Snakebitten [PG] - A well-deserved long weekend spells deja vu and trouble for them Just Another Day in Paradise [PG] -  The story of Johnny and Linsey continues from Johnny's point of view.. from the anticipation of the birth of their 2nd child to a life changing visit back home Nothing in Common [PG] - It's amazing how little you can know about someone, until you ask
A Lesson to be Taught [PG] -Roy revisits his Army days and Johnny learns an important lesson. Or does he? Desert Fury [PG] - A trip away brings Johnny more closer to nature than he needs to be. Angel in Waiting [PG] -The Johnny/Linsey series continues with the story picking up from Linsey's POV... Danger lurks for Linsey as the arson investigation heats up again, then in a tragic turn of events... Johnny and Linsey's love is put to the test. Will their marriage be able to survive?
L.A. 51? [PG] - The guys travel a little northeast of their home to experience the climate of a Canadian winter A Fathers Nightmare [PG] - Roy's family becomes the victims in an accident and this affects the crew. Volunteer [G] - Johnny is asked to join a newly formed Volunteer Fire Department
You Never Forget Your First Time [G] - What makes Johnny and Roy good at what they do? Experience. DisenGaged [PG] - A new girlfriend for Johnny wants to be a part of all apsects of his life Return from the Presence [PG] - Roy has an O.B.E. after an accident at a fire
The Other Foot [PG] - Chet's life is turned upside down. Continues in The Other Foot in Boston Displaced [PG] - What do you do when it happens to you? That’s what John Gage has to figure out . Detached [PG] - Johnny suffers from a potentially career-ending eye injury, and becomes detached in more ways than one
Someone Answer the Phone [PG] - Johnny learns a new way to communicate It's Only A Dream [PG] - The station is plagued by sleep disturbances Just a Simple Cold [PG] - For Johnny, a simple problem becomes much more complicated
East Meets West [PG] - A female paramedic who comes to California for an EMS conference from Pennsylvania leaves an impression on station 51  A Gnawing Feeling [PG] - Roy is occupied when Johnny needs him the most . Unseen Troubles [PG] - Things aren't always as they appear when Melvin is in Johnny's life..
Matters of Trust [PG] - Roy makes a decision that has serious consequences for himself and his partner

Mere Mortals [PG] - Johnny and Dr. Brackett make The Odd Couple look like family when they both fall ill

Second Chances [PG] - Johnny unexpectedly encounters someone from his past
The Gage Syndrome [G] - It's Johnny first day back after a week's vacation, and the rest of A-shift and a new trainee spend the day hearing all about it  Children Of Our Own [PG] - The latest in the Dixie and Kel series for you to enjoy can be found in but you may appreciate reading 'Maggie May' explains  the back story of Kel's ex, Maggie,� and 'Unexpected'deals with Kel and Dixie's marriage and the birth of the twin. The Seventh Hook [PG] - Six helmets, six coats.......Seven hooks. Who will be next? Continued in Helmets, Hooks and Turnabout
Just Another Monday [PG] - A horrific bus accident changes perspective for Johnny. Firewalker and the Rings of Fire [PG] - An author spends time with the station for research and her presence has a special meaning for Johnny Between a Rock and a Hard Place [PG] - An earthquake leaves more than a mark on the men of station 51
An Agonizing Miracle [PG] - Chet is caught in the crossfire  When You Least Expect It [PG] - Just a fire prevention presentation, right? For Me [R] - Johnny works on a Christmas surprize for Sarah
Once Upon a Terror [PG] - Into every life a little rain must fall when For Me continues Ya Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do [PG] -  Remember what your mother always said about underwear just in case you are in an accident? Well... No Big Deal [PG] - It was just a fender-bender, Doc... 
Racing With Destiny [PG] - A new love for Johnny tests all emotions. The Itch [PG] - Chet suffers an unusual reaction at work  Suffocation at a Snail's Pace [PG] - Chet's cooking has caused many a bellyache, but nothing quite like this.
Find Your Mate [PG] - A new woman enters Johnny's life and continues in  New Year and New Life Together    Girlfriend [PG] -  Johnny's new girlfriend is rather unique in her qualities, will Johnny be able to overlook them? A Most Magnificent Little Brat [PG] - Johnny encounters a reluctant little victim
Screaming Banshee [PG] - A compelling tale plus Johnny's imagination ..... The Rental Car [G] - Little Red Corvette's aren't for Irishmen Playing with Fire [PG] - When is a April Fool's joke not an April Fools joke? When it's a response to Challenge12
Winter Wonderland [PG] - Roy's vacation plans aren't exactly what he was aiming for

Blood is Thicker Than Water [PG] - Johnny's sore leg isn't anything to ignore

Good Gravy [PG] - A Thanksgiving that will never be forgotten is 'enjoyed' by the guys 
The Strongest Weakness [PG] - Not even the need for a dentist is ordinary for our Johnny Flowers for Mother [PG] - Mothers' Day is especially difficult for Johnny Remembrance [PG] - An accident on the job takes Roy back in time and shows that a special bond exists between the men of station 51
Expect the Unexpected [PG] - You can never be too sure of any accident scene, but you must learn to Quiet Concern [PG] - Those moments of waiting are agonizing after a rescue goes bad

Round Three: Mother’s Day Revisited [PG] - Mothers Day for the crew is something that takes well.....plans

One Moment [PG] - Johnny joins the De Soto family for a camping trip....but the trip isn't the vacation they planned on. Continued in Second Chances Damned if you Do, Damned if you Don't [PG] - A terrible encounter leaves Johnny and his relationship with the DeSoto's on shaky ground  Counterblow [PG] - Johnny's life changes when he sees a police officer step out of line
Casualties [PG] - Not all victims are human as Johnny finds out. Techniques, Tunes and Trouble [PG] - Melvin Meyers is Johnny’s biggest problem creator in this sequel to Kneehigh to a Grasshopper The Cost of Living [PG] - Sometimes a rescue is just too much
Station 51, Move-Up to Athens Greece Station #1 [PG] - An entry for Challenge # 10. part II , part III , part IV Understanding [G] - Captain Stanley and Johnny share some bonding moments The Drunk Driver [PG] - Roy reveals his truest feelings in his diary after an incident

Unadulterated Fear [PG] - Roy suffers a justifiable panic attack

Line of Duty [PG] - Rescues are never cut and dried as Chet and the men find out Foundations [PG] - Friendships like Johnny and Roy's are not easily found.
Second Impact [PG] - Basketball just isn't the game for Johnny Renewal [PG] - Life goes on in the most important ways

The Diner [PG] - A nice breakfast with the crew turns out to be anything but that

The Proving Ground [PG] - The partners bond never is stronger Off the Wall [PG] - It's a case of life imitating art for Johnny.
If It's Going to Happen..... [PG] - Bad luck follows one member of the crew around more than most! A Trite Fright [PG] - Johnny's got a weasel on his hands that makes him feel less than trite  Choices [PG] - Some patients leave a lasting impression with others, especially William for Johnny and Roy  
Warning Bells [PG] - Melvin gets Johnny in hot water again! Overpass [PG] - Two kids take a foolish act too far for Johnny and Roy Where is Johnny? [PG] - A past rescue comes back to haunt Roy
A Day in the County Jail [PG] - A rescue at the County Jail almost spells disaster for one of the paramedics.  The End of a Quiet Day [PG] - Not all calls go smoothly Code I  [PG] - Chet's injury has long-term implications for him and the rest of the station-mates 
A Haunting from the Past [PG] - Marco's past life is coming back to haunt him�but could it threaten the lives of his friends at the station as well? I Still Wonder Why [PG] - When the friends unknowingly walk into a bank robbery and one is fatally injured, the other is left to wonder why it wasn't him and to deal with the guilt he is feeling A Friend Lost [PG] - Roy has to deal with the unexpected and sudden death of his best friend
Sacrifice [PG] - An unexpected rescue has long lasting effects on the crew and others How Far Would You Go? [PG] - How far will one paramedic go to help end his partner's suffering? The Fallout [PG] - Roy tells Joanne what led up to Johnny's death

Spirit Keeper [PG] - When one of the paramedics is seriously injured in a car accident, will he fight to stay with his friends or will he decide to cross over to the other side

A Happy Ending....Afterall [PG] - Johnny thinks his life is going good�until one rescue changes everything. But will it be a permanent change? You'll have to read on and find out Revenge [PG] - An ambulance hijacking brings back bad memories for one of the guys
Shane [PG] - A troubled teen bonds with a grief-striken Roy and learns a valuable lesson The Burning Season [PG] - After a rash of arson fires kill several firefighters and an innocent civilian, one of the men from Station 51 volunteers to help the CHP solve the case�in spite of all the protests from his friends.  Will he survive? Surviving December [PG] - Johnny and Roy managed to end another year in typical style, will the new year be better or worse?
Fantasy or Reality? [PG] - Sometimes a child's toy is more than a plaything, it can be downright creepy!  The Unforgotten Day [PG] - An accident and rescue, all from the eyes of the patient A Father's Revenge  [PG] - A rescue gone wrong, threatens the lives of the paramedics. 
Family Ties [PG] -  Captain Stanley's only nephew joins the paramedic program and is assigned to Roy and Johnny. But when the young man makes a fatal mistake, how far will the paramedic team go to save the younger Stanley's career? The decision may destroy friendships, put a station at odds, and turn a family upside down  Wedding Diary: Dreams DO Come True [PG] - A CHiPs and Emergency cross-over story to enjoy

Plain 'Ol Johnny [PG] - It's another fine day for our hero of 51!

Shopping....With Kids! [PG] - A Mother's Day gift shopping trip goes wrong for Roy

Milestones [PG] - The paramedics encounter a series of Milestones during the weekend Roy DeSoto first invited John Gage to meet his family over dinner Death is a Three-Letter Word [PG] - Art imitates life.

Christophers Promotion [PG] - Christopher Desoto gets promoted to manager at a fast-food restaurant that gets robbed

Thanks to the Monkey [PG] - Dr. Brackett and Johnny develop a friendship after their mutual sickness from the monkey virus.

Unexpected Connections [PG] - Johnny begins volunteering at a local clinic

Kidnapped [PG] -  Johnny is taken, by whom and why? Semper Fi [PG] - Roy's past demons prove useful in saving Johnny's life Family Matters [PG] -  Johnny learns the hard way, that family isn't necessarily about being blood related 
Head Over Heels [PG] - Johnny goes to school and learns that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin! [PG] -It's a strange day for all at the Station

Viva Las Vegas [PG] - A trip for the station leads to many adventures

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do [PG] - A disasterous blind date nearly breaks up the county's best paramedic team up. Over the Edge [PG] - Stress and grief finally pushes Johnny�

Just to Belong [PG] - Johnny learns what family is really about

The Separation [PG] - Johnny and Jackie correspond while she is in Washington, D.C.

Quid Pro Quo [PG] - A young Christopher DeSoto turns a right of passage into a worthwhile cause.

You Married Who?   [PG] - The Desotos and Johnnie are invited to get together for an evening at Chris and Mary Desoto's home.  This routine get-together just may forever change the relationship between these two long time friends 

It Could Only Happen to Johnny [PG] - A response to Challenge # 13

Sewers, Stenches, and Twits, Oh My! [PG] - Cap has a close call

Mike Gets Lost [G] Mike's big heart lands him in a bit of hot water with his crew

Photographs and Memories [PG] - After not feeling well for a few weeks, Johnny gets up the courage to finally go see a Doctor. But after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, he and his friends have to deal with it...sharing memories of a life, that's ending much too soon.

It's all in the Family [PG] - After a rough shift, Johnny seeks solace at the beach and ends up meeting someone who changes his life...in more ways than one.

Boys Will Be Boys. [PG] - The men of Station 51 know that when the chips are down, they know who they can count on

Tick Tock [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge We Use What Weapons We Have [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge Serendipity [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge
The Hardest Part [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge Talking In Your Sleep [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge The Show Must Go On [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge
His Turn [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge The Waiting Game [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed...challenge Past Secrets [PG] - This story was originally posted on Johnny's Green Pen in response to a 'Make Johnny Cry contest'.  Johnny receives a letter from home bringing to surface memories Johnny did not want to remember.   Warning:  This story deals with child abuse
Why Did I Become A Firefighter [PG] - While at a picnic at the Desotos', the boys of A shift help Chris with a homework assignment.  One point of view on the pasts of our favorite guys.
Song of Life [PG] - Roy accompanies Johnny to Montana where Johnny's song of life unfolds.  Warning: Although there are very light moments in this story, it also deals with child abuse in a very serious manner My Favorite Green Pen [PG] -  A reflective Johnny, now a retired Chief writes in his journal how much that green pen means to him
Coins [PG] - A little non cannon fun. Roy has some fun with the guys then meets up with his old military unit. Finally A shift recieves their own coins Thank You [PG] -  A tribute to 9-11 Memories Forgotten [PG] - While one young man fights for his life in Denver, back in LA the crew from the Station wait and worry about their friend. What's the connection�read on and find out� but the ending won't be what you may think
Reason to Celebrate [PG] - He looked at the clock and sighed... The Other Side of the Microphone [PG] - Johnny finds a new love where he leasts expects it...in a dispatch call!    But can this new woman handle being on the other side of the microphone when Johnny gets hurt on a call she dispatched? Black Friday [PG] - Who knew that shopping with Roy would involve a castle, Prince Charming and a crowd after him
Only in my Dreams [PG] - A rescue gone sour has lasting consequences for the men of Station 51 We Gotta Get Outta This Phase [PG] - A very odd set of runs Opposite Johnny [PG] - Johnny makes changes in his life that almost cost him much more than expected
Fresh Start [PG] - Tensions arise between Johnny and Chet over their differing opinions about a news event and Johnny's heritage Ice an Injury [PG] - It's not always hot fun in the sun in California as Johnny finds out. A Child's Love [PG] - When Johnny is in the hospital with a serious illness, a visit with Jennifer DeSoto helps to put everything into perspective for him
The Violation [R] - When a vicious attack strikes, friendships become even more important than ever a continuation of Unexpected Connections and The Separation The Life of a Child [PG] - When Johnny and Roy stop at a small store on the way back to the Station, one paramedic will make the ultimate sacrifice�  An Injury for Life [PG] -  Johnny loves to help people and would gladly suffer
Butt...Butt [PG] - Even before the shift could start Johnny finds out its gonna be one of those days My Name is Not Johnny [PG] - Johnny may have his share of accidents but hes not alone   Mystery at Station 51 [PG] - Who knew mailing a letter could be bad for your health
The Big Wave [PG] - Girls, Johnny, Water, Boat could only bring    
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