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Energie ProductionYesterday the EU Commisions accepted the NAPs, but reduced annual allocation of all except UK.

Comparison of proposed vs. approved caps for 2008 to 2012 in million tonnes:

Member State Proposed cap Allowed cap
Germany 482 453.1
Greece 75.5 69.1
Ireland 22.6 21.15
Latvia 7.7 3.3
Lithuania 16.6 8.8
Luxembourg 3.95 2.7
Malta 2.96 2.1
Slovakia 41.3 30.9
Sweden 25.2 22.8
UK 246.2 246.2


These countries account for 42 % of the allowances allocated in the first trading period of the EU ETS, from 2005 to 2007. The objective of the EU ETS is to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions from the energy and industry sectors covered are cut at least cost to the economy, thus helping the EU and its Member States to meet their emission commitments under the Kyoto Protocol.

The Commission has started infringement procedures against Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Italy and Spain for not submitting their NAPs yet. The deadline was 30 June 2006.

Press release

Durian Super typhoon tore through the eastern Philippines on Thursday with winds of up to 225 kph, blowing away small houses, uprooting trees and cutting off power to thousands of homes. Now heading magacity Manila with more than 10mill inhabitants.

Manila Bulletin: Signal no. 4 hoisted over Catanduanes

Children of all ages from more than 80 schools around the world participated in a Google project. Using Google Docs & Spreadsheets as collaborative software they brainstormed about Climate Change and came up with a big list of ideas.

These are the top 50:

  • Include global warming/climate change in school curricula (as part of National Science Standards), so when the students are in charge they can make educated decisions.
  • Increase availability of low-interest Energy Efficient Mortgages to support homeowners who increase the energy efficiency of their homes.
  • Put light sensors in all office and school buildings so all lights go off when the rooms are empty.
  • Require that all products contributing to global warming be marked with a specific color (e.g., chemical pesticides could be marked with a red sticker for being extremely dangerous to the environment).
  • Use less paper; use the back of the paper to print on or write on; use recyled paper. (more…)

Satellite pictureThis McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and McKinsey’s Global Energy and Materials (GEM) perspective aims to increment the understanding of global energy demand.

The main finding is that, even with growing demands, there are sufficient opportunities for energy-productivity improvements which could represent a 15 to 25 percent cut in the end-use energy demand by 2020.

McKinsey identifies market-distorting subsidies, information gaps, agency issues and other market inefficiencies as fields of improvement. Shortly, end consumers need more information to make educated market decisions.

Productivity of growing global energy demand: A microeconomic perspective, Executive summary

Hil Yesenia Hernandez EscobarBeing asked: “What effort must the country’s government exert to stop global warming?”,
Hil responds: “We have to educate the people on global warming. We should help them control pollution, create global consciousness. Bigger industries are involved here. You run the economy, now it is your turn to take care of Mother Earth,…’’.

In a contest similar to ‘Miss World’ and ‘Miss Universum’, 22-year-old student, Hil Yesenia Hernandez Escobar from Chile got the crown in Manila, Philippines, 26th November 2006.

Satellite pictureThe Swiss National Weather Service, MeteoSwiss, announces autumn 2006 as warmest on record.

Previous high in 1987 was beaten by 1°C and the average temperature by 2°C to 3°C.

Systematic annual meteorological measurements in Switzerland were first carried out in 1864. Since the 1980s stations report a lack of strong winters and a significant trend of rising temperatures.

deMeteoSwiss: Temperaturentwicklung 1864-2001

Larsen B Ice ShelfInteresting reading in Washington Post from Laurie David on why the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) refuses to accept an offer of 50,000 copies of “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Accepting the DVDs, they wrote, would place “unnecessary risk upon the [NSTA] capital campaign, especially certain targeted supporters.” One of those supporters, it turns out, is the Exxon Mobil Corp (NYSE:XOM). Science a la Joe Camel


Update: NSTA Statement on the Distribution of “An Inconvenient Truth”

Satellite pictureWhen a Landsat satellite passes within range of the ground station at the USGS EROS center, image data are downlinked and displayed in near-real time.

When Landsat 5 and 7 are not in range, the most recent pass is displayed.

The EarthNow! Landsat Image Viewer displays the images in the 5, 4, 3 (Red, Green, Blue) band combination for both the TM and ETM+ sensors.

Each pixel of Landsat data in the EarthNow! viewer covers about 250 meters by 250 meters.

EarthNow!- FAQ

carsCar buyers now have a simple way to compare the “greenness” of their automotive choices.

Environmental Defense has partnered with Yahoo!Autos to make Green Ratings widely available to consumers—right next to vehicle prices and other common car specs anyone can access on the Internet.

Fuel efficiency factors into the Green Ratings, greener choices cut oil use and help U.S. energy security while protecting the planet.

Remember: no car is most greenest car and only 1% of fuel’s energy is actually used by a car to transport you.

Picture Credit: Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage

CV of Nicholas Stern 24 November 2006, Sir Nicholas Stern, the Head of the Government Economic Service and adviser to the British Government on the economics of climate change and development, spoke at the British Embassy on “The Economics of Climate Change”.

His presentation concludes “Unless emissions are curbed, climate change will bring high costs for human development, economies and the environment” and “Decisive and strong international action is urgent: delay means greater risks and higher costs.” (more…)