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Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant

Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant

Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant

Glen Canyon Dam and Powerplant

Generators aat Glen Canyon Powerplant

Generators at Glen Canyon Powerplant

Plant Contact: Kenneth D. Rice, II
Manager, Glen Canyon Field Division
Telephone Numbers: Phone: (520) 645-0401
Fax: (520) 645-0410
E-Mail Address: krice@uc.usbr.gov
Reclamation Region: Upper Colorado
NERC Region: Western Electricity Coordinating Council, Rocky Mountain Power Area
PMA Service Area: Western Area Power Administration, Desert Southwest Region
Project Authorization: The Congress authorized construction of four storage units in the Colorado River Storage Project and 11 participating projects on April 11, 1956, under Public Law 485, 84th Congress, 70 Stat. 105. Additional projects have been added since the original legislation was adopted.
Project Purposes: The Colorado River Storage Project provides for the comprehensive development of the Upper Colorado River Basin. The project furnishes the long-time regulatory storage needed to permit States in the upper basin to meet their flow obligation at Lees Ferry, Arizona, (as defined in the Colorado River Compact) and still use their apportioned water.
Plant Facts:

The Glen Canyon Powerplant, at the toe of the dam, consists of eight generators, driven by eight 155,500-horsepower turbines. Total nameplate generating capacity for the powerplant is 1,296,000 kilowatts. Eight penstocks through the dam convey water to the turbines.

The Glen Canyon Dam is a 710-foot-high structure which provides more storage capacity than all other storage features of the Colorado River Storage Project combined. The concrete arch dam has a crest length of 1,560 feet and contains 4,901,000 cubic yards of concrete. The dam is 25 feet wide at the crest and 300 feet wide at the maximum base.

Plant Purpose: Generation of hydroelectric power for the project.
Plant History: Generator uprating was completed between 1984 and 1987 and Unit 8 was uprated in 1997. Five generators are rated at 165,000 kW each and three generators are rated at 157,000 kW each. Unit circuit breakers were replaced in 2000.
Present Activities: Penstock recoating.
Future Planned Activities: Unit Penstock recoating has started. Two units will be done each year.
Special Issues: Glen Canyon Powerplant is operating under the Glen Canyon Dam Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision. Which limits Glen Canyons’ maximum and minimum generation/flow along with limits on up and down ramps.
River: Colorado River
Plant Type: Conventional
Powerhouse Type: Above Ground
Turbine Type: Francis
Original Nameplate Capacity: 950,000 kW
Installed Capacity: 1,304,000 kW
Year of Initial Operation: 1964
Age: 41 years
Net Generation
(FY 2005):
3,208,591,407 kWh
Rated Head: 510 feet
Annual Plant Factor (2005): 28.27 percent
Remotely Operated: No
Production Mode: Intermediate

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